Monday, June 29, 2015

Palestine and Gaza

Palestine has put a new plan on the agenda, according to the recent reports. Based on the plan, Hamas will be the covert wings of the Palestinian state for foreign policy by proxy. In addition, Mahmoud Abbas is going to secretly send the details of the plan to Iranian authorities, so that he can benefit their support. 
The combination of carrots and sticks simultaneously was first presented by Kissinger. It is clear from the military and political point of view that a political winner of a likely war between Israel and Palestine will be the Palestinians. Because Hamas and in particular Gaza has nothing to lose but fighting. In spite of the fact, "war" is the last necessary option. 
However, the system will support the plan and the security of the project if Palestine supports the "balance of power" instead. The "balance of power" is certainly the guarantor of peace in the Middle East. Iran's expanding role in the Middle East can make a positive balance in the region. And thus, the occurrence of unnecessary wars will be stopped. 
Additionally, due to reports of Qatar, Doha seeks to hold unilaterally conferences in collaboration with the United Nations in order to solve the Middle East issue. Doha has no good faith and therefore, it is not allowed to hold such conferences. The only chance for Doha is to play a role in an inverse game.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

From 68 to 79: Iran

Iran's Islamic Revolution and the World Movement of 68 are closely linked to each other philosophically and ideologically. 
One of the key mottoes of Iran's 79 Revolution and Iranian ministry of foreign affairs for the past 36 years which can be assigned as a reflection of Port Huron Statement have been opposition to eastern and western imperialism. Also, addressing the issue of "women reification" was of the main social issues of the World Movement of 68, the 79 Revolution and the constitutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran have addressed this as well. It should be added additionally that the students were the violence stage navigator in the 68 Movement; however, significant differences are between these violence and terrorist violence, for example, murder is not allowed at student violence. Hostage crisis was planned and conducted by the students in Iran and was followed the method of student violence. 
Iran's Islamic Revolution that was realized 11 years after the World Movement of 68 seems to be the inheritor of the global protests of 68. 
According to the existing findings, not having a socio-political model to achieve to the goals was the known reason of the failure of the 68 Movement. But the Iranian scientific community could provide a sociopolitical model on the basis of moderate Islam after the Revolution unlike the Movement. 
At the end, the Iran's Revolution is not an unknown phenomenon for the system. And the missions and operations of the system are certainly not in contradiction and opposition to such models. While they are all organized and structured levers in favor of the system at the current mutable world; while everything is ready in the streets after the rise of middle class consciousness by virtue of Occupy Wall Street movement and successful arrangement of the new wave of anti-racist movements!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Security as the Goal and Lever

The takeover of shale oil by the organization of Apic had a negative impact on the Washington in the international arena; its signs will be more apparent in the near future. And consequently moving out of HSBC headquarters from London according to the recent decisions, weakened the British influence. The system has identified them with "opponents" label. 
Undoubtedly, it is not rational to bribe the opponents. Because first, in this way the system strengthen their power and secondly, there are always people who propose better offers in order to bribe the dishonest politicians, just like an auction. 
But it can be completely useful to utilize the "security" and "intelligence" levers against opponents. Given the fact that that having the "security" and "intelligence" leverages would not in themselves entail having the authority to use them; lack of deterrent power of the opponents is of the prerequisites for using the leverages. 
Running the project of "secure order" has been of the most important achievements of the system in recent years. As a result of this project, many of the mafia networks and private Intelligence agencies have been destroyed. The plan was sought to destroy the opposition's deterring power.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The White House, the Burnt House!

The fact is obvious for the political observers that White House has become a burnt actor; traditional allies of the U.S. including some Arab countries and European Union overtly plans against political credibility and basic interests of the White House. 
Camp David scandal and recent meeting of German senior officials with Jeb Bush in Germany the day after Barack Obama's exit of the country translated into the protest against the White House but it has also indicated that the political credibility of the White House has fallen. 
Thus, the White House has really nothing more to lose in the case of credibility. In such conditions can the White House's private confidential documents release serve as effective leverage on them? 
If the answer is negative, subsequently, it should be admitted that more effective and sufficient levers alongside the current one are required to secure the interests of the system. 
The system options are various and as it was seen that only green light of the system to destabilize the Saudi Arabia resulted in two terror attacks in there and the release of potential protest of Shias against the government. However, these operations cannot be attributed to the system; Mossad takes care of the design. Therefore, if the White House tends to adventure and ambition cannot rely on the system security supports of the White House members and their families. 
In Addition, the recent scandal of Oren Hazan, the Knesset deputy speaker was only a warning.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yemen: "Responsibility to Protect"

Peace and democracy in Yemen are asked by the Yemeni people. Therefore, a ceasefire agreement which is without democracy clause is worthless. Tunisian model can realize the ideal of democracy for Yemen. However, no one can dictate any plan to the country. 
The UN Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973 on Libya clearly follow the doctrine of United Nations "Responsibility to Protect". According to the resolutions, the governments of the world are responsible to support the basic needs of the Libyan people against the government. It is apparent that the doctrine of R2P that is now an international norm supports people and even their armed revolution against the government and in the other words, it confirms the right to revolution! 
Although some governments do not want the establishment of democracy in Yemen but if the number of casualties in Yemen increase significantly or the period of the Yemen war last in a worrying state, then the Security Council will have to support Yemen according to the doctrine of R2P and solve the crisis in the country on the basis of above resolutions since otherwise will lose its political and legal credibility at international arena and its permanent members would lose their credibility at the domestic arena; considering the fact that Yemeni forces including Houthis, army and tribes have respected the international humanitarian law as a political tactic to achieve the winner card. 
Also, many Yemeni embassies have lost their loyalty to the suspended president, Mansur Hadi. 
In the end, it is recommended the entertainment industry prevents from entering directly and emotionally to the Middle East issue. The communicational tools of this industry/market including movies and music do not have the required cultural conditions to address the Middle East issue such as Yemen and Iraq crisis.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Oil Shale and International Order

The effective role of oil is undeniable on international order. Therefore, fight for petroleum resources at different levels flows.
Even occupation of the regions which are weak economically and depleted of the fossil fuels are useless for terrorist groups, thus the terrorist groups do not want to expand their activities in Yemen which is a poor as well as dangerous area. But Surely, Iraq and Nigeria are attractive for terrorist groups. 
The present situation of oil market in the world is the effect of a struggle that is ongoing at the highest level in the petroleum industry area. Of course, the world oil price reduction has reduced the revenue of ISIS terrorist group and also the revenues of Russia, Venezuela and Iran but the final goal of this oil price drop has not been hurting these economic categories. 
The secret organization of Apic tries to remove the oil shale by adapting policies such as putting pressure on Riyadh and controlling some of the factors affecting on the world oil market.
Oil shale has the potential to be active as a positive and creative actor in the arena of international order. Therefore, it is not useful to remove it. It seems that the domination of Apic over kerogen shale is the only way for it to be saved. 
In spite of this, if this idea realized a Win-Win outcome would not be achieved. So, this idea is not supported by the system unless Apic supports the plan of the "Change of European Union".

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The U.S., Iran and Right to Security

The UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court are not allowed to decide against a state for violations of the rights of women, children and persons with disabilities in the country. Although their rights are protected by several conventions, such as Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 1975, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 1979 and Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989. But certainly, violation of the fundamental principles of human rights cause a country to be punished by The Security Council or the International Criminal Court, for instance, Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973 on Libya, and the resolution 1593 on Darfur which refers the situation in Darfur, Sudan to the ICC. 
Security is of particular importance for people all around the world. Undoubtedly, one of the criteria to be checked before travel or emigrate to a city or country is its rate of security. 
The considerable and thought-provoking statistics of sexual abuse of women in the US universities which is regarded a symbol of a scientific community is suggesting sever weakness of the government in providing the security. While security is one of the fundamental rights of people or human rights. 
It is believed that the label of "human rights crisis" must be put on the states in which the statistics of murder, sexual abuse and kidnapping is high. 
Iran score is well in the terms of providing the security, but the threats against it are also high. 
Shahram Abdoli, the Iranian actor works for a state agency in the Europe. The hiring agency wrote special properties about him. 
If the control and supervision over the community or even prisons is not enough, then regret is unavoidable. Deepen the security by the detention and interrogation of "threats" instead of "suspicion".

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Iran: The Culture

Of the most stable pillars and bases for a country wanting to achieve the supreme political and economic ideals and aspirations are culture and science. 
Scientific position of a country can provide to new opportunities for that country. As one of the Asian countries, Iran has significant scientific position in the region. But the science which is regarded as a capital should be guided by good culture. 
Weak culture may cause to the isolation of the scientific community and reduce the validity of science and knowledge among people. Therefore, it is very important to stress on guidance the media, education and cinema. 
Iran must try to deep-seat Islamic culture through mass communication tools, efficient educational system and cinema; Islamic culture should not be only a d├ęcor! 
Social issues must be identified and addressed by cinema. Now, the most valuable movies are those which engaged the real social issues. The success of Jafar Panahi's "Taxi" and Asghar Farhadi's "A Separation" in the Berlin International Film Festival or other international film festivals confirm this fact. 
The movies which engage real social issues can involve people in the issues as a part of the solution and finally lead to the participation of the public to resolve them. 
However, some of the Iranian filmmakers are recently interested in making films with surreal structure. Any new and special thing does not mean being useful, though not harmful.