Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anomy: The New Situation

Anomy is a condition of instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values or from a lack of purpose or ideal. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
The new situation in the social and political body of the U.S. has resulted in domination a kind of anomy in different levels of the country. On one hand, Democrats are trying to take the leadership of civil movements and street protests, and on the other hand, some who have been cracked down aim to achieve their goals through current anomy. 
First, the system has no ideology but some values and principles such as basic human rights. Therefore, the main hands who feed existing movements and ideologies including Liberalism, Socialism, Catholicism, Islam, must be the system. 
Second, zero tolerance must be held against today's anomy. It has caused recent socio-political incidents but according to classified information, a second wave of anomy, which is scheduled to take place, is a part of a program just like a coup. All who have involved in this project must be strictly eliminated. The identity of most of them have been identified because they are among those who were purged by the system.