Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Iran: Gateway of Hope

Iran's left-wing is as popular as right-wing. But Mossad has tried to destroy the credibility of both wings. For example, Mossad agents tried to destroy Iranian conservatives face by acid attacks operation. Creating deep division in the political body of Tehran through "infiltration" was another efforts of Israel against Iran. According to the experiences, Iran's upcoming elections are very important. 
Iranian intelligence is certainly able to identify a group of people who are connected with Israel and want to join or re-join to the politics. So removing them is not very difficult. But it can hardly be claimed that there is no other behind this game. 
The best option is to remove a group of them and then, the others will be under the control and supervision. 
And in respect of the US new visa waiver law, according to it, target countries are divided into two categories: Iraq and the other, "state sponsors of terrorism". Therefore, the legal term of these restrictions for Iran and Sudan is different from the legal term of same restrictions to Iraq. Renewal of restrictions against Iran under a new name is breach of the nuclear agreement. As it is clear, failing to implement the agreement (completely or partially) by Iran cam result in grave impacts on the credibility of Democrats. So, it is a political option. It seems that Tehran has political and legal leverage to achieve its goals. 
And like Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, the real fate of a country is in the hands of its leaders and people.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Yemen: Trapezium

Peace is always announced by the loser side. 
Riyadh has tried to end the war in Yemen, because even censorship cannot hide the Saudis' failure in the war. Yemeni forces have already occupied some southern regions of Saudi territory and capture of Najran is also possible. And also alternative forces in Yemen are ready to occupy Aden for a short time. So, the only acceptable peace in such circumstance is the one that is as valuable and useful as the war. In order to achieve unlimited ceasefire or peace it is necessary to implement the following provisions: 
 - Holding a war crimes tribunal in Yemen or recognizing compensation plus removing the main defendants of war crimes from the Yemeni political power (including Hadi). 
- Establishing a new constitution for Yemen with the participation of all Yemeni parties and factions, and then putting it to a referendum. 
It is also important that the system to negotiate with the Houthis and the General People's Congress, and meet all their needs without exception. What makes the war imposed against the country was a lack of unity. 
And in respect of Turkey, given the success of the "security destabilization" operation in Egypt, the system is able to run and design more operations in the Middle East. Therefore, large-scale "discrediting" operation should be implemented in Turkey. Accordingly, reducing security is not desirable aim of the schema but reducing turkey’s security, economic and political (institutional) credibility are the ultimate goals of the project. 
And in the end, ISIS and refugee crises are two side effects of the Syrian crisis. The number of the side effects of the crisis can exceed from these two issues if peace does not come to Syria.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cancer: A New Theory

Since the constant power of the present age is made on technology and medicine basis, the system spends significant investments on these two sectors. 
Cancer disease is not certainly more dangerous than the virus tuberculosis. And as scientists overcame on the tuberculosis, they can defeat the disease cancer. 
It is a proven fact that every day hundreds of cancer cells are created in the body and then destroyed by it. From this fact, it can be concluded that, firstly, each healthy body has the ability to destroy cancer cells by itself. Secondly, cancer cells cannot be considered as a terminal threat to body health by themselves.
Question: Why a person who does not even suffer from the "immunodeficiency" may be infected by the disease cancer? 
Every things of the body is controlled by the brain, and cancer cells are destroyed by the brain order. If the body is not suffering from the immune deficiency, there must not be any obstacle on the way of emission and implementation of safety rules of the brain i.e. hypophysis and hypothalamus. Therefore, if the brain in this case does not issue the orders of destroying the cancer cells, this theory could be proposed that the cause of cancer disease is a disorder in the brain. 
And also in respect of Islam, the new media policy on Islam that is scaring Muslims by an anti-Islam bogeyman is unacceptable. The system will try to stop this dangerous game by its arms in the US Congress and the media.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The U.S. Elections: About a Neglected Spot

The system has some goal and what will make these goals to be achieved is that the system performs its guarantees in the form of alternative projects. 
15 years ago the system needed candidates who were able to implement its plans, but today the system has enough power not to require the US support. The system does not need a politician to launch a war or declare peace, negotiate or impose sanctions and make interventions or give green lights on behalf of the system. The system prefers the White House not to interfere in the US internal and foreign affairs. What the system wants is that neither the right-wing nor the left-wing have a fundamental decision-making power. Now, considering that Congress is under the control of conservatives and the White House is led by the Democratic Party, this goal has been realized. This situations leads to the formation of power vacuum in Washington, and the system is the only power that can fill this vacuum. It is apparent that such a Washington is unable to pass the federal budget, let alone the "gun control"!  Therefore, changing the situation is not in favor of the system. So, the review is needed for the system's favorite's candidate. 
And in respect of the Middle East: 
Given the fact that Moscow policies are adopted emotionally and unconsciously, the system prefers not to take any new decision on Russia until establishing the new conditions on Russia-Turkey relations or returning to the former status. 
Under the project "Secure Order", all illegal intelligence agencies should be removed. Therefore, the list of names and places of IAEA's spies and also, 2015 Mina disaster's documents and all related data must immediately be sent to 11 Revolutionary Guards Corps centers in Tehran. (The security of the spies' family members is the system's redline.)
And it should be said that cinema belongs to the youths, so it should be led by youths. The system will only invest on the very young actors and directors in the Iranian cinema. It is hoped that Islamic Republic's authorities embrace this idea so that a new wave of Iranian-Islamic cinema is started. 
Tannaz Tabatabaei is an agent of French intelligence.