Saturday, January 30, 2016

Help for Kirkuk

As Iranian President has recently said, the anger of Saudi regime has led it to wrong actions. 
Based on classified information: 
First, the next target of Saudi-Turkish terrorist coalition is Kirkuk province. 
Second, Iraq-Iran border may become unsafe. 
Third, a group of great capitalists have planned to send their money out of the US through state cover up that should be stopped by all means including execution. 
The only force that has ability to perform multinational operations against terrorism in an organize way is Iranian Revolutionary Guards. And it is significant to remove this hidden leverage of Zionism in order to achieve world peace. To realize this goal it is necessary that the Revolutionary Guards equipped with advanced weapons. Only weapons can stand and fight against the new wave of terrorism that are more advanced than known and conventional weapons. Obviously, the organizations that produce this kind of weapons are secret. 
So, first of all, $17 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts and given to the Revolutionary Guards. Second, these secret organizations should be requested to equip the Revolutionary Guards with new advanced weapons. 
Buying and selling non-lethal biological weapons and chemical weapons (which causes severe wounds in the body) is not acceptable. 
And it is totally essential to change the use of Revolutionary Guards' black sites.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Economic Measures

One of the old methods of governments to distract people from the bad economic situation is starting a war. A recent example is the Turkish government. The government has started a civil war against PKK to distract people from bad economic situation of the country. 
Studying document reveals that the economic sabotage operations of the system impacts the US economy. So, certainly the US government will apply new economic and political measures to save itself. So: 
First, the system needs a long-term plan to bring down prices in order for the goods and services to be sold at a price less than their real value. Although it might be good for people but it weakens the economy because it makes big investment not feasible. Big investment should lead to large benefit; otherwise it will not be realized. 
Secondly, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of another war. Thus, $15 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $3 trillion should be given to Yemen in the form of warfare services (including offensive and defensive operations) and humanitarian services in order to make the war more difficult for aggressor states. $5 trillion should be given to Tehran to support the balance of power in the Middle East. And finally, $7 trillion should be transferred to Europe for the system's operations.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Against Lies

Sovereignty is not a right or privilege but is a number of duties and responsibilities to the government. 
As bank's assets are not belonging to bank employees, the political power of a state does not belong to politicians of the government.
Washington has planned for the United States, but the plans are not in favor of the people of America, in other words, that plans are not in accordance with the commitments of the government. And needless to say, plots of Washington and Pentagon over international area are against international peace and security.
Americans should have free or low-cost access to academic education like most people in the industrial or even third world countries. And this is just one example of the hundreds of cases that have been neglected. There must be a balance between the rights and obligations of nation and state. There should be a direct relationship between taxes and what people receive. Therefore, it is necessary that the US government be blamed for the violation of its commitments and to be properly pressurized. 
So, $5.5 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $1.5 trillion from that fund should be given to Iran's Tourism Bank and the rest of money should be transferred to Europe for implementation of sabotage economic operations in the countries of Britain, France, Germany and Turkey. 
History indicates a wide variety of dictatorial regimes. Some of these regimes were not afraid of inexistence, like the Nazis. Therefore, the only way to end that dictatorships was destroying them.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

After Hibernation of the Russian Bear

The threat must be answered by an attack. 
None of the crises of Syria and Ukraine and even the issue of sanctions could stop Russia from designing an expansionist plan. According to classified information, Moscow has designed an expansionist plot where some targets have been set in the Middle East, Europe and even the United States. 
When all were asleep, Russia stole Crimea and began the first great intelligence war of the twenty-first century against the West. Russia will return to continue the war because Moscow has designed a plot. This war and also success of the system is unavoidable. 
After the end of crisis in Syria and the lifting of sanctions on Russia, increasing strategic cooperation of Russia with Arab and European countries becomes possible. If this war began when Russia dominates the Black Sea and the Middle East, and anti-Moscow sanctions have been suspended, the victory in that war would be costly. So Moscow should not be allowed to rise up.
Therefore Russia's vulnerabilities must be identified. And it is important to be known that an only attack is valuable which does not result in a counterattack.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Washington: Station

If people had hopes for their beliefs, instead of believing their hopes, there would be no fascism. 
Democratic Party controls the White House and Congress is controlled by Republicans. This portrait is designed to create a balance in the political power of Washington. But now is this balance established? 
This balance can be established only when all parties respect the law. In the past, none of both Republican Party and Democratic Party violated the law to gain political power or to the power. But now, trying to increase their power through unilateral actions, the White House and Congress are violating and bypassing the law. What makes the situation dangerous is that the behaviors of Congress and the White House may become a "custom". Accordingly, the White House and Congress will be able to increase their own power by violating the law. Thus, the formation of two federal governments in the United States will be possible. 
To prevent its formation, it is necessary to reduce the power sources of Washington. Washington's most important source of power is its economic power. The system needs several trillion dollars in order to implement economic sabotage operations in other countries. So, withdrawing this money from the US banking accounts and not financial sources of the system can accomplished both goals. Also, $500 billion should be given to Tehran for Iran's role in the liberation of Al-Anbar province.