Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Iran: Gateway of Hope

Iran's left-wing is as popular as right-wing. But Mossad has tried to destroy the credibility of both wings. For example, Mossad agents tried to destroy Iranian conservatives face by acid attacks operation. Creating deep division in the political body of Tehran through "infiltration" was another efforts of Israel against Iran. According to the experiences, Iran's upcoming elections are very important. 
Iranian intelligence is certainly able to identify a group of people who are connected with Israel and want to join or re-join to the politics. So removing them is not very difficult. But it can hardly be claimed that there is no other behind this game. 
The best option is to remove a group of them and then, the others will be under the control and supervision. 
And in respect of the US new visa waiver law, according to it, target countries are divided into two categories: Iraq and the other, "state sponsors of terrorism". Therefore, the legal term of these restrictions for Iran and Sudan is different from the legal term of same restrictions to Iraq. Renewal of restrictions against Iran under a new name is breach of the nuclear agreement. As it is clear, failing to implement the agreement (completely or partially) by Iran cam result in grave impacts on the credibility of Democrats. So, it is a political option. It seems that Tehran has political and legal leverage to achieve its goals. 
And like Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, the real fate of a country is in the hands of its leaders and people.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Yemen: Trapezium

Peace is always announced by the loser side. 
Riyadh has tried to end the war in Yemen, because even censorship cannot hide the Saudis' failure in the war. Yemeni forces have already occupied some southern regions of Saudi territory and capture of Najran is also possible. And also alternative forces in Yemen are ready to occupy Aden for a short time. So, the only acceptable peace in such circumstance is the one that is as valuable and useful as the war. In order to achieve unlimited ceasefire or peace it is necessary to implement the following provisions: 
 - Holding a war crimes tribunal in Yemen or recognizing compensation plus removing the main defendants of war crimes from the Yemeni political power (including Hadi). 
- Establishing a new constitution for Yemen with the participation of all Yemeni parties and factions, and then putting it to a referendum. 
It is also important that the system to negotiate with the Houthis and the General People's Congress, and meet all their needs without exception. What makes the war imposed against the country was a lack of unity. 
And in respect of Turkey, given the success of the "security destabilization" operation in Egypt, the system is able to run and design more operations in the Middle East. Therefore, large-scale "discrediting" operation should be implemented in Turkey. Accordingly, reducing security is not desirable aim of the schema but reducing turkey’s security, economic and political (institutional) credibility are the ultimate goals of the project. 
And in the end, ISIS and refugee crises are two side effects of the Syrian crisis. The number of the side effects of the crisis can exceed from these two issues if peace does not come to Syria.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cancer: A New Theory

Since the constant power of the present age is made on technology and medicine basis, the system spends significant investments on these two sectors. 
Cancer disease is not certainly more dangerous than the virus tuberculosis. And as scientists overcame on the tuberculosis, they can defeat the disease cancer. 
It is a proven fact that every day hundreds of cancer cells are created in the body and then destroyed by it. From this fact, it can be concluded that, firstly, each healthy body has the ability to destroy cancer cells by itself. Secondly, cancer cells cannot be considered as a terminal threat to body health by themselves.
Question: Why a person who does not even suffer from the "immunodeficiency" may be infected by the disease cancer? 
Every things of the body is controlled by the brain, and cancer cells are destroyed by the brain order. If the body is not suffering from the immune deficiency, there must not be any obstacle on the way of emission and implementation of safety rules of the brain i.e. hypophysis and hypothalamus. Therefore, if the brain in this case does not issue the orders of destroying the cancer cells, this theory could be proposed that the cause of cancer disease is a disorder in the brain. 
And also in respect of Islam, the new media policy on Islam that is scaring Muslims by an anti-Islam bogeyman is unacceptable. The system will try to stop this dangerous game by its arms in the US Congress and the media.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The U.S. Elections: About a Neglected Spot

The system has some goal and what will make these goals to be achieved is that the system performs its guarantees in the form of alternative projects. 
15 years ago the system needed candidates who were able to implement its plans, but today the system has enough power not to require the US support. The system does not need a politician to launch a war or declare peace, negotiate or impose sanctions and make interventions or give green lights on behalf of the system. The system prefers the White House not to interfere in the US internal and foreign affairs. What the system wants is that neither the right-wing nor the left-wing have a fundamental decision-making power. Now, considering that Congress is under the control of conservatives and the White House is led by the Democratic Party, this goal has been realized. This situations leads to the formation of power vacuum in Washington, and the system is the only power that can fill this vacuum. It is apparent that such a Washington is unable to pass the federal budget, let alone the "gun control"!  Therefore, changing the situation is not in favor of the system. So, the review is needed for the system's favorite's candidate. 
And in respect of the Middle East: 
Given the fact that Moscow policies are adopted emotionally and unconsciously, the system prefers not to take any new decision on Russia until establishing the new conditions on Russia-Turkey relations or returning to the former status. 
Under the project "Secure Order", all illegal intelligence agencies should be removed. Therefore, the list of names and places of IAEA's spies and also, 2015 Mina disaster's documents and all related data must immediately be sent to 11 Revolutionary Guards Corps centers in Tehran. (The security of the spies' family members is the system's redline.)
And it should be said that cinema belongs to the youths, so it should be led by youths. The system will only invest on the very young actors and directors in the Iranian cinema. It is hoped that Islamic Republic's authorities embrace this idea so that a new wave of Iranian-Islamic cinema is started. 
Tannaz Tabatabaei is an agent of French intelligence.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Blur of ISIS' Ideology

In order to eradicate the extremist groups, it should be fought against their ideology. And it should not be ignored that extremism is not an ideology but is a feature of a group of ideologies such as Nazism, Apartheid and Salafi jihadism. And everybody including journalists and politicians and even public opinion are well-aware of the fact that the ideology of ISIS is Wahhabism and Salafism. The origin of this ideology is Riyadh . The Western media frequently claim Saudi Arabia to be the leader of Sunni Islam. Do these claimer know about the Saudi official ideology? 
Who can claim among the media that Wahhabism and Salafism has the leading role in the Muslim world? 
Those who say that United States is not against Islam, mean that the Washington will not fight against Wahhabism and Salafism. And now the question is, whether Truman or Reagan could challenge the Soviet without undermining its ideology. 
However, this distinction should had be recognized that Marxism was not the same as Soviet's communism. And today this fact should be understood that the ideology of Salafists and Wahhabis is not according to the rules of Quran and the rational principles. 
Iran has identified the right path and can undertake the spiritual leadership of the Islamic world. But Kremlin might play as a game-changer against new opportunities of Tehran over the Iranian share in the gas market. Moscow's plan on the energy supply has been revealed through annexation of Crimea by Russia. And let alone that the Iranian nuclear program has never been identified as a "threat" without Russian approval at the UN Security Council.
And in the end, removing the source code is the only true option: terrorism. The source code must contain virus, thus, a new source code can be created. Needless to say, the person who owns the source code will be the actual operator of the world. 
For winning the war in Iraq and Syria, a new front should be opened: South Arabia.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To Rome and IAEA: On JCPOA

In the Washington's new hegemony the real ally of the United States is a country that is politically, economically and militarily weak. Accordingly, the White House has invisibly tried to invite its competitors to its allies' campaign. 
With respect to Italy's involvement in the refugee crisis, does it have an influential vote and role in resolving it?! 
Of course, most of the essential decisions of United States are taken by the system. And Italy certainly deserves to have greater share of power in Europe. 
John Kerry, whose private life is like John Holmes, contacted an Italian mafia which has close contacts with and has great influence on the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi. Kerry's goal is to maintain Iran's nuclear issue as leverage against Tehran. 
Rome knows the system but its natural friends may remember some memories of the system. So, they must know that a double-player, who plays for the interest of all sides in return for money and profit, is not acceptable for any side. And now, innocent Parisians have paid the cost of Hollande's double-game. Therefore, the system cannot be sorry for the terrorist incident that the system could easily block it but it did not. However, the French government has a chance to change its behavior until next planned terrorist operations. 
Iran's PMD issue must be terminated as a result of IAEA's report. In order to ensure, a list of the names of IAEA's spies along with their residence must be provided within 6 days. If that report cannot fully resolve the issue then the list will be sent to a number of centers of Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

From Syria to Yemen

The ISIS has been the designer and executer of the Russian plane crash. The sponsors of this terrorist network had no role in this crime. It cannot be denied that the systems as well as Britain Intelligence Agency were aware of this plot and if the system's friends were of the victims, it was stopped then by the system. Nevertheless, the power of ISIS would not reach this level if the Syrian crisis had been resolved earlier. 
 However, this should be reminded before examining any proposal on resolving this crisis that the Syrian army has fought against militants and terrorists under the commands of Bashar al-Assad for more than 4 years. Obviously, the army is loyal to Syria's current president. But if this element of loyalty is removed then Syria will enter a new stage of crisis that is impossible to be stopped. A war on Damascus by Syrian army would be a real possibility. The army should not become a new threat against Syria. So, only those are capable of assuming the leadership role of the country that can gain the army's trust. 
The system identifies Iran's proposal as a useful plan, but since it is necessary to gain the trust of others, the system presents a counteroffer based on the proposed plan. 
1. Changing the presidential system to the parliamentary republic in Syria via amending the constitution. 
2. Bashar al-Assad can remain as the Syrian President as long as the security and stability is established in Syria. (Keep this logic in mind that the wise decision of world most powerful leaders on Japan's Emperor Shōwa after the World War II has made the new Japan.) 
And in respect of Yemen, according to secret talks of Western powers, the UN Security Council has a limited time in order to finish the Yemen war. On the other hand, they do not want to leave behind another failure. But the expanding role of Iran in the Middle East, which gives the power of veto to Tehran in its international relations, and disability of Saudi Arabia in the management of its domestic and foreign issues bring about new competitions against Riyadh: from conspiracy of Saudi princes against the kingdom to efforts of Abu Dhabi in order to replace Saudi Arabia in the region by itself.
Without doubt, a surprise attack through a new surge would be the only option of Saudi-led coalition. So firstly, Yemeni army should be notified. Secondly, two separate operations against Riyadh or its allies will be performed inside or outside of Yemen by two separate experts of the system as soon as possible.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Yemen: Humanitarian Operation

Yemen war has led a large group of Yemenis being displaced. Undoubtedly, the Yemenis basic needs which jobs, housing and education are among them cannot be realized long after the end of the war. But, since these are considered human rights and then the defense of the human rights does not require a permit or license from any state, the system will try to resolve the issue of displaced persons of Yemen. 
Arabic is the official language of all Arab countries. The order of the most Arab countries is simple so that the integration of Arab immigrants into the society of these countries after moving there is not difficult. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and Oman are the best destinations for those Yemenis whom the only option for them is immigration. Clearly, the system will help the Yemeni volunteers with the immigration. 
Thus, first, the budget of the migration should be provided. Second, Yemenis should not enter the Saudi Arabia or Oman as immigrants or refugees because they will be deported. Therefore, fake birth certificates and ID must be issued for them. Third, their security must be guaranteed. Forth, this humanitarian operation must be carried out in secret. Therefore, anyone with any nationality who discloses the operation or cause the involvement of the media will be faced with serious consequences.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turkey: The Time of Victory

"Reformation of the Turkish constitution " has been the most key point of Ahmet Davutoğlu's speech on the night of the AKP's victory in the parliamentary election. 
The reformation of the Turkish constitution and increase the presidential power can be a serious threat against the rights of Turkey's minorities and the interests of the system and also the security of the Middle East, Europe and the US. Nevertheless, there is no worry; a counter threat is not also needed. To change and reform the constitution immediately and directly, the AKP needs at least 367 seats in the parliament; and to reform the constitution through a referendum, at least 330 seats are needed in the parliament. The AKP only obtained 317 seats of the parliament because the system did not let the "electoral fraud" plot to be implemented. 
Certainly, some European governments gained the classified information about electoral fraud plot. However, they did nothing to prevent the implementation of the plan. It is obvious that, if the system did not attempt to stop the plan, the world should expect the emergence of a new threat. 
The recent statements of Devlet Bahceli, the chairman of MHP as a right-wing party revealed that the AKP is alone. Needless to say, the return of Erdogan to the real power in Turkey is just a dream. Therefore, Ahmet Davutoğlu can easily increase his influence in the Turkish politics. It is hoped that Ahmet Davutoğlu starts a new season of Turkish leadership and ends the term of the divergence in domestic and foreign policy of Turkey.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Project over the Wealth

Most people looking for getting money since they believe that they can buy things by it. But the time we can reach the point that everything can be bought, then we realize that money cannot by everything. And this is an undeniable fact that the system has reached this point; the system assets are enough to buy anything. Therefore, increasing the system's wealth is vain. 
What is going to be more changed by the wealth? 
A great investor can buy a bank, but a greater one buys the economic system of a country. 
To make more gold it is required to set new goals and motivations. Therefore, controlling the flow of money and eliminating the enemies of the system is a new goal for it. 
The Global Financial Crisis could disclose one of the most important hidden features of money: Money Suicide! Money is not simply a means to buy things but although to destroy itself. Therefore, two ways are considered to accomplish this goal: 
First, the method which is used to create the financial crisis. Obtaining the control of key economic and financial positions of a country and then implementing economic subversive operations are required to realize this method. Second, buy or rent and or establish several large firms and then suddenly destroy them all, in other words, planned bankruptcy. This is the same as creating an artificial earthquake that is similar to the hypothetical situation when a large group of people gather at a position and jump up at the same time. It can be implemented and even repeated without any restrictions in most countries of the world. This method is on the agenda of the system in order to counter the threats. Also, financial support from our friends in Middle East such as Palestine and the others through investment in the upstream sectors is a new mission. 
In the end, the Turkish election result has been confirmed by the system as a democratic result. Although the system is opposed to the Ankara’s policies over terrorism.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Palestine: For Revolution One Can Die

The political solution and specially negotiation was undoubtedly the only successful solution to the Ukraine Crisis and the misunderstanding crisis of Iranian nuclear program. But a political solution can only lead to resolve the issues when it is supported and guaranteed with leverages such as sanctions, lynch law and public opinion. 
Based on the historical experience, "revolution" is the most common method of decolonization for nations that are seeking independence. The method, from American Revolutionary War up to the 1960s, known as decolonization decade, is approved. It is apparent that Palestinians have chosen the right way to be independent and end to Israeli occupation; revolution! A revolution is a holy stage of the society that chooses "we" over "I". And it is the true power of a revolution. And so, revolution has the world support. But there is no support for blind assassination. There is no support for extremism which is not Islamic. Quran says "If anyone killed a person, unless it be for retaliation of murder or because of making mischief in the land, it would be regarded as if he killed mankind as a whole". (5:32)
It is worth mentioning that South Africa will never forget Mandela although he is not alive, but the country prefer to forget his partner, Winnie, although she is living in South Africa. 
Considering the fact that the war is destroying many lives, the system support effective political solution. The negotiation is a form of soft war. "Power" and not "academic arguments” is the determining factor of the political negotiations. Therefore, the system will use all methods to put pressure on Israel in order to Jerusalem to be recognized as the future capital of the Palestinian state on the basis of international law. 
And at the end, the system admires the smart behavior of Mahmoud Abbas and patience of Hamas in order to prevent another war.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Middle East: "The Joy of Dealing with Russia"

Let us make all sure, the fourth "expansionism war" has begun and it will not end soon. One will win the war that does live with not inside it. 
Maybe some member of the system do not know that Donald Trump has been to Cuba twice in the current year. But most of the members must know this fact that Russia has recently released an old and unseen video of Mohammad bin Salman in order to hide the death of this Saudi prince. The acting of Putin in favor of Riyadh was surprising. 
According to the classified information, Moscow has agreed to play the role of mediator in the Yemen war in order to rescue the Saudi regime from the war. And Riyadh needs a neutral power to put an end to its failed strategy. 
Simply, Moscow is not qualified for this role. But the UN and Oman are proper options. The message of the system to Saudi Arabia is: "Win this war if you can." 
Also, since Britain and EU have no military intervention in Syrian crisis, so they can quickly change their positions on Bashar al-Assad. And those who have had direct intervention may suddenly be isolated or win the war. London and EU may adopt new position on Syria six months or a year later. And what will happen if Washington continues to be involved in the Syrian civil war at that point of time?! 
Although it can be still confidently said that Moscow cannot win the war but precautions are necessary. According this, Donald Trump position on Syria is an alternative option to increase the political capacity of Washington. Thus the option of "safe exit" is considered for the strategy of the United States on Syria. However, this is not end of the game, but it is a guarantee. 
The disappointed and loser player is dangerous. So these two options will be given to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad and Gen. Mohamed Heikmat Ibrahim: Launching a new chapter of Syrian crisis and the other, oversea fight against exporters of terrorism including Riyadh and Ankara. It is expected this offering be responded within the 72 hours. Obviously, if it is rejected, the system will automatically put the first option on its agenda.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Middle East: Artificial Warfare

Some of the Western countries were not aware of Moscow's decision on attacks in Syria, but Tel Aviv was aware of the decision. Because Moscow and Tel Aviv had agreed that coordinate the Russia's military actions in Syria with Israel. Ironically, despite the fact that such a deal should be a secret based on its nature, but this one is not! 
The actual and potential goals of Russia's attacks in Syria are as follows: 
- Maintain the position of Russia in Iran through engaging Tehran in the new Kremlin's game in Syria (just like a casino's "poker shield") as well as remove Iranian role in the Syrian peace process to reduce the chances of Iran to improve the relations with the Western states. 
- Distract Tehran from the cessation of Al-Anbar liberation operation and buy some times for ISIS in order to rebuild itself in Iraq. 
- Damage the political credibility of the West. At this point of time, some cards are "kingmakers" including Tehran and London. 
- Expand the Moscow influence in the Middle East. (Russia even tried to invite China to its own coalition). 
And this fact should not be also omitted that Iran is a rival to Russia. Russia and Iran are not allies. Therefore, if Iran could improve its relations with the West and improve human rights in the domestic area (by reducing the rate of executions) then new opportunities would be gained. None of the Russia, Israel and the Arab states do not certainly want such a thing. 
The system proposed Tehran to wait at least for six months. If Russians attacks are continues and do not only include Syria, it can be claimed that Moscow is playing a good role in the Middle East.
In the end, political-security investments in Iraq must be increased by both Tehran and the system.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Showbiz: A Peaceful Possibility

One-third of the show business products are produced by the system. However, this share does not include independent productions of the members of this system. And less than two-thirds of these products are fed by the Zionists. 
This share is enough for those who believe each member of the system deserve a Porsche; but the system deserves benefiting the Porsche's production line, not a collection of Porsche cars. 
The system were controlling the Academy Awards even in the 2001. After 14 years what is added to the assets of the system's Showbiz?! 
What assets are added to the Zionists' showbiz?! 
One might claim that during this period the system has invested in advanced technology and projects related to human cloning and genetics. Undoubtedly, many successes are obtained in the case of technology. And the genetic-related activities have constantly continued and the researchers are optimistic about the results.
However the question is that what had been the ultimate goal of the multi-trillion investments? 
The main goal had been eliminating the threats. However, the focus has decreased on other forms of the threats. And this has led to the emergence of new threats against the system. The Zionist campaign has today become an alternative to those who are seeking the fame and wealth. 
At the end, the modeling industry with its powerful networks as a real opposition is under the direct monitoring of the system. 
In addition, there is a friendly message for all comedians including Ferrell: Israel is a live threat and a threat must be under threat. Increasing the "freedom" (!) is not a good plan. Nevertheless, there is no need to extra violence by the system because cancer cell kills body cells instead of viruses, and this is its mechanism. Parallel organizations that are anti-Zionist are already active in the U.S. territory.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To Ashkan Khatibi

A lot of similarities are certainly between the United Nations and the system. Their objectives are mostly the same. However, the system has more functions. And therefore, it can plan more careful and accurate than the UN and other organizations. 
The objectives of the system for Iran are as follows based on the priority order: 
Cultural plans: A) Cultural expansion of Islam, including cinema and television. B) Removing the hierarchy and related networks. C) Confronting extremism. 
Political plans: A) Increasing support for the moderate politicians, including the right and the left wing in order to divide the power among them. Since the absolute superiority of a faction or party can lead to totalitarianism that is not acceptable. B) Taking advantage of Iranian political-economic capacity to prevent the spread of Moscow and Riyadh influence in the Middle East and in other words, ending the Russian and Saudi hegemony. C) It is too late to resolve the water crisis but there is still some time to protect the country from planned framers' violence. 
Security plan: Increasing the security staff of the system and organizing them in order to carry out special missions to protect Iran-Organization (System) common interests and remove the groups or those who would target the peace, the security and socio-cultural stability of the country. 
Economic plans: A) Reform Iranian economic rules by the system's economic experts in order to eliminate the legal vacuum in this area. B) Increasing the economic-commercial opportunity of the European friends of the system in Iran instead of improving their pragmatic political and media relations with Tehran. (And it should be noted that Berlin cannot dream about German's economy without satisfaction of the system, even after lifting sanctions on Russia.) 
Cyber plan: Eliminating the Mossad agents' cyber and electronic influence on Iranian lines.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Anti-threat: "My Friend is My Enemy"

Tony Abbott, the former prime minister of Australia abandoned the power because he had not detected the minor threats. 
The minor threats are sometimes more worrying than the external threats or opposition. Two things are therefore forbidden: first, optimism about friends, and second, neglecting less important and minor threats. However, increasing the security accuracy should not cause the formation of totalitarianism because totalitarianism is against human rights and security. 
The main threats are undoubtedly detected by the system. 
The "threat" tag is labeled on Moscow with full certainty by the system. Because revenge is the main goal of the Kremlin. 
Britain wants to achieve the role and position of the "balance wheel" on the international field by 2020. This special position in politics is similar to the role of the Kulanu party in the current government of Israel. It has no enemy and instead can easily win the trust of both the left and the right wings and its exit from the cabinet would be the end of the Netanyahu government. 
Israel is a real danger to everyone. On the basis of the classified information, the Israeli terror operations may be implemented in any country, even America and Germany. 
Riyadh and its allies easily create a crisis. But they expect the political and economic costs of these crises be paid by the Western governments, including on the crisis in Yemen and the issue of refugees. On the other hand, the media center has had a weak coverage on the Yemen war while these media had a full coverage on the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. and they have had a direct and special coverage on the refugee crisis in the EU which are not in favor of political credibility of the West.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

About A Movie on Muhammad

Islamic world is a power and a power should be guided by the knowledge. 
Majid Majidi made a film about the childhood of the Muhammad prophet. His previous films suggest his spirituality point of view. In addition, making commercials for Mir-Hossein Mousavi for Iranian presidential election 2009 by this filmmaker indicate that he knows the political religion. This point of view is certainly revealed in his last religious-political work. 
These aspects of the film can be studied: 
Compare the sanctions against Iran with the sanctions against Muhammad and companions of the prophet by Arab pagans. The secret life of the prophet in his childhood. Examine the Hajj's issue.
On the issue of the sanctions: it is believed that the prophet resisted against the sanctions and finally the sanctions were failed. 
About the secret life of the prophet in his childhood: as it was previously mentioned, there are several codes in Quran. And this Islamic narrative about the prophet's childhood can almost help to the process of discovery of the codes' formation origin. Also, the historic and secret texts of Vatican confirm this fact. (Collecting these data by the system can guarantee the safety of documents which is not the same as the security of document.) 
On the Hajj's issue: this film shows that the Kaaba (also called the House of God) has built before the advent of Islam and even the Hajj ceremony has also been implemented before the birth of Islam. This worship ceremony was performed by pagans. On the other hand, Muhammad in response to the question "where can you find God?" said: "in the broken hearts". By comparing these two sequences of the film, viewers find out that the filmmaker criticizes the current situation of the Muslim world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Political Solution for the Syrian Crisis

When the music is played, the weak ones will surrender their bodies to the waves. 
Syrian crisis has a political solution, but it is not possible for those whose heart and minds are surrendered by pride to accept the political solution. Russian, Israeli, Saudi and Turkish governments are the winners of the Syrian crisis and the civil war has benefits for Germany because of the sale of military weapons and advisory services. There is no more winner! And if Damascus and its friends are really willing to end the crisis, they are requested to end the Syrian president's inaction. When there is no plan or proposal offered by the president to end this crisis, there is only one purpose: the green light to intervene in the internal affairs of Syria! 
A national unity government is formed in Syria under the Iran’s plan. The plan is acceptable. But the question is: what would happen if the current president of Syria could not form a national union government with the participation and help of the opposition? 
Syrian president is one whose duty is to start diplomacy. The acceptance of the diplomacy means the adoption of a national unity government and being ready for early elections. The interests of the system certainly will be preserved as a result of the forming a government of national unity in Syria. Since a win-win result is better than an unknown costly fate. 
In addition, if Tehran does not want the repetition of PLO and Sudan experience, it is advised to refrain from any investment in Syria.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Iran: New Bases over the Extremism

Those capable of doing difficult missions are assets if they are trustworthy and wise. 
According to the intelligence sources, Tehran has a certain population of youths whose childhood was passed as the "child labor". It should be noted that this group are not addicted to the drugs (unlike some former members of the system). 
Important points: each of them has numerous contacts. So 5 groups of 10 to 20 members can be formed of them at the outset. The smartest of them are information sources, and based on the reports sometimes they are used as Iranian Intelligence Agency's secret wings. Their living conditions have been difficult and violent; therefore, they have the ability to do special missions. 
This Iranian informal network can be easily organized and covered by the system. The interesting point is that the youths of the informal network can hardly meet their basic needs of life. Therefore, they will be the system’s employee and it will be their main job. 
They will be obliged to comply with the basic Islamic rules including prayer or fasting. Since respect to a certain discipline in the personal life can protect the public order (the system's rules) against the rebel incentives. But radicalism is not allowed and thus, any action and omission in Iran in order to discredit or remove the spiritual bases of extremism, which are very free now, such as persons, groups, press and even fatwas is allowed. 
Also, the system should be more careful in making any relation with the girls of this network; experiencing violence and extreme poverty in the childhood have affected them.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Turkey: All or None!

Good will toward oppression is the same as ill will against self.
London and Mossad are supporting the PKK terrorist group. Obviously, subversive operations of the PKK will not lead the system’s interests be endangered. But if London and Ankara reach a secret agreement, as a result of which the supports of London from PKK stop and instead, Turkey gives special points to Britain, then things will change. In such circumstances, it cannot be claimed that controlling terrorist groups in Turkey by London and Mossad is not considered a threat. 
Those who have full access to the UK classified information, are well aware that MI6 supports Jeremy Corbyn (as the system is supporting Donald Trump) since London wants to reach some points (mostly on the terror operations) by putting Israel under the pressure. This scenario can be also used for Turkey. 
The system's request is clear: this system does not want London to reach any points in Turkey. And the system is willing to reach its desired points in Turkey. 
Therefore, the system will start operations independently in Turkey (and probably the security of civilians is known as a red line). It aimed to make Ankara sure that dealing with London or Mossad will not change anything in Turkey. And the system has high expectations of the Middle East.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Word of "Jihad"

Two purposes are considered for it: first, is to defend Muslim communities against enemy invasion (based on the right of self-defense) like NATO. Second, is to fight to save the victims, like an attack to Libya in 2011 which was done to rescue the victims. 
Which groups of victims do deserve to have jihadi support? 
Islamic history has indicated that all of those who are under the unbearable political, social and economic terms are among the victims. Therefore, the victims' population is not only limited to war-affected people. 
What is the strategy to rescue the victims? There is no doubt that if "violence" is the only fight method to rescue the victims, then the possibility to save the victims of Gaza and child labor will not be available. Gaza victims need to rebuild Gaza not the gun. The victims of child labor need security, feed, clothing, housing and education. They are victims of the "harsh conditions". "Violence" can punish offenders or force the enemy to withdraw, but do "weapons" have such a function regarding "harsh conditions" as well?! 
The Muslim community must make a choice between the two options: first, avoid fighting to save the victims and second, the development of jihadi tools. 
Even if the Islamic world does not recognize the "clinical jihad", the Middle East victims will not be alone. But its consequences will be the gradual expansion of humanism in the Islamic East. For example, the millions of Arab refugees have not received any support from the Arab-Muslim states of the region but the world would not abandon them. Thousands of Syrian refugees have been accepted in the United States (in spite of the long distance), but none of the refugees has been accepted by the Saudi government or its Arab allies. And while Iran has accepted more than 3 million Afghan refugees who had fled Taliban and terrorism.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Their Tehran and Ours

Federica Mogherini could easily identify the root of Middle East problems; a traditional trend to remove Iran from the political map of the region. And it is not about the government of Iran but the strategic and geopolitical status of the country. Although she has no access to the related classified documents. 
Tehran began a new season of its foreign policy after the Iran-Iraq war. Iran condemned the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait and then, supported Kuwait in some certain areas. Also, Tehran cooperated with Washington in the case of resolving the issue of Taliban in Afghanistan. But instead, Iran was accused of running a coup d'etat in Bahrain (while based on the classified documents, there was not any coup) and also, Iran was accused of being involved in the "Mykonos restaurant assassinations" and "AMIA bombing". At the end, "Axis of Evil", which is still alive with a new and diplomatic language and it is just playing. All of the accusations have been invalid. 
The problem has not been Iran’s behavior, but Iran's existence. And classified documents prove that Riyadh and Tel Aviv are interested in the forgery. 
Iran is accused of supporting terrorist groups i.e. Hamas and Hezbollah. However, Hamas is supported by Turkey and some other Arab countries obviously and no one complained about it; neither Tel Aviv nor others. Therefore, these groups are not trouble because supporting them or cooperation with these groups is allowed by any state except Iran. It seems that a new term of dialogues cannot change anything, just like the previous experiences of EU's popular "Critical Dialogue" and "Comprehensive Dialogue". 
Iran was faced with the accusation of "export of revolution" and neither diplomatic dialogues nor Iran's détente could drop this accusation. The only things that could drop this accusation was the big explosion inside the Arab League i.e. the "Arab Spring" and the expanding role of Iran in the Middle East countries. 
According to this historical experience, the only solution for Iran is to change its policy to an actual threat against the Saudi interests. And Bahrain is the most strategic point. Because establishing democracy in Bahrain is considered as the fall of Riyadh Empire. And no one can prevent support for democracy in a country because there is a difference between it and interference in the internal affairs of a country. The Bahraini government is very vulnerable. A small country with a population of 1.332 million. The vast majority of Bahrani people are Shiite and against the Sunni and undemocratic government. And Bahrain is not a wealthy country; it is dependent on Saudi Arabia on certain areas such as energy supply. On the other hand, Riyadh has been involved in a war against Yemen and it has taken all of the Saudi concentration.
As it was mentioned before, lifting the remaining sanctions on Iran is possible. And the system is ready to undertake new obligations in order to expand democracy in all over the world. The war has no voice!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Islamic Iran: Cultural Management

The budget of a movie in the United States might be $100 million while the whole budget of Iran cinema is less than $33 million per year. 
Iranian cinema is not difficult to be controlled, but the government faces difficulties with its management. Through increasing the restrictions in the cultural area, it could be controlled by the government. However, such a way leads to the closure of cultural space and the backwardness of a country like North Korea. But cultural management, which is the best alternative, can repel cultural threats as well as perpetuate the country's cultural development. 
If the Iranian government stops the release of five movies, then will face with harsh criticism from opponents and the accusation of human rights violations, while the number of movie project that has been prevented by the system is greater than expected and almost no one is opposed to it. 
The system can undertake financial costs of all Iranian directors' film projects, instead, some certain provisions must be implemented: emphasis particularly on Islamic rules, removing the current hierarchy of the cinema, which resulted in the foundation of a small quasi-mafia network and removing the actors who are belonging to this network. 
The network has a popular theory: "a good actor is the one who is patient and starts his work by theater." The purpose of this this theory is hidden behind these beautiful words; preventing young actors from entering the cinema! 
This band is dangerous and anti-Islam. The death of Naser Abdollahi, the Iranian signer was not natural. His heart rate in the last minutes of his life was so high; suspiciously high. The cause of the death was intoxication by drinking poisoned water.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Iran and Cuba: Soft Resistance

As it was predicted, Havana-Washington diplomatic relations re-establishment had no influence on the domestic and foreign policy of Cuba. Cuba's new resolution on the political status of Puerto Rico has been issued at the UN about two months ago. Accordingly, Washington is requested to stop Puerto Rico colonialism and occupation as well as releasing Oscar Lopez, the Puerto Rican independence activist and political prisoner. The UN Decolonization Committee has already adopted more than 30 resolutions and decisions on the issue of Puerto Rico, all submitted by Cuba over the past 15 years. While Puerto Rico is scheduled to be annexed to the U.S. in January 2021. 
Cuba proved a reality; the strategy of "soft resistance" or "diplomatic resistance" is the most effective forms of resistance in the 21st century. Although Washington has maintained the sanctions against Cuba under the pressures of the system, but it cannot be denied that the Cuban political pressures overcame Washington. Both Democratic and Republican parties agreed to the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba as well as remove its name from the list of countries sponsors of terrorism. 
The Castro medical diplomacy could obviously win the Washington's militaristic foreign policy. As a result of this diplomacy, many doctors are sent to the crisis and war zones on behalf of Cuba to treat the injured and patients. And it should be add that Cuba could increase its friends in Latin America in the current century. 
Iran could also win its regional oppositions in the field of foreign policy by resorting to the model of "soft resistance" and as Bob Corker confessed, Iran could change the power's balance of the Middle East. If Iran uses this model as its foreign policy strategy, then more successes are achieved.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bypassing Islam by Material Humanism

Iran's social and cultural situation is somewhat similar to the West. It is enough to know that most Western young people how feel and think about the first experience of an early romance or romance before marriage to know how Iranian youth think. 
But if the reader does not belong to the generations Y or Z will not be able to properly assess the situation. Thus providing further explanations is necessary: 
The movie "Black Swan" was a reflection of the dark realities of society; the collapse of the identity, character and beliefs of a person as a result of social pressure and peer pressure. Media pressure has caused many teenagers and young people to sacrifice their personal beliefs. 
Iran knows that Zionists have two goals on Islam: First, create a religious war, and second, removing Islam. It is obvious that Islamic radicalism cause the creation of religious war as well, the extension of humanism methodology in the Islamic societies will eliminate the Islam. And as it cannot be claimed that Islamic radicalism is present in Iran's cinema and television, it can be claimed that the humanist ideas is rapidly spread in Iran's cinema and television, especially through a number of popular and successful TV shows. 
A new model called "good citizen" has been shaped. According to this model, people are invited to respect human rights and civil law. And Islam is not the source of this so-called humanitarian invitation, but it is humanism. No need to say, Islam would be replaced. 
 Holding weekly regular meetings with Iranian authorities about cultural issues is necessary in order to resolve this cultural threat. 
In the end, according to the Turkish classified document, Ankara is going to attack Damascus, although it is a surprising decision at the current political situation of Turkey. First targets will be western deserts of Syria (and it is a trick to waste golden time of reaction). The time is too short. But a decisive action at this point of time can prevent the possible Word War III.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why the Holocaust Took Place?

Hitler's death was the only matter caused the Holocaust to be stopped. And certainly it was not stopped if the World War II was not begun or at least Nazis did not attack to Stalingrad. 
The Holocaust began with the green light of Zionism. People's ignorance about the Holocaust which has been used as a powerful license allowed Hitler to kill a lot of Jews and Gypsies.
Who helped the people's ignorance to be continued?! 
Who kept silent in spite of knowing it?! 
The Holocaust was a genocide, but not the last one. Brutal genocide in Rwanda and international genocide against Muslims in Bosnia and then in Darfur, Myanmar, Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Yemen are among the modern age examples of genocide. All of them have taken place after the 1990s. 
"How to create genocide" is a question should be asked now. 
Public opinion is the main and most important deterrent factor of crimes against humanity. But if public opinion is not aware of specific crimes or is not sure of their occurrence, then cannot have any impact on stopping them. 
Media under the management and control of the system will attempt to increase the awareness of public opinion. 
And in the end, the system will not support the plan of the devaluation of dollar. It is recommended that to take seriously the threats against the currency. Internal enemies of the United States are more dangerous than its foreign enemies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The "Counternews" Project

It is impossible to stop a threat until it is not recognized by the threatened. 
There is no doubt that wide risks threaten the security and interests of the system, today. Since the system is more widespread than ever. And this fact should be understood that worshiping proud is as the same as worshiping the threats. 
Major media are not under the control of the system and it is a fact. It is a fact that the few numbers who direct the world's major media want to surround the public opinion. In spite of this, today, the public opinion is more free and open than any time else. But it needs support. 
All members of the system have two lives. The first is happening in this underground and all are known as "agent". The second is happening on top of the underground and all are known as actors, engineers, teachers or even illusionist and etc. by their friends and family members. And it is now the time to ask how important is the life identity? 
Dissolution of the Israeli Committee includes an explicit message for everyone: Nothing is impossible for the system! 
The system is required to allocate a budget of $70 billion to establish and run several News agencies. In addition, the process of selecting the competent experts of the system as the heads of the media should be started as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lebanon: Quadrangular Diplomacy

Various terrorist groups have activity in the Middle East as well as in the neighboring of Lebanon. Perhaps the only preventive factors of terrorist infiltration into Lebanese territory are lack of oil resources in Lebanon and the resistance of Hezbollah forces against the terrorists in some border areas of Lebanon. Terrorist groups need oil to continue their activities and lack of energy sources in a country reduces their widespread activities there. Therefore, destroying strategic areas of terrorists by obtaining the consent of Baghdad and Damascus governments is of the easiest options to exterminate the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Oil refineries and airports are among these strategic locations. Commitment to reconstruct these locations can facilitate the satisfaction process of these governments. 
But an offensive operation is the best form of defense as most of the military experts are aware. So, the terrorists attempt to invade to several areas in Syria and Iraq to be able to buy time. The occupation of Ramadi in Iraq was done to achieve the same goal and caused Baghdad to cancel the liberation operation of Mosul. And it seems that achieving the oil resources of the Al Anbar province was the secondary objective of ISIS. The terrorists may attack Lebanon based on the same manner. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve the issue of Lebanese political instability. 
A quadrangular diplomacy with Hezbollah, Tehran and Paris should be immediately started by the system in order to settle this issue. 
In the end, Israel's Shaked plan on Attorney-General job is under support of the system as a movement (or in other words, as a step) toward democracy.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Illusion" as a New Global Actor

What was the role of the system in the international arena in 2012 and before it? 
What is its role in the arena now? 
The system position has changed from a side role to a leading role. And the system's functions have risen and it can address in every issue, including the security, political, diplomatic, social and cultural ones. 
Establishing and possessing the news agencies is the requirement of the system to hold this position. It is obvious that the purpose of broadcasting the classified information is to confront widespread censorship and the lies; and it is time to shut down the theory of lies. The scope of censorship has expanded and sometimes spreading rumors has replaced news broadcasting. The media policy on the Yemen Crisis is considered a serious warning for the system because the formation of a new entity entitled "illusion" as an actor and factor in the arena of the international order is a serious threat to the international security. Iraq was the first victim of the media lies in 2003 and it was not the last one. To deny the recent claims of the media about the Yemen, it is just good to ask: 
Why Saudi Arabia has not started a ground war against Yemen?
Saudis has predicted that the ground war against Yemen fails. Riyadh certainly started the ground war if it believed that it will be successful. Since the ground operations was of the most likely options of Riyadh for the first one to two months of the war. As a result, if the claims of Hadi's mercenaries were right, Saudi Arabia would have changed its strategy in Yemen to a ground warfare. 
The media follows the method of North Korea for the Yemen Crisis. For example, the North Korea has said to its citizens that the country's national football team won the 2014 World Cup competition. This method which is reminiscent of the movie "Wag the Dog", is considered the interference in the international order.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Turkey: From "No Neighbor Politic" to PKK

The Turkish government is dealing with the threat of the terrorist and potentially separatist group of PKK. But first of all, the Turkish government should ask itself why PKK suddenly became a threat, or at least, its potential threat has been released? 
The Turkish government's "no neighbor politic" caused to increase number of Ankara's opposition and has damaged Turkey's political credibility. Turkey's support for ISIS led to political divergence between Turkey and its neighbors, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Also Turkish politics over Russia caused to concern of Europe Union, Ukraine and partially Georgia, the neighbor of Turkey. 
Turkey was alerted about the project of harming the country several months ago. And It was supposed that the supporting the PKK and finance them be take place by Moscow in return for concessions to Russia. But now the support and financing this group is done only by London and Mossad. 
The system plays the role of observer on the conflict of PKK and Turkey. Because supporting the Turkish government confirms the Ankara's behaviors that violate the Mideast order. But if the PKK damage the Iranian interests under the protection of the system on Turkish soil, the system would claim and receive compensation from London and Mossad.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tehran: Political Industry

Certainly a requirement on the Iranian government for the economic reforms in the country was an unrelated clause to the nuclear program to be added to the nuclear agreement if there was any chance. 
Samuel Pisar, the real peace hero and the Holocaust survivor believed that the reform of the Soviet government through the involvement of its economic exchanges in the global economy would be possible. Undoubtedly, this pattern can be launched on Iran. 
Taking into account that the destruction of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was certainly impossible without the cooperation of Iranians (and it is not of classified information). And Iran has been well proven that has the required potential to fight against international terrorism and ISIS. Also, Tehran is the chosen and the best actor for crafting of the "balance of power" against the wild powers in the region such as Saudi Arabia. Needless to say, it is the first necessity of the system in the Middle East. And it is worth mentioning that lifting the rest of Iran sanctions which are not related to the nuclear program but it is harmful for political credibility of Tehran, is possible. But it depends on Iran to defend its interest through the facts. The political map of the Middle East has changed. Baghdad and Erbil have appreciated the positive role of Iran in Iraq. Al-Qaeda is gone. Iran's support of some groups has fallen and Hezbollah is not immutable. 
So, the Iranian and West parties of the JCPOA agreement are expected to end the economic divergence. Iran is asked to put a priority on its chance in Western investments in the country and the West is asked also to try to avoid Iran's economy becoming the margin of safety of Moscow and Beijing. 
At the end, it should be noted that like secret prisons, Iranian nuclear program in not fully under the control and monitoring of the government. Therefore, it is possible to monitor it only through an international entity, i.e. International Atomic Energy Agency and the implementation of the JCPOA.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A War for Peace

A group of Christians believe that the execution of Jesus Christ has led to forgiving the sins of all of Christians! 
Yemen war can prevent the occurrence of more possible wars in the Middle East. There is no doubt that if the operation "Storm of Decisiveness" - even now Saudis refrain the use of this term for Yemen war- was won the occurrence of the next wars in the Middle East would happen more easily. 
The balance of the military power does not exist in the world or in the instable region of the Middle East. Therefore, if a country's military superiority can lead to its victory in a war against a country which is weak militarily, then the war for the purpose of the expansion changes to a sure option for that country or the countries which are considered as military powers. 
The defeat of 9 Arab states in a war against a very poor country in the Middle East has an obvious sense; the "war" is not an option. 
The entry purpose of the system in the war is clear: make the war harder for those used the military option against Yemen as well as establishment of democracy in this country. 
On a political solution in the case of Yemen it should be said that according to the Saudi classified document, more than 50% of Aden is directly under the control of Houthis and Yemeni army (otherwise, what could justify the continuous heavy bombing of Aden in recent days?!), therefore, the option of dividing Yemen is impossible. So the only solution is establishment of democracy and formation the provisional government.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Palestine: Limited Time

Supporting Palestinians is a success for the system even though it does not lead to the end of Israeli occupation over the Palestinian territories. Because the political influence and credibility of Israel will be decreased under the international pressures, and it increases the opportunities for the other powers.
The high-powered Israel would never end the occupation of Palestinian territories. But if Israel is weak, it is likely that its government forces to resolve the issue. And Netanyahu is the only option that can weaken Israel domestically and isolate it in the international arena (although Avigdor Liberman could be the best option for the task). Indeed, Netanyahu can be compared with Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad weakened Iranian economy and isolated the country internationally. And grave economic problems in Israel alongside the isolation of the government in the international arena in the last few years are the comparable points in this regard. 
Undoubtedly a smart Israeli politician such as Tzipi Livni who is supported by Mossad, Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. and even some of the Arab states can easily run the "Restart" plan for Israel through deceiving the public opinion. And it is worth mentioning that the Joint List is an Israeli card in order to deceive Palestinian. 
The international pressures against Israel will not be unlimited and perennial because Netanyahu administration lifetime is not unlimited. Therefore, Palestinians have limited opportunity to put pressure on Israel to be weakened. 
Palestine could become a member of ICC through the supports of the system. And this is only one of the numerous cases of the system's support of Palestinians. So if the Palestinians want the constant supports of the system, it is needed to make realistic decisions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

International Law after "2231"

As it was mentioned earlier, the Joint Comprehensive Agreement on Iranian nuclear program cannot be regarded as a historic agreement. Since it will not directly lead to key changes in the global or regional arena. Although it will positively impact the order of the Middle East. The agreement returns the international relations of Iran to a situation that the Iranian government had experienced prior to start its nuclear program. Hashemi Rafsanjani presidential period and the first term of Khtami's presidency are among these times. 
To improve the relations of Iran and West a number of factors are necessary and this agreement is a step, however, is an important step in this regard. 
But certainly the agreement has aspects which can be addressed with a "historic" description. For the first time in the history of international law, the UN Security Council was retreated of the decisions which were made due to binding resolutions. The "immutability" characteristic of the Security Council’s resolutions has canceled by the resolution 2231. It can be strongly claimed that the international law has entered into a new season as well as it has developed. And the resolution will be a model and binding pattern for subsequent resolutions of the Security Council as a judicial decision of a court on a case has such a function in the legal regime of Common Law. Surely, many articles and also thesis will be written about the changes and evolution of the international law on the basis of the Security Council resolution 2231.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nasser, Sadat and the Combinatorial Egypt

Undemocratic Egypt means Gamal Abdel Nasser's and Anwar Sadat's Egypt. And the current Egypt is a combination of both. On one hand Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has created a repressive regime like Abdel Nasser and is going to get close ties with Moscow as well and just like Nasser interferes in Yemen's civil war, on the other hand, he gives ransom to Israel like Anwar Sadat and puts pressure on Palestine through Gaza and close the Rafah crossing. 
Bearing in mind that Eisenhower action to prevent the invasion of France and Britain against Egypt in 1956 which happened following the nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser is considered a defeat for the West; and losing is the cost of failure. Since then, Abdel Nasser has converted the Cairo into Moscow's sphere of influence and then attempted to interfere in North Yemen Civil War (1962-1970). 
And now, does the West or even the Arab Nation accept such a combinatorial Egypt?! This Egypt would not allow the formation of any order in the Middle East. Therefore, actions and operations of the system in Egypt will continue even if the war in Yemen ends or if Egypt does not participate to continue the war. 
The system manages these operations in Egypt. As a result, they are not identified with the "extremism" tag. 
In the end, as it is obvious the recent announcement on Aden is false and its broadcasting is opposed to the law governing communications and information. According to the reports, Houthis and Yemeni army could retake Aden airport. Also, no one of Hadi's cabinet member have entered the country. And the war can be harder for Riyadh and its allies soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Civil rights movements and the people's discontent with government is a worthwhile investment for the best democracy to be established. The system certainly needs the voice of people to develop the democracy. And in this regard, entertainer means of communications such as movies and music can increase people's awareness by using their thoughts and lifestyle models. 
No revolution will happen in a person-oriented society, even if all people are discontent with their current situation. A revolution in order to be established needs two parameters: first, public discontent and second, public awareness of the fact that all people are discontent and unhappy. The revolution will happen when people of east rely on people of the west, people of west rely on people of east, the people of north rely on people of south and people of south rely on people of the north. And if the residents of east of New York have no awareness of its west residents discontent and vice versa, is a revolution possible in such a situation?! 
The cinema and movies can play a role of intermediate. The cinema should be the X-ray in order to reveal the in common points of people. 
Given the great financial resources of the system, it is necessary to start the investment in order to run the project long-term and comprehensively. 
The "Swordfish" method is allowed to earn more money. Therefore, the security of this method should be fully provided. And at the end, 1 to 2 percent of the revenues from this method are recommended to be donated to charity organizations.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yemen-Saudi Arabia: Closer

For those who live in blood; no fear of plasma. 
The death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to be killed has been identified and approved by the intelligence agencies in the West and East. However, the news has not been officially informed. But this fact should not be denied that some governments and their media try the publication of such news to be prevented. 
It should be said in the case of Yemen that the fall of the Mansur Hadi government through the uprising of army and Houthis has not happened overnight but the media started to publish the news at the point of time when the government has lost the control over the governmental authorities, in practice. And also in relation to Yemen war the situation is the same. Around 3800 men of Saudi soldiers and officers have been killed in this war among them the commander of the Saudi Air Force, Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Shaalan. In addition, Mohammad Bin Salman, the defense minister of Saudi Arabia was also injured seriously as a result of second Scud missile attack. And while the sound of silence was louder than his shout, the Saudi government assassinated him a few days ago in order to hide the new face of the prince (with disability). 
All the news is censored in Arabic media. By the way, silence cannot change the reality; the assassination of Saud bin Faisal, the former minister of foreign affairs clearly indicates the grave difference inside the throne. 
On the other hand, the separatist movements of "Ahrar al-Najran" and "Najran Youth" have begun their military phase of operations in Saudi Arabia. However, the media kept silence about the occupation of military bases and Najran airport by the movement of "Ahrar al-Najran". In spite of this, as it has been seen the censorship of the news cannot stop the occurrence of systematic events. 
In the end, the system warned the Saudi Arabia and its allies that all of the ways and means are allowed against the wrongdoers. And also, the Wall Street and governmental authorities will not be safe unless with the system's permission.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ukraine: Post-Revolution Era

Ukraine's Orange Revolution was overthrown as a result of a democratic election and such a fate threatens Ukraine's Maidan Revolution. 
Today, the economic aspirations and social welfare are of the main concerns of Ukrainian. And getting tight ties with the U.S. and EU is no more on top priority. Additionally the influence of Crimea issue and the events in the east of Ukraine on Ukrainian public opinion are undeniable as well. It should be added that citizens in the east of Ukraine will participate in the next elections, which is affecting the country's political fate determination. 
Given the circumstances, the membership of Ukraine in the European Union would not make any change in the country's political fate in order to end the dispute of the pro-Russians and pro-Europeans in the country. The Hungarian government is a good example to prove this claim. 
And according to the reports, Russia is going to assassinate a number of Ukrainian journalists who write against Moscow. Certainly the raise of public awareness about the Russian threats by mobilizing all of communication tools widely can prevent future disasters. 
There is no doubt that it is possible to rebuild the trust of people to the Moscow and pro-Russians politicians while rebuilding the Ukrainian economy is not easy and if the government fails in realization the Ukrainian economic goals, then the public trust to the pro-Europeans politicians reduces. In such circumstances the promotion of public awareness to the expansionism and un-reliability of Moscow is what can increase the government chance to win in the future elections.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Palestine and Gaza

Palestine has put a new plan on the agenda, according to the recent reports. Based on the plan, Hamas will be the covert wings of the Palestinian state for foreign policy by proxy. In addition, Mahmoud Abbas is going to secretly send the details of the plan to Iranian authorities, so that he can benefit their support. 
The combination of carrots and sticks simultaneously was first presented by Kissinger. It is clear from the military and political point of view that a political winner of a likely war between Israel and Palestine will be the Palestinians. Because Hamas and in particular Gaza has nothing to lose but fighting. In spite of the fact, "war" is the last necessary option. 
However, the system will support the plan and the security of the project if Palestine supports the "balance of power" instead. The "balance of power" is certainly the guarantor of peace in the Middle East. Iran's expanding role in the Middle East can make a positive balance in the region. And thus, the occurrence of unnecessary wars will be stopped. 
Additionally, due to reports of Qatar, Doha seeks to hold unilaterally conferences in collaboration with the United Nations in order to solve the Middle East issue. Doha has no good faith and therefore, it is not allowed to hold such conferences. The only chance for Doha is to play a role in an inverse game.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

From 68 to 79: Iran

Iran's Islamic Revolution and the World Movement of 68 are closely linked to each other philosophically and ideologically. 
One of the key mottoes of Iran's 79 Revolution and Iranian ministry of foreign affairs for the past 36 years which can be assigned as a reflection of Port Huron Statement have been opposition to eastern and western imperialism. Also, addressing the issue of "women reification" was of the main social issues of the World Movement of 68, the 79 Revolution and the constitutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran have addressed this as well. It should be added additionally that the students were the violence stage navigator in the 68 Movement; however, significant differences are between these violence and terrorist violence, for example, murder is not allowed at student violence. Hostage crisis was planned and conducted by the students in Iran and was followed the method of student violence. 
Iran's Islamic Revolution that was realized 11 years after the World Movement of 68 seems to be the inheritor of the global protests of 68. 
According to the existing findings, not having a socio-political model to achieve to the goals was the known reason of the failure of the 68 Movement. But the Iranian scientific community could provide a sociopolitical model on the basis of moderate Islam after the Revolution unlike the Movement. 
At the end, the Iran's Revolution is not an unknown phenomenon for the system. And the missions and operations of the system are certainly not in contradiction and opposition to such models. While they are all organized and structured levers in favor of the system at the current mutable world; while everything is ready in the streets after the rise of middle class consciousness by virtue of Occupy Wall Street movement and successful arrangement of the new wave of anti-racist movements!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Security as the Goal and Lever

The takeover of shale oil by the organization of Apic had a negative impact on the Washington in the international arena; its signs will be more apparent in the near future. And consequently moving out of HSBC headquarters from London according to the recent decisions, weakened the British influence. The system has identified them with "opponents" label. 
Undoubtedly, it is not rational to bribe the opponents. Because first, in this way the system strengthen their power and secondly, there are always people who propose better offers in order to bribe the dishonest politicians, just like an auction. 
But it can be completely useful to utilize the "security" and "intelligence" levers against opponents. Given the fact that that having the "security" and "intelligence" leverages would not in themselves entail having the authority to use them; lack of deterrent power of the opponents is of the prerequisites for using the leverages. 
Running the project of "secure order" has been of the most important achievements of the system in recent years. As a result of this project, many of the mafia networks and private Intelligence agencies have been destroyed. The plan was sought to destroy the opposition's deterring power.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The White House, the Burnt House!

The fact is obvious for the political observers that White House has become a burnt actor; traditional allies of the U.S. including some Arab countries and European Union overtly plans against political credibility and basic interests of the White House. 
Camp David scandal and recent meeting of German senior officials with Jeb Bush in Germany the day after Barack Obama's exit of the country translated into the protest against the White House but it has also indicated that the political credibility of the White House has fallen. 
Thus, the White House has really nothing more to lose in the case of credibility. In such conditions can the White House's private confidential documents release serve as effective leverage on them? 
If the answer is negative, subsequently, it should be admitted that more effective and sufficient levers alongside the current one are required to secure the interests of the system. 
The system options are various and as it was seen that only green light of the system to destabilize the Saudi Arabia resulted in two terror attacks in there and the release of potential protest of Shias against the government. However, these operations cannot be attributed to the system; Mossad takes care of the design. Therefore, if the White House tends to adventure and ambition cannot rely on the system security supports of the White House members and their families. 
In Addition, the recent scandal of Oren Hazan, the Knesset deputy speaker was only a warning.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yemen: "Responsibility to Protect"

Peace and democracy in Yemen are asked by the Yemeni people. Therefore, a ceasefire agreement which is without democracy clause is worthless. Tunisian model can realize the ideal of democracy for Yemen. However, no one can dictate any plan to the country. 
The UN Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973 on Libya clearly follow the doctrine of United Nations "Responsibility to Protect". According to the resolutions, the governments of the world are responsible to support the basic needs of the Libyan people against the government. It is apparent that the doctrine of R2P that is now an international norm supports people and even their armed revolution against the government and in the other words, it confirms the right to revolution! 
Although some governments do not want the establishment of democracy in Yemen but if the number of casualties in Yemen increase significantly or the period of the Yemen war last in a worrying state, then the Security Council will have to support Yemen according to the doctrine of R2P and solve the crisis in the country on the basis of above resolutions since otherwise will lose its political and legal credibility at international arena and its permanent members would lose their credibility at the domestic arena; considering the fact that Yemeni forces including Houthis, army and tribes have respected the international humanitarian law as a political tactic to achieve the winner card. 
Also, many Yemeni embassies have lost their loyalty to the suspended president, Mansur Hadi. 
In the end, it is recommended the entertainment industry prevents from entering directly and emotionally to the Middle East issue. The communicational tools of this industry/market including movies and music do not have the required cultural conditions to address the Middle East issue such as Yemen and Iraq crisis.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Oil Shale and International Order

The effective role of oil is undeniable on international order. Therefore, fight for petroleum resources at different levels flows.
Even occupation of the regions which are weak economically and depleted of the fossil fuels are useless for terrorist groups, thus the terrorist groups do not want to expand their activities in Yemen which is a poor as well as dangerous area. But Surely, Iraq and Nigeria are attractive for terrorist groups. 
The present situation of oil market in the world is the effect of a struggle that is ongoing at the highest level in the petroleum industry area. Of course, the world oil price reduction has reduced the revenue of ISIS terrorist group and also the revenues of Russia, Venezuela and Iran but the final goal of this oil price drop has not been hurting these economic categories. 
The secret organization of Apic tries to remove the oil shale by adapting policies such as putting pressure on Riyadh and controlling some of the factors affecting on the world oil market.
Oil shale has the potential to be active as a positive and creative actor in the arena of international order. Therefore, it is not useful to remove it. It seems that the domination of Apic over kerogen shale is the only way for it to be saved. 
In spite of this, if this idea realized a Win-Win outcome would not be achieved. So, this idea is not supported by the system unless Apic supports the plan of the "Change of European Union".

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The U.S., Iran and Right to Security

The UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court are not allowed to decide against a state for violations of the rights of women, children and persons with disabilities in the country. Although their rights are protected by several conventions, such as Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 1975, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 1979 and Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989. But certainly, violation of the fundamental principles of human rights cause a country to be punished by The Security Council or the International Criminal Court, for instance, Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973 on Libya, and the resolution 1593 on Darfur which refers the situation in Darfur, Sudan to the ICC. 
Security is of particular importance for people all around the world. Undoubtedly, one of the criteria to be checked before travel or emigrate to a city or country is its rate of security. 
The considerable and thought-provoking statistics of sexual abuse of women in the US universities which is regarded a symbol of a scientific community is suggesting sever weakness of the government in providing the security. While security is one of the fundamental rights of people or human rights. 
It is believed that the label of "human rights crisis" must be put on the states in which the statistics of murder, sexual abuse and kidnapping is high. 
Iran score is well in the terms of providing the security, but the threats against it are also high. 
Shahram Abdoli, the Iranian actor works for a state agency in the Europe. The hiring agency wrote special properties about him. 
If the control and supervision over the community or even prisons is not enough, then regret is unavoidable. Deepen the security by the detention and interrogation of "threats" instead of "suspicion".

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Iran: The Culture

Of the most stable pillars and bases for a country wanting to achieve the supreme political and economic ideals and aspirations are culture and science. 
Scientific position of a country can provide to new opportunities for that country. As one of the Asian countries, Iran has significant scientific position in the region. But the science which is regarded as a capital should be guided by good culture. 
Weak culture may cause to the isolation of the scientific community and reduce the validity of science and knowledge among people. Therefore, it is very important to stress on guidance the media, education and cinema. 
Iran must try to deep-seat Islamic culture through mass communication tools, efficient educational system and cinema; Islamic culture should not be only a décor! 
Social issues must be identified and addressed by cinema. Now, the most valuable movies are those which engaged the real social issues. The success of Jafar Panahi's "Taxi" and Asghar Farhadi's "A Separation" in the Berlin International Film Festival or other international film festivals confirm this fact. 
The movies which engage real social issues can involve people in the issues as a part of the solution and finally lead to the participation of the public to resolve them. 
However, some of the Iranian filmmakers are recently interested in making films with surreal structure. Any new and special thing does not mean being useful, though not harmful.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yemen: New Middle East

Ramadan is coming soon and it is good for Muslim World to respects to its traditions. 
Peace in Yemen is asked by the international community. Evidently, the media cover the Saudi's attacks against Yemen with a negative attitude. While the same media cover anti-ISIS coalition's attacks in Iraq and Syria with positive attitudes. Therefore, the international community has differentiated between the war in Yemen and fights against ISIS. 
Yemeni triangle's resistance (including the Houthis, the Yemeni army and Yemeni tribes) prevented the collapse of Yemen or even each city of it. In addition, Al Qaeda that could have been a threat against Yemen's independency is destroyed and the areas occupied by the terrorists have been freed. Needless to keep this as secret that Yemeni army has been supported directly by the system, since the Yemen's military actions are legally legitimized and additionally it is not loyal to the suspended president, Mansur Hadi.
Ansar Allah who has political control of Yemen can be pretty sure that the flexibility will not lead to the collapse of Yemen or its cities but it can help starting the process of a political solution inside Yemen (not out of the country) and facilitate it. Because first, divorcement has been replaced with unity and solidarity of Yemeni factions (as an indirect result of the war), and secondly, Yemeni army is present across Yemen and certainly Houthis can trust on Yemeni army and tribes. 
According to the classified information of Britain, Mossad and Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is willing to make concessions but it is under the negative pressures of Mossad and London; Parisians have no role at the game.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Business Named "Missing Bird"

Washington is the ally of Tel Aviv. But can it be said that Tel Aviv is of the allies of the United States as well?! 
The empty seat of the US allies was tangible in resolving the issues such as Ukraine Crisis, terrorism of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and many other current and previous issues. 
Considering the Washington's model as a good pattern for leadership or even diplomacy is not logical. Thus the Washington's model is not followed by the system. And the "positive interaction" is known as the basis of friendly relations with others. 
Trust and deep cooperation are achievable goals. But at the outset, the system should resolve its internal issues on the basis of rationality and its great interests. And the "missing birds" is certainly one of the issues to be resolved carefully. The "missing birds" has become a lucrative business. If the hideouts of these "missing birds" have not been yet cleared the reason was that some agents have avoided disclosing their hideaways instead of receiving money of them. 
Surely the Russian spies are aware of these gaps and therefore, they freely attempted to steal the classified documents and then escape without worry. 
Any escape should be insecure. Therefore the overall control and monitoring over the members and channels must be change to effective control and monitoring, so thereby stop the continuation of this business.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Syria: "The Dear Enemy"

Is there whether a guarantee on the basis of political stability in Syria after delegating the power, Damascus has asked? 
The change of polital regime in Libya does not cause the international supports of this country and hence the country is still suffering from political instability. 
Now, is difficult to talk about the change of political regime in Syria but forebear addressing the Syrian expectation and its allies about Syrian political stability by ignoring the example of Libya's situation. 
Opposition freely activities along with election are the proof of democracy sovereignty in a state. But does an ordinary democratic state allows the political groups to be widespread politically active that are against the constitution?
Democratic governments support the moderate opposition. Thus, the possible chance of taking power by the opposition would not change anything fundamental in government, but certainly the freely activities of the opposition is considered confirmation of the democratic sovereignty of the government.
Damascus may not and does not want to compromise with its regime opponents which are known as the radical opposition from the political point of view, instead Damascus can form several political groups and moderate opposition loyal to the Syrian regime and support them. Therefore, without compromise with the radical opposition being needed some of the effective factors on Syrian political instability are going to be resolved. 
And in the end, on the irrelevant topic of John Forbes Nash: the reason of the death is very simply what the media said.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Child Abuse

The repeat victimization, being forced to prostitution and drug addiction are among the issues that in many cases emerge as the consequences of child sexual abuse in the victims. 
For example, the 8-year-old girl to whom rape or sexual abuse had happened would definitely not forget the incident of the rape as a horrible memoir on one hand, and on the other hand she will be fully aware of the nature of sexual assault when she reaches sexual maturity. There is no doubt that the victim's curiosity to the case will be aroused when she experiences puberty. At this stage, the hard memoir will convert to a driving force of the curiosity. She wants to know to what she has been the victim! 
Such victims ask to be sexual touched or request for sex from an adult usually at the early ages (11 or 12). In this way, they experience their first actual intercourse with their request and at early age. Although the mentioned intercourse is not consensual because the child has no capacity for a sexual intercourse even with her own request. The consequences of this sexual relation are clear:
Does the adult man who have sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old girl (illegally) care about her mental and physical status?! 
While her peers have not yet experienced any kind of such a relationship. This causes her to be secluded from them and subsequently has unrestrained interactions and relations with adults.

Monday, May 18, 2015

About the Black Sea

An unknown element has not been yet formed in international relations of power. 
Ukrainian Orange Revolution fell as a result of the lack of Western and Eastern aid and support of Ukraine and its unsolved issue of "gas purchase". 
And on the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, separation of Abkhazia (with its inherent maritime territory over the Black Sea) and South Ossetia regions from Georgia by illegal war led by Russia is considered breach of international peace and security. And it is worth mentioning that Moscow has issued Russian citizenship for about 90 percent of residents of South Ossetia since then, according to the claim of Dmitry Medvedev. 
The non-planning revolution in Ukraine made the Crimean Peninsula which its area is more than double area of Cyprus to be separated from Ukraine. Needless to say, Crimea is not restricted to a piece of land but it involves part of the huge resources of Black Sea's energy. It is notable, the cancelation of Russia sanctions represents giving up the Crimea issue. 
Donetsk and Luhansk regions separation of Ukraine was also possible but the interference of the system prevented the implementation of this plan. Eventually, the issue of "gas purchase" was solved and the Minsk-2 agreement was also formed.