Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The U.S. Presidential Election: Political Adventure

It is time for truth! 
For the first time in the history of the United States Presidential elections, both leaders of Republicans and Democrats support a single candidate. It is evident that the decision of Republican leaders and the publication of The Washington Post against Trump was a plot and suicidal attack. Given the fact that Donald Trump has never been a powerful candidate, the coalition of the Democratic Party and Republican Party against him has just proved the upper hand and strength of the system in the political games. And the unstable situation of Clinton campaign in the election could force the White House to burn the Mosul card, which was a victory for the system, Iraq and Iran. Well, it is so good to get a golden point without a deal! Of course, the system will not give up on the election. 
A part of truth should be revealed at this point of time since new operations must be carried out in order to insure the security of the world. According to classified information, Clinton’s donors have intended to launch a new war. The potential time is a year after possible presidency of Clinton. Location is Iran and the city of Hamadan is a potential target. The way of implementation of the plan is creating a fake incident, like, September 11 and 2014 Gaza  War. In addition, Hillary Clinton almost knows most of this project.
Luckily, the efforts of the system and certainly, the movement of Sanders' campaign could vanish the popularity of Clinton; the heavy gun of "popularity" lets its owner to simply run ambitious plans. 
So according to the facts, the system and the agents can take their time and ensure the security through purging the mobs and donors and pressing pressure against their family. But their children and pets would be left alone. It is no matter what would be the result of the US Presidential election; the system wins the time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sexual Assault: A Case

The second debate of the U.S. presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump was wondering since there are many who are really considered a sexual threat to women; it is not about any Presidential candidate but there are some people among audience who sexually assault young women. As everyone has noticed the system never forgives because it can. And if the woman, who are a friend of the system believes that it was just a mistake (without the mens rea), the case can be ignored, otherwise the system is responsible for improving the security of the society. But it seems that the woman could transferred a negative signal to the man through her meaningful move of the elbow. Although it was fast but it was sufficient to find out that the man committed a crime. 
In this regard, a review on the movie The Salesman would be relevant. It seems that the script for the end parts of the movie was written before other parts of it, since it is perfect. The latest movie of Asghar Farhadi has different aspects to review. Some may support the viewpoints of Farhadi over the subject of revenge and some may not. However, what makes this movie all comparable with the movie A Separation is that, both of them are an analytical report of society or a scientific article with new information about an altering society. 
None of the characters of the movie are modern or liberal people. Although all of them including the man, woman and old man live in a modern society and their legal or even illegal activities flow in a modern community even in details such as the position that the man did not even forget to put on cologne even soon after victimization of his wife. By the way, all of them are doomed to wrong thought of traditionalism. 
The movie has no hero; but there are a lot of victims who are themselves guilty. For instance, the woman forgives the old man because as she admitted, she was afraid to declare the situation she has experienced in front of police officers (who are probably men). While a good citizen would stop the criminal, she did not. It indicates that the woman suffers from traditionalism more than the incident. Another example, the man never rose his voice over the old man and he did not disclose his secret to his family. But the man could easily rise his voice over a teenage student and embarrass him in front of all his classmates and friends and more than that, humiliate him by an act like bullying, which was illegal access to private information of his cell phone, which originates from the notion that children rights is less important than adults.