Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Adaptation or extinction, the basis of "Naturalpolitik". 
Surely, there are many within the system, who are hopeful that the Democratic Party will take over the Congress in the upcoming year. Well, it is now easy to hide a political orientation under the term "checks and balances". 
The system supports an advanced version of "separation of powers". Moreover, the people and Congress will apparently welcome the leftists' possible victory. It has been the whole story with a good ending. 
But how many of Democrats are really bound to left-wing politics in order to be able to re-implement the checks and balances?! 
Since many people are frustrated with Republicans, the chance of voting on emotion will be increased in the upcoming 2018 Congressional election. 
The system must interfere in order to return balance to the game, which might make it harder for Democratic Party. It is more convenient to find it as a qualification test for Democrats, which should not be a big deal for real ones.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Yemen: The War as a Shield

One of the covert functions of wars is unity under the flag of terror.
The upper hand of Yemen's Houthis in the war is an undeniable fact. And from now on, the war plays a pretext for Houthis to implement the lynch law against its rivals and the assassination of Ali Abdullah Saleh is a proof in this regard. On the other hand, Saudis are weak enough to be stuck in a dead end rather than accepting their defeat in the war and put an end to it. 
The Only victims of this situation are kids. There is no room for mercy in dealing with passive men and women. Nevertheless, the Houthis are penetrable but there is a faint hope of influencing in their regime and make a division at this point of time. It can be considered an option after a truce. But at the present time, one can do blind assassinations against ring leaders of Houthis. It can increase pressure against them and gradually make a way out of this deadlock.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Syria: Ace Card

The Syrian civil war is going to be finished. It is about time to pick up some to be considered loser. The Turkish desire for re-establishing Ottoman Empire has been vanished and Riyadh is at such vulnerable position so that not to be a threat. Russians are patient but there is not much time left for them to be the heroic winner, the one who "takes all". Moscow intends to be the kingmaker; Syria is not enough for Kremlin. And in this regard, Tehran, is scheduled to be played as a Ace card, while it is burned one. Since Iran itself is threat to Russian influence in Syria. Therefore, Moscow is not in a position to bargain on Iran. 
The system enjoys of regulating power over everything; so Russia has a chance to act its role or it will be performed by the system. Damascus must left Iran behind, no matter with or without Assad. And if Russians hesitate to pick up the phone and dictate the new order, the system incentive proposals and aids are ready to help Syrian government with making hard decision upon Tehran.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Suits for an Unfinished Game

The world is a useless place for human beings without people. 
The people are not politicians, champions or heroes. They might be involved in politics and even become a threat to political balances, or defend their country to death; but none of these positions would be permanent for them. They are not extraordinary, but ordinary; not born to be better or the best but the same. This is the reason that there is no lasting era and vogue. Classical and Romantic Schools were popular but they are already gone. 
It was an achievement for the system to revive the 68 Movement in the recent years, which made some surprised. But these people from Europe to U.S. that could make whatever was left as dream in 1968 need peace. It is not a reward! This is what gradually is going to take place in their lives; as there were two separate universes between over-politicization of the 60's and political indifferentism of the 80's. For instance because of the socio-political impact of Michael Jackson works, which reproduced the term "good citizens" by a post-modern and radical form. 
However, as political attitude of people shapes the ruling politics, their social behaviors can play a similar function, which is why controlling the entertainment industry is a key element for political players. It is evident that the battleground will changed; the war of shows will replace the war of words: consciousness against unconsciousness; fact vs. fiction.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Documentation of a Protest

The lesser of two evils principle was overwhelmed by people in the latest US Presidential election. They preferred to encounter the consequences of a tough decision rather than surrendering to fear. This consciousness must be kept alive; meanwhile Donald Trump Presidency might have had a negative impact on audacity of some people. 
An effective socio-political revolution or resistance takes place through a long-term scheme, just like growing a plant. Cuban revolution is a good counterexample to display the weakness of rapid acts in this regard. Resistance must not be a burden to the people. One should not call for people for taking another hard decision like what they took in 2016 elections. But it does not mean that the Democratic Party can simply present anyone as its own candidate for the following Congressional and then Presidential elections. Liberalization of the party's platform is also important for the system. 
At the present time, unlike what the media and Democrats are trying to induce people to believe that the result of the latest Presidential election was a failure to democracy, the system must ensure the society that the decision was right and a milestone in the way of a forming revolution. It was the actual advent of the "Bern or Bust" pledge; a brave step to push forward the movement.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Destruction for Reconstruction

Some European states and companies are dissatisfied with the recent decisions of the White House against Iran's nuclear deal and Iranian Revolutionary Guards, while they are relatively responsible for such a situation. They did not take advantage of their own economic power and in particular their position as financial investors in Iran as a leverage against the ruling class and their predominant policies. The stance of Tehran toward human rights, their paramilitary macro policy and environment has not changed since the nuclear deal. 
And of course, a comprehensive dialogue is needed between European corporations and the system. The function of sanction is based on destroying an economy, while destruction is not a goal; it is a targeted reconstruction. The game is not new, and Vietnam is an example in this regard. Unfortunately, since economic actors of the global community cannot play their hand the Iran sanctions should be expanded to reset the time. It is worth to mention, few months later, the reconstruction of Syria will be started; an opportunity to win whatever was lost in the war. There are several ways to delay this reconstruction but the best option is readiness for taking over both economic and political wheels of the post-war Syria.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In Pursuit of Side Effects

All effective elements will be allowed when impact itself is the goal. 
It is evident that situation of the Middle East is not in accordance with parameters of regional and global security; a balance of power is going to be established, which might only ensure the political security of states in the region but can undermine the human rights.
It is true that the region has no more capacity for conflicts and in this regard, one can firmly claim that Iraq owes its current security and sovereignty to the system. But the Middle East needs emergence of a new political element and capacity to make the current balance of power meet challenges. The favorite Kurdish plan for holding an independence referendum is just like allowing a big party to enter the political competition; certainly confronting the new concerns requires taking new measures and actions.
Needless to say, according to ICJ advisory opinion on Kosovo's declaration of independence, which has been considered a precedent, the possible independence of Erbil does not violate the international law even if it is against a domestic court order or constitution. And it can inspire all ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East. 
The system supports all actions that highlight the position of ethnic and religious minorities all around the world.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Taliban: Peace in Return for Human Rights

Without security, democratic and human rights values would be meaningless. 
Perhaps, some are willing to see a rapid and widespread human rights in Afghanistan. Although Afghanistan is able to overcome Taliban but unfortunately it is not what Afghans want to. A small but continuous damage can break any resistance. This has been the technique of Taliban since US occupation of Afghanistan. And today, Afghans suffer from lack of a psychological readiness for a big and difficult resistance against Taliban. 
Therefore, a compromise between Kabul and Taliban is a necessity. Taliban could not only be recognized as a political party. Their leaders are smart enough to understand how far away people's perspective are from Talibanism. Taliban wants to have a considerable share of political power, which cannot be achieved through a democratic system and ballot. 
The system must try to help Afghanistan with a realistic deal, though it might sacrifice human rights in the country for upcoming years.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

North Korea: Sleeping Samurai

Maintaining the balance of power requires active cooperation of global powers over the containing or distributing power. 
Japan is one of few world powers that lost the ability for active cooperation in forming global balance of power because of facing China and especially North Korea challenges. Keep this logic in mind, the winner cart of the U.S. in the World War II and the Cold War, was the distance from the scene, which was Europe. It is evident that as long as Japanese are concerned about the regional threat of North Korea, they have to impose some considerations to their international relations in favor of China, Russia and the US, which leads to a semi-passive foreign policy from Tokyo. In spite of that, the position of Japan toward Ukraine Crisis in 2014 was decisive. 
The winner of managing the North Korean crisis have been Russia and China since it made them able to use North Korea as a leverage for restraining Japan. So the crisis must be settled. 
In this respect, as the first step the system must initiate two tripartite and quartet talks: 3-party talks between Tokyo, Seoul and the System and 4-party talks including Pyongyang.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Engineering a Revolution

People consciousness and mass mobilization is required for forming a revolution. 
Che Guevara could not achieve his goal in Bolivia because he only intended to design a successful guerrilla warfare. In contrast, defeating the Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch, Castro's Moncada Barracks and 1963 demonstration in Iran, though were not engineered but played leading roles in the revolutions. For starting a revolution, one should capture people's hearts. 
A magnificent defeat like the sample of Iranian Green Movement or a beautiful death such as the moment of Che’s execution, which motivate people awaking, are just prerequisite of a revolution. Indeed, the elements of time and nature are the greatest architects in politics. 
Today's Iran is ready for a revolution. But it is only an option as long as the game is not out of control. The system must break it to make the revolution a necessity, not a choice.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Closed Clinic

A victory without achievement is a defeat. 
While Ukraine Revolution could not bring any achievement for the West except losing the Black Sea to Russia, many are still trying to be the winner of futile wars of Syria and Yemen. 
It is possible to help Iranian left-wing by overcoming conservatives. But the main concern is whether it would lead to deep evolution of the human rights in the country. The ultimate objective is domination of human rights over the world, not merely winning leftists or socialists. Accordingly, the system will watching closely decisions and movements of Iranian left-wing and Rouhani administration. There is no doubt if they do not fully accomplish their human rights obligations and promises, the system must review its Tehran policy. 
Every project needs another plan to be implemented: the main project, which must be is covert and its shadow that plays a misleading role. 
The system must always have schemes for distracting Washington and London in order to comfortably realize its projects in the Middle East. And the most convenient way, is destabilizing their favorite order in all around the world including by cyber-attacks. But while both Washington and London were seeking to achieve a share of power in Saudi Arabia, Israel could take-over Riyadh by presenting a surrogate for Mohammad Bin Salman. Although the current surrogate prince has blood relationship with the dead prince but he is younger than Mohammad and also graduated in management in a Saudi university. No need to say, the surrogate must be accountable to Tel Aviv. And now, the system must barricade the possibility of the diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel in order to disrupt their game.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Affirmative Interference: Tehran

Henry Kissinger has believed that carrot and stick should be used at the same time to be effective. 
As congress passed sanctions against Iran’s conservative individuals and organization, the system must facilitate political, economic and cultural investments in Iran in a tangible way, in order to simultaneously weaken the position of hardliners and strengthen the bargaining power of Rouhani against domestic conservatives over the subjects of human rights and regional issues. Although, John Kerry has sought to transfer a false message to Iran about the sanctions in order to back the stance of the Iranian right wing. 
Also nowadays security is a strategic commodity. Thus, there is no blame on Iranian intelligence for letting terrorists to implement their plan in order to have the upper hand over the Rouhani administration, though the intelligence were informed. Simply, it is a common practice in the politics. However, since Tehran is a strategic position, the system will try to fill this security vacuum. In this regard, based on classified information, Tehran city council is next target of terrorists, which should not be considered a winner card for conservatives anymore! 
Certainly the system intends to keep current role of Iran in the Middle East. Terrorism and Saudi Arabia are two major troubles of the region. The first one targets security and the second, is a threat to democratic movements and political independence of countries. Iran is the only power that efficiently confronts them.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Big Time

Friends and allies should not be chosen from the victims. 
First of all, the system will not take a new position on Qatar before stabilization of the situation, whether reconciliation or continuation of dispute among the GCC. Although, this hostility is a significant opportunity for the system. 
There is no doubt that emergence of neo-left in the U.S., Europe and even Iran is an undeniable fact, which can be distinguished from the traditional left. Nowadays, traditional left plays in the ground of centrism, while neo-left is successor of traditional left’s former position. The approach of neo-left toward human rights can help it to improve in long-term. Thus, the newborn discourse of neo-left needs a powerful platform in order to achieve the political goals and does not have a similar fate like Greens. 
Although the right to an adequate standard of living is a principle of basic human rights and elimination of poverty is essential but according to historical experiences, low-income classes cannot be considered a reliable support for the left-wing and socialists. In the fascism era, many of so-called "proletarians" left alone socialists to be sacrificed. Nothing has changed, in the U.S., the blue collars backed Trump for presidency and not a socialist candidate like Bernie Sanders. The middle class, was the main supporter of Sanders and if he considered human rights at his platform, he would certainly gain more success in the election. 
Therefore, the issues of middle class and human rights must be on the agenda for the neo-left. In addition, be sure that supporting low-income class would not lead to capturing their votes. For obtaining low-income classes votes, one should only require someone to be able to contact them in a friendly by a non-political, non-academic and even non-revolutionary tone. Keep in mind, although low-income classes have the right to vote but it is not translated into their socialization and thus, they provide their own sub-culture against popular culture. And also, there is a grave difference between their needs and demands. Improving the economic level of their life must be their basic need but their main demand is to be practically recognized. The first step in the recognition is speaking with their specific literature while educated politicians has no tendency to it or find it as a sign of populism. But in fact, one should be a prophet at first to become a politician because it is a requirement to contact everybody just like their own social language, culture and even the level and capacity of knowledge. It is the true meaning of recognition of others including minorities, sub-cultures etc. Sometime a leader must take advantage of all his social and scientific position to be a nation's advocate and sometime he should forget all of them to achieve the same.
Thus, it is more convenient for the neo-left to focuses on economic and social concerns of middle class including jobs and human rights.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

After the Pause: Iran

The intellectuals who have sacrificed their freedom for defending freedom, have opened the path to victory. 
But first of all, the Manchester attack was an act against the whole world. From Yemen to Britain, the main source of this kind of violence and terrorism has been Saudi Arabia, and now public opinions in the West are not unfamiliar with this fact. 
As it was predicted, conservatives entered the Iranian electoral arena by resorting to populist tactics. And Rouhani's victory that owes to freedom movement and his promises over restoration of basic human rights in the constitution, has proved the accuracy of the system's analysis and formulas on Iran. 
But what is important, the greatest goals of human being. And it is expected, Rouhani's new administration take high steps toward them. 
All leaders who could dominate human rights' values in the society or bring it down to fascism, took advantage of the mass movements and breaking or bypassing the law. And there is no difference between good and evil, Martin Luther King and Mussolini in this regard. Therefore, using the mass movement and organized circumvention of the law as leverages must be put into force, in order to revive the human rights in Iran.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A White and Green Fantasy

According to UN and WHO, depression is a growing issue in the modern world. And it conveys two different messages. First, the weak situation of mental health among people, which can increase the number of possible victims in criminal cases. Second, Failure of constructive dreams, guidelines and ideologies. 
Certainly, the system has fought for a free world, a world free from slavery of the media domination and any other kinds of fascism. But a merely free world cannot be an ultimate goal since people should not loss values, that can help them move forward and immunize the countries from uncontrolled crimes. 
From Nazi Germany to Communism and to American life style in 20th century what could lead people to a common dream and solidarity was a fantasy. Fantasy is a covert entertaining part of a dream. Many people, who find themselves as revolutionary, are not among them but the covert entertaining part of a revolution might attract them. 
It is convenient to create dreams and ideologies for people in order to guide them but it is not easy to sell the dreams and to enrich it by entertaining items. The main stream media have lost its entertaining part decades ago. Therefore, they have chosen a totalitarian way to sell their dreams. It was a kind of pressure against dissatisfied audience by showing themselves as logical with support of majority. 
The system must guide people to move forward by providing valuable dreams and ideologies, which is enriched with new entertaining part. A new life style, technology or anything new and interesting that can attract people and stimulate their senses of curiosity and the excitement.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Syrian War: Water

War is a reality that one should learn and handle it. But lies, arrogance and etc. are not acceptable. Military strategies cannot determine the winner of the Syrian war but only will buy some time for both sides. The Syrian war would certainly have a winner but not through military conflict. Only those politicians who seek power without considering the science of politic and the strategist professors who want to hide their lack of knowledge in order to keep safe their position, support war. 
Without a doubt, defeating Kremlin's hegemony is an ultimate goal for the system. And definitely, an armistice in the Syrian war will not translate into ending hostility but it can open new options for victory in Syria. 
So, the strategy of the system over Syria is based on putting an end to the war by all means. This war was begun by money and it will end by it too. The system must purchase this conflict from the players, not the leaders. 
At the end, traitors will be treated by death language.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Constitutional Revolution: Iran

If Italian workers were not humiliated in France, Italy would never fall into fascism. 
Iran is in a complex situation. On one hand, reforming the political apparatus of the country is necessary and on the other hand, frustration of Iranians toward Rouhani administration to restore their favorable dignity, have promoted them to back a possible populist conservative candidate, in order to respond to humiliations. 
No doubt, the rise of fascism is because of contempt of a nation. Fascism in Italy, Germany and current Turkey were caused from this very problem. Needless to say, Turkish born citizens of Europe have been considered second citizen for decades since they do not want to or cannot involve in the society; therefore, their supporting for Erdogan leadership, who is not able to improve the economy and security of the country but tries to restore the lost Turkish pride, is understandable . 
The Iranian regime would be desirable for the global community, if the constitution is implemented. Moreover, Iran would be immune from falling into an unknown situation such as fascism. Thus, a constitutional revolution or movement can guide the country to an acceptable path plus meeting the need of people for releasing energy resulting from dissatisfaction. It is evident that the Iranian right-wing have tried to suggest people something like revolution through raising the flag of counterculture in order to dominate their favorite law and order by using mass protest.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tehran: All the Dictator's Men

Struggle for changing a game is harder than winning the game.
Starting a revolution, victory in a war and long tolerance over a resistance would be possible as long as it follows the rules of the game. But sometimes put an end to a old game is impossible. Without a doubt, the West could terminate Assad in first days of Syrian civil war, which might lead to a soft revolution in Iran. Through the last years, Israel has frequently attacked Gaza that caused heavy damages for the people in Gaza but surprisingly Hamas leaders have never taken any wound. While, eliminating Hamas could be considered a key for fundamental changes in Iran.
The system has never objected an overthrow of dictatorships, but wars or sanctions that do not aim to erase them are not legitimate. Efforts of the system with regard to wars on Syria, Gaza, Yemen and Iran's nuclear diplomacy were guided accordingly. 
What the system and global community needs is the rule of human rights in the world. Definitely, the current situation of Tehran is not in accordance with global demands. Therefore, the players, whom desire to protect the current situation, i.e. American and British corporations have to withdraw. The channel of negotiation and dealing is open and an opportunity for making decision is given to them. By the way, the system must remove obstacles, with or without any deals.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Darkest Black Sea

The winner does not buy time, but shoots the seconds to his rivals.
The Black Sea and its own great sources will play a major role for European long-term politics. But now, as a result of illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia, more parts of the sea are dominated by Moscow. As long as the issue has not been resolved, inevitably the element of time could be taken advantage of against Kremlin. 
There are three different solutions for the above problem: 
First, retaking Crimea by launching a Western campaign, which might be a main reason of backing Ukraine Euromaidan Revolution. 
Second, implementation of scorched earth strategy against Moscow, like Syria through expanding sanctions and starting riots.
Third, fighting climate change from the point of fossil fuel energy. Achieving this goal would not be possible merely by lying on green tech, since this kind of technology is not affordable and fast enough. Investments on technologies and innovation that promote green technology to a competitive level is necessary in order to make green tech attractive for both macroeconomics and political economy. 
The system must put all of its efforts on realization of the above plans. But in respect of the third solution, the oil mafia must be overcome from the outset through peaceful or easier ways, which might be violent.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anomy: The New Situation

Anomy is a condition of instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values or from a lack of purpose or ideal. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
The new situation in the social and political body of the U.S. has resulted in domination a kind of anomy in different levels of the country. On one hand, Democrats are trying to take the leadership of civil movements and street protests, and on the other hand, some who have been cracked down aim to achieve their goals through current anomy. 
First, the system has no ideology but some values and principles such as basic human rights. Therefore, the main hands who feed existing movements and ideologies including Liberalism, Socialism, Catholicism, Islam, must be the system. 
Second, zero tolerance must be held against today's anomy. It has caused recent socio-political incidents but according to classified information, a second wave of anomy, which is scheduled to take place, is a part of a program just like a coup. All who have involved in this project must be strictly eliminated. The identity of most of them have been identified because they are among those who were purged by the system.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Globalization along with Social Effect

A rich society with needy individuals is the status of the current post-modernism. 
Totalitarianism is not something that the world can have tolerance toward. Therefore, the process of globalization and the state of free speech have safeguarded the West from modern types of totalitarianism. Soft suppression of people through media and scientific trust as a renewed emergence of fascism have been identified by the society. 
The soft totalitarianism targets individualism, which is a main value of the West. A civil society like Britain and the United States cannot stand for anything that is against internationalism or globalization. The people aim to revive individualism. Many Americans and Brits have left their families the West and lost their lives in the East. The American young man who lost his father for Iraq War, has lost his only standing hero for a life time. 
Using the concept of internationalism for merely political purposes has damaged the global security, the middle class level of living and the value of individualism. At this moment, adopting nationalism for erasing destructive effects of their measures might be inevitable.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sorry for Attack!

Human rights is not the symbol of civilization, but its purpose. 
In the recent annual bar exam in Iran, all who have passed the exam successfully were rejected and incompetent people who have close ties with government were chosen. The right-wing mafia and the leading ring are to launch coup the upcoming Presidential election in the country to restore its power. 
First, all who took the decision against bar associations must be identified and eliminated without delay. It is recommended to assign the assassination mission to allies. 
Second, the schedule of the coup against Iranian Presidential election must be foiled. 
Third, the right-wing mafia and the leadership of the country must be eliminated. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards is immediately and strongly requested by the system to undertake this operation. Only six agents can be candidates for every target; the officials of the Revolutionary Guards will determine amount and type of reward. Some targets must be eliminated through tradition method of assassination and some other must be eliminated by bio-attacks in order to keep the country safe from instability. The bio-attack should cause maiming and neurosis in the victim. The country needs new leaders; the thought of human rights must be a role model for any government. 
Fourth, the Islamic Republic could create a new generation of missile, which is unique in the world. All the scientists who provided the technology of this missile have been killed. In some respects, it is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. The leadership intends to use this missile through a third person in order to expand its power.