Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Syrian War: Water

War is a reality that one should learn and handle it. But lies, arrogance and etc. are not acceptable. Military strategies cannot determine the winner of the Syrian war but only will buy some time for both sides. The Syrian war would certainly have a winner but not through military conflict. Only those politicians who seek power without considering the science of politic and the strategist professors who want to hide their lack of knowledge in order to keep safe their position, support war. 
Without a doubt, defeating Kremlin's hegemony is an ultimate goal for the system. And definitely, an armistice in the Syrian war will not translate into ending hostility but it can open new options for victory in Syria. 
So, the strategy of the system over Syria is based on putting an end to the war by all means. This war was begun by money and it will end by it too. The system must purchase this conflict from the players, not the leaders. 
At the end, traitors will be treated by death language.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Constitutional Revolution: Iran

If Italian workers were not humiliated in France, Italy would never fall into fascism. 
Iran is in a complex situation. On one hand, reforming the political apparatus of the country is necessary and on the other hand, frustration of Iranians toward Rouhani administration to restore their favorable dignity, have promoted them to back a possible populist conservative candidate, in order to respond to humiliations. 
No doubt, the rise of fascism is because of contempt of a nation. Fascism in Italy, Germany and current Turkey were caused from this very problem. Needless to say, Turkish born citizens of Europe have been considered second citizen for decades since they do not want to or cannot involve in the society; therefore, their supporting for Erdogan leadership, who is not able to improve the economy and security of the country but tries to restore the lost Turkish pride, is understandable . 
The Iranian regime would be desirable for the global community, if the constitution is implemented. Moreover, Iran would be immune from falling into an unknown situation such as fascism. Thus, a constitutional revolution or movement can guide the country to an acceptable path plus meeting the need of people for releasing energy resulting from dissatisfaction. It is evident that the Iranian right-wing have tried to suggest people something like revolution through raising the flag of counterculture in order to dominate their favorite law and order by using mass protest.