Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Yemen War and Non Probability of World War III

Yemen war was not unavoidable, but the outbreak of war in the Middle East was. 
Some ask why the system did not prevent the war in Yemen.
Considering the fact that an assassination or a certain treaty were not the reasons for the first and second world wars, but only excuses for starting them; formation of a war in the Middle East while needed a simple excuse to start against any major country of the region that could have grave consequences. The Saudi dictatorship spent a big portion of its income to buy arms through the years and enjoyed the unconditional support of the West. And since the system did not want World War III, the Yemen war was accepted and the system tried to make it long and hard enough for Saudi-led coalition to prevent them from starting a great war in the Middle East. 
This goal has just been achieved. So the system's military aid to Yemen is considered to be over. And all agents that have put efforts in it will be thanked and must be highly rewarded. 
And at the end, to accomplish peace and revolutionary goals in Yemen, Houthis must leave power fully to their partner, the General People's Congress and move their forces to the northern frontiers. In spite of that, they can retain a part of their forces in critical central spots. It is apparent that the General People's Congress is loyal to recent uprising of Yemen but is not the main target of Saudi attacks.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Palestine: Political Stock Market

Hamas leaders can easily travel to different countries, while people in Gaza are unable to meet their basic needs under the Israeli-Egyptian severe siege. Certainly Palestinians need to the international support. But how Palestinian leaders have used the supports? 
Palestine is a country as much as Israel is. Almost none of the countries in the Middle East recognize Israel as a country. In contrast to, Western states do not recognize Palestine as a country. It can be argued that in this case, Palestinian political situation has been better than Israel, because Palestinian neighbors recognized it as a country. But as long as the Palestinian leaders prefer to fight against themselves rather than conciliation, neither negotiation with Tel Aviv, nor wars result in ending Israeli occupation. 
The system is ready to stop its support from Palestine in return for termination of Israeli leadership over human trafficking and women trafficking networks in the Middle East including Persian Gulf States and Iran. This offer expires up to four days after notification. The system full access to classified information and documents of Israel will be the guarantee of the implementation of any possible agreement with good faith. And it should be added that Israel will not be able to transfer these networks to shadow or remain the shadow ones after acceptance. There will be no negotiation on the restoration of relations between Israel and the system. 
And in respect with Syria, as it could be predicted the weakness of Moscow and Riyadh is arrogance. Russia has presented the controversial proposal for federalization of Syria to keep Bashar al-Assad in power which under current circumstances lead to division of the country and independence of Kurds, bringing opposition of Tehran, Ankara and Iraqi officials. In contrast to, Saudi Arabia has simply rejected the Russian offer because the removal of Assad is more important than gaining geopolitical interests for Riyadh. By the way, the system supports the idea of Assad removal. Syria needs a unifier leader, not a divider such the Syrian president. And the world needs Syria as a country, not as several micro countries.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Iran: New Rock

Iran's parliamentary election results have been important in several ways, including: 
- The people in Tehran said a collective "NO" to unethical electoral practices through their votes. 
- Considering the fact that none of the conservative leaders or its influential people could get to the parliament, a number of their projects against the government may not be implemented. 
Finally, Rouhani's administration is requested to seriously address human rights issues such as child labour and death penalty statistics. 
Confidential data show that Hillary Clinton wants to restore anti-Iran sanctions and increase Washington's interventions in the world. Donald Trump has been identified as a "yellow element" by republican leaders. The yellow element should be paralyzed.
"The US economy is burned." This portrait must be fully implemented and all means to achieve this goal are allowed. It should be added, the US government does not enjoy the support of the Zionists and this makes it is easy to do it. 
 And it is worth to mention that implementing "affirmative discrimination" for vulnerable people such as persons with disability, Blacks and Latinos can gain their confidence.