Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Neohealth Wave

Surrender of one side or all sides in a conflict of two people is something natural. Nature confirms this rule but a wise person but it cannot be generalized to a presumptive conflict between the human being and nature as whole. 
Religious people and humanists are unanimous on human domination over the world. The history of science has demonstrated this fact; otherwise, technology could have never been created and cave men continued to exist. No one deserves to suffer under the nature’s order. Rule of god as the only regime that may govern people, allows them to accept or reject it. Therefore, the nature's regime must be overwhelmed or altered so long as it harms humankind, like a dictatorship. 
The human body is a part of nature and all kinds of diseases and defects are a message of war outbreak between human and nature. The system must truly endeavor to heal persons with disabilities and return them to a normal life. Certainly today’s technology can undertake a significant role in this regard. For instance, global community can restrain the uncontrollable emission of greenhouse gases by modern technology and without adopting hard structural reforms in their system of production or endangering their sustainable development and economic growth. 
Accordingly, the system must hold meetings with medical scientists and prominent engineers and inventors to find a way to solve problems of persons with disabilities including blindness and physical disabilities.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

About Illegal Immigrants

Justice would be difficult because everyone must be held accountable to his share of responsibility. 
It is evident for many American politicians that millions of illegal refuges in the U.S. are a security and economic threat to Americans. After a crime is committed, it would not be easy for courts to prosecute them and therefore, they are great candidates for joining gangs. In addition, some American entrepreneurs prefer to hire them since they demand lower wages than American workers do, and it is an obstacle to economic improvement of the American working class. Thus, there would be no doubt about necessity of immigration law revision, enhancing border security and drafting new internationally agreements with Latin American states in order to return incompetent refugees like those who only seek for a better situation of living and working while essential elements of their life is not in danger. 
However, the idea of mass deportation of refugees would not be in accordance with spirit of justice. Since the huge number of current refugees in the U.S. is caused by lack of effective control over borders and numerous international conventions that unconditionally protect refugees. 
Rationally, refugee rights must merely be allocated for those who chose this option to rescue their own life or family from an actual danger; and not for dreamers who illegally attempt immigration for seeking a better life. Nevertheless, it has not been done yet, so the system cannot support mass deportation of illegal immigrants. 
At the end, those refuge women and children as vulnerable groups who have faint chance to stay in the United States but are eligible for serving the system can be hired by it and benefits from permanent residence in the country. All accepted women must serve at a special and certain region and they must get an identical tattoo.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Scientific Movement: New Power

Freedom is a main victim of discrimination. 
Universities do not form the scientific movement of the U.S. in 21st century, because having academic education is possible for everyone. But publishing articles in scientific journals might be impossible for some. Big publications often publish manuscripts through adopting widespread discrimination based on CV and content of the articles that should have establishment terms. Accordingly, scientific credit of those who only obey of Washington and mainstream Media will increase. 
As a result of this scientific monopoly resulted, a specific group can enter politics easily or become mainstream Media specialist. These big publications like American Journal of International Law and their financiers monopolized the scientific movement. 
These publications are responsible for applying widespread and targeted discrimination, which is totally against law and human rights. Therefore, the system must eradicate this scientific discrimination by all means and take the effective control of these publication in the U.S. in favor of people, human rights and the system.