Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Showbiz: A Peaceful Possibility

One-third of the show business products are produced by the system. However, this share does not include independent productions of the members of this system. And less than two-thirds of these products are fed by the Zionists. 
This share is enough for those who believe each member of the system deserve a Porsche; but the system deserves benefiting the Porsche's production line, not a collection of Porsche cars. 
The system were controlling the Academy Awards even in the 2001. After 14 years what is added to the assets of the system's Showbiz?! 
What assets are added to the Zionists' showbiz?! 
One might claim that during this period the system has invested in advanced technology and projects related to human cloning and genetics. Undoubtedly, many successes are obtained in the case of technology. And the genetic-related activities have constantly continued and the researchers are optimistic about the results.
However the question is that what had been the ultimate goal of the multi-trillion investments? 
The main goal had been eliminating the threats. However, the focus has decreased on other forms of the threats. And this has led to the emergence of new threats against the system. The Zionist campaign has today become an alternative to those who are seeking the fame and wealth. 
At the end, the modeling industry with its powerful networks as a real opposition is under the direct monitoring of the system. 
In addition, there is a friendly message for all comedians including Ferrell: Israel is a live threat and a threat must be under threat. Increasing the "freedom" (!) is not a good plan. Nevertheless, there is no need to extra violence by the system because cancer cell kills body cells instead of viruses, and this is its mechanism. Parallel organizations that are anti-Zionist are already active in the U.S. territory.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To Ashkan Khatibi

A lot of similarities are certainly between the United Nations and the system. Their objectives are mostly the same. However, the system has more functions. And therefore, it can plan more careful and accurate than the UN and other organizations. 
The objectives of the system for Iran are as follows based on the priority order: 
Cultural plans: A) Cultural expansion of Islam, including cinema and television. B) Removing the hierarchy and related networks. C) Confronting extremism. 
Political plans: A) Increasing support for the moderate politicians, including the right and the left wing in order to divide the power among them. Since the absolute superiority of a faction or party can lead to totalitarianism that is not acceptable. B) Taking advantage of Iranian political-economic capacity to prevent the spread of Moscow and Riyadh influence in the Middle East and in other words, ending the Russian and Saudi hegemony. C) It is too late to resolve the water crisis but there is still some time to protect the country from planned framers' violence. 
Security plan: Increasing the security staff of the system and organizing them in order to carry out special missions to protect Iran-Organization (System) common interests and remove the groups or those who would target the peace, the security and socio-cultural stability of the country. 
Economic plans: A) Reform Iranian economic rules by the system's economic experts in order to eliminate the legal vacuum in this area. B) Increasing the economic-commercial opportunity of the European friends of the system in Iran instead of improving their pragmatic political and media relations with Tehran. (And it should be noted that Berlin cannot dream about German's economy without satisfaction of the system, even after lifting sanctions on Russia.) 
Cyber plan: Eliminating the Mossad agents' cyber and electronic influence on Iranian lines.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Anti-threat: "My Friend is My Enemy"

Tony Abbott, the former prime minister of Australia abandoned the power because he had not detected the minor threats. 
The minor threats are sometimes more worrying than the external threats or opposition. Two things are therefore forbidden: first, optimism about friends, and second, neglecting less important and minor threats. However, increasing the security accuracy should not cause the formation of totalitarianism because totalitarianism is against human rights and security. 
The main threats are undoubtedly detected by the system. 
The "threat" tag is labeled on Moscow with full certainty by the system. Because revenge is the main goal of the Kremlin. 
Britain wants to achieve the role and position of the "balance wheel" on the international field by 2020. This special position in politics is similar to the role of the Kulanu party in the current government of Israel. It has no enemy and instead can easily win the trust of both the left and the right wings and its exit from the cabinet would be the end of the Netanyahu government. 
Israel is a real danger to everyone. On the basis of the classified information, the Israeli terror operations may be implemented in any country, even America and Germany. 
Riyadh and its allies easily create a crisis. But they expect the political and economic costs of these crises be paid by the Western governments, including on the crisis in Yemen and the issue of refugees. On the other hand, the media center has had a weak coverage on the Yemen war while these media had a full coverage on the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. and they have had a direct and special coverage on the refugee crisis in the EU which are not in favor of political credibility of the West.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

About A Movie on Muhammad

Islamic world is a power and a power should be guided by the knowledge. 
Majid Majidi made a film about the childhood of the Muhammad prophet. His previous films suggest his spirituality point of view. In addition, making commercials for Mir-Hossein Mousavi for Iranian presidential election 2009 by this filmmaker indicate that he knows the political religion. This point of view is certainly revealed in his last religious-political work. 
These aspects of the film can be studied: 
Compare the sanctions against Iran with the sanctions against Muhammad and companions of the prophet by Arab pagans. The secret life of the prophet in his childhood. Examine the Hajj's issue.
On the issue of the sanctions: it is believed that the prophet resisted against the sanctions and finally the sanctions were failed. 
About the secret life of the prophet in his childhood: as it was previously mentioned, there are several codes in Quran. And this Islamic narrative about the prophet's childhood can almost help to the process of discovery of the codes' formation origin. Also, the historic and secret texts of Vatican confirm this fact. (Collecting these data by the system can guarantee the safety of documents which is not the same as the security of document.) 
On the Hajj's issue: this film shows that the Kaaba (also called the House of God) has built before the advent of Islam and even the Hajj ceremony has also been implemented before the birth of Islam. This worship ceremony was performed by pagans. On the other hand, Muhammad in response to the question "where can you find God?" said: "in the broken hearts". By comparing these two sequences of the film, viewers find out that the filmmaker criticizes the current situation of the Muslim world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Political Solution for the Syrian Crisis

When the music is played, the weak ones will surrender their bodies to the waves. 
Syrian crisis has a political solution, but it is not possible for those whose heart and minds are surrendered by pride to accept the political solution. Russian, Israeli, Saudi and Turkish governments are the winners of the Syrian crisis and the civil war has benefits for Germany because of the sale of military weapons and advisory services. There is no more winner! And if Damascus and its friends are really willing to end the crisis, they are requested to end the Syrian president's inaction. When there is no plan or proposal offered by the president to end this crisis, there is only one purpose: the green light to intervene in the internal affairs of Syria! 
A national unity government is formed in Syria under the Iran’s plan. The plan is acceptable. But the question is: what would happen if the current president of Syria could not form a national union government with the participation and help of the opposition? 
Syrian president is one whose duty is to start diplomacy. The acceptance of the diplomacy means the adoption of a national unity government and being ready for early elections. The interests of the system certainly will be preserved as a result of the forming a government of national unity in Syria. Since a win-win result is better than an unknown costly fate. 
In addition, if Tehran does not want the repetition of PLO and Sudan experience, it is advised to refrain from any investment in Syria.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Iran: New Bases over the Extremism

Those capable of doing difficult missions are assets if they are trustworthy and wise. 
According to the intelligence sources, Tehran has a certain population of youths whose childhood was passed as the "child labor". It should be noted that this group are not addicted to the drugs (unlike some former members of the system). 
Important points: each of them has numerous contacts. So 5 groups of 10 to 20 members can be formed of them at the outset. The smartest of them are information sources, and based on the reports sometimes they are used as Iranian Intelligence Agency's secret wings. Their living conditions have been difficult and violent; therefore, they have the ability to do special missions. 
This Iranian informal network can be easily organized and covered by the system. The interesting point is that the youths of the informal network can hardly meet their basic needs of life. Therefore, they will be the system’s employee and it will be their main job. 
They will be obliged to comply with the basic Islamic rules including prayer or fasting. Since respect to a certain discipline in the personal life can protect the public order (the system's rules) against the rebel incentives. But radicalism is not allowed and thus, any action and omission in Iran in order to discredit or remove the spiritual bases of extremism, which are very free now, such as persons, groups, press and even fatwas is allowed. 
Also, the system should be more careful in making any relation with the girls of this network; experiencing violence and extreme poverty in the childhood have affected them.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Turkey: All or None!

Good will toward oppression is the same as ill will against self.
London and Mossad are supporting the PKK terrorist group. Obviously, subversive operations of the PKK will not lead the system’s interests be endangered. But if London and Ankara reach a secret agreement, as a result of which the supports of London from PKK stop and instead, Turkey gives special points to Britain, then things will change. In such circumstances, it cannot be claimed that controlling terrorist groups in Turkey by London and Mossad is not considered a threat. 
Those who have full access to the UK classified information, are well aware that MI6 supports Jeremy Corbyn (as the system is supporting Donald Trump) since London wants to reach some points (mostly on the terror operations) by putting Israel under the pressure. This scenario can be also used for Turkey. 
The system's request is clear: this system does not want London to reach any points in Turkey. And the system is willing to reach its desired points in Turkey. 
Therefore, the system will start operations independently in Turkey (and probably the security of civilians is known as a red line). It aimed to make Ankara sure that dealing with London or Mossad will not change anything in Turkey. And the system has high expectations of the Middle East.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Word of "Jihad"

Two purposes are considered for it: first, is to defend Muslim communities against enemy invasion (based on the right of self-defense) like NATO. Second, is to fight to save the victims, like an attack to Libya in 2011 which was done to rescue the victims. 
Which groups of victims do deserve to have jihadi support? 
Islamic history has indicated that all of those who are under the unbearable political, social and economic terms are among the victims. Therefore, the victims' population is not only limited to war-affected people. 
What is the strategy to rescue the victims? There is no doubt that if "violence" is the only fight method to rescue the victims, then the possibility to save the victims of Gaza and child labor will not be available. Gaza victims need to rebuild Gaza not the gun. The victims of child labor need security, feed, clothing, housing and education. They are victims of the "harsh conditions". "Violence" can punish offenders or force the enemy to withdraw, but do "weapons" have such a function regarding "harsh conditions" as well?! 
The Muslim community must make a choice between the two options: first, avoid fighting to save the victims and second, the development of jihadi tools. 
Even if the Islamic world does not recognize the "clinical jihad", the Middle East victims will not be alone. But its consequences will be the gradual expansion of humanism in the Islamic East. For example, the millions of Arab refugees have not received any support from the Arab-Muslim states of the region but the world would not abandon them. Thousands of Syrian refugees have been accepted in the United States (in spite of the long distance), but none of the refugees has been accepted by the Saudi government or its Arab allies. And while Iran has accepted more than 3 million Afghan refugees who had fled Taliban and terrorism.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Their Tehran and Ours

Federica Mogherini could easily identify the root of Middle East problems; a traditional trend to remove Iran from the political map of the region. And it is not about the government of Iran but the strategic and geopolitical status of the country. Although she has no access to the related classified documents. 
Tehran began a new season of its foreign policy after the Iran-Iraq war. Iran condemned the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait and then, supported Kuwait in some certain areas. Also, Tehran cooperated with Washington in the case of resolving the issue of Taliban in Afghanistan. But instead, Iran was accused of running a coup d'etat in Bahrain (while based on the classified documents, there was not any coup) and also, Iran was accused of being involved in the "Mykonos restaurant assassinations" and "AMIA bombing". At the end, "Axis of Evil", which is still alive with a new and diplomatic language and it is just playing. All of the accusations have been invalid. 
The problem has not been Iran’s behavior, but Iran's existence. And classified documents prove that Riyadh and Tel Aviv are interested in the forgery. 
Iran is accused of supporting terrorist groups i.e. Hamas and Hezbollah. However, Hamas is supported by Turkey and some other Arab countries obviously and no one complained about it; neither Tel Aviv nor others. Therefore, these groups are not trouble because supporting them or cooperation with these groups is allowed by any state except Iran. It seems that a new term of dialogues cannot change anything, just like the previous experiences of EU's popular "Critical Dialogue" and "Comprehensive Dialogue". 
Iran was faced with the accusation of "export of revolution" and neither diplomatic dialogues nor Iran's d├ętente could drop this accusation. The only things that could drop this accusation was the big explosion inside the Arab League i.e. the "Arab Spring" and the expanding role of Iran in the Middle East countries. 
According to this historical experience, the only solution for Iran is to change its policy to an actual threat against the Saudi interests. And Bahrain is the most strategic point. Because establishing democracy in Bahrain is considered as the fall of Riyadh Empire. And no one can prevent support for democracy in a country because there is a difference between it and interference in the internal affairs of a country. The Bahraini government is very vulnerable. A small country with a population of 1.332 million. The vast majority of Bahrani people are Shiite and against the Sunni and undemocratic government. And Bahrain is not a wealthy country; it is dependent on Saudi Arabia on certain areas such as energy supply. On the other hand, Riyadh has been involved in a war against Yemen and it has taken all of the Saudi concentration.
As it was mentioned before, lifting the remaining sanctions on Iran is possible. And the system is ready to undertake new obligations in order to expand democracy in all over the world. The war has no voice!