Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Syria: Unlimited Truce

To stop the war in Syria arms shipments to Syria must be stopped.
Bashar al-Assad and Russia have similar viewpoints about the Syrian crisis. Moscow backed down from its position in the Ukraine Crisis but it does not want to the same on Syria. 
The system calls for peace in Syria and it will do everything to accomplish this goal. Thus, Iran is requested to temporarily stop arms shipment to Syria. Because weapons motivate wars, and Syria does not need a war but diplomacy. 
Needless to say, Russia and Assad cannot continue this war without the assistance of the system and Iran. This means that the end of war or full implementation of the ceasefire is not dependent on the decisions of Bashar al-Assad and Moscow. The system and Iran's withdrawal from the war will force Syrian president and his Russian counterpart to accept peace and diplomacy with good faith.
Russia has proved its ill will toward Iran. Moscow could immediately send S-400 to Syria and confront international criticism, but even after the lifting of sanctions to Iran, it does not send S-300 to the country. Accordingly, a secret of the recent gift of King of Bahrain to Putin, which was a unique sword, and Russia-Israel relations can be decoded. 
There is no doubt that if the West gives proper concessions to the system and Tehran, leaving Russia and Assad behind will simply be possible. 
In the end, $200 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts and transferred to Europe in order to increase the bargain ability of the system in any cases. $500 billion of this fund should be given to Iranian government to solve environmental issues of the country. And it is worth to mention that Zionists could easily repair the Israel’s economy, which is on the edge, but they did not because they have had no real ties with the Israeli community.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Syria: Constant Progress

To end a war either the most powerful force or a truce must be supported. 
A group of agents of the system were eliminated because they had secretly protected Bashar al-Assad. So the system has never backed Assad but Syrians. The ultimate goal of the system in the case of Syria is the establishment of security in the country. The only way to reach the purpose is to support the Syrian army. 
The recent progress of Syrian army must continue but this progress in the presence of Assad is difficult. There is no doubt that Walid Muallem, Bashar Jaafari and Wael Nader al-Halqi that all are Ba'ath Party members can be adequate alternatives for the presidency. Considering the fact that the only demand of the West is removal of Assad, not the Syrian government, it can be concluded that in the first step, assuming the presidential role by one of the members of the Baath party can satisfy both Syria's allies and the West. And then, essential and agreed reforms would be take place. 
Only in this way, the continuity of the Syrian army progress can be ensured, without giving concessions to the opposition. Otherwise, the Syrian army will be the loser of this game and surely under the pressure of international community will be stopped. 
At this point of time, the allies of Syria should choose between the Syrian president and the constant progress of Syrian army. The choice of the system is security of Syria. 
And in the end, $513 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $300 trillion should be given to Tehran and $105 trillion of this fund should be given to Iranian Revolutionary Guards to successfully retake Iran's broadcasting from the ("Islamic Republic") mafia and a group of "pasdaran" as soon as possible. The rest of money should be transferred to Europe to increase the influence of the systems in all levels and finally, eliminate rivals.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Let's Go to Africa

Seeking more benefits by private corporations is the main reason for greenhouse gas emissions. Ironically, on the basis of the Paris Agreement, a significant share of $100 billion of climate finance should be provided by these private companies. 
Articles related to emissions greenhouse gases are not binding. And although the articles related to the climate finance are binding but since there is no clear implementation mechanism for Paris Agreement, it is possible to misuse the agreement. The lack of a mechanism designed to resolve disputes arising from this agreement will make developing countries unable to realize any contribution from developed states. 
Yesterday, UAE bought a Yemeni island. And tomorrow, poor African countries will be sold. As some African governments in exchange for a few dollars interrupted their diplomatic relations with Iran, it is possible that they sell their countries in exchange for a few more dollars. 
So, $340 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $105 trillion should be transferred to Africa to help the development of its poor nations and increase the influence of the system through controlling the media and educational system. $8 trillion should be spent against Republican presidential campaigns and also against Clinton's campaign. $30 trillion should be given to Tehran to improve the situation of human rights and entertainment market toward true Islam. And the rest of money should be transferred to Europe to increase the power of the system. And it should be added that Syria must be careful, so that no treason takes place behind UN humanitarian operations. 
And since the capitalists have right to know the reason of this decision, it should be said that the power coming from the money was misused by the owners.
And in the end, the last work of Mani Haghighi, "A Dragons Arrives" as a real post-modern movie was interesting because the cultural form of post-modernism for making a movie based on realism, without falling to surrealism, is still unknown for many filmmakers.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Existence of God

One of the main reasons a group of people make to prove the existence of God is that everything has a cause and the cause for the existence of the universe must be a creator under the title of "God". In contrast, a group ask the question "what is the reason for the existence of God?" to disprove that argument. 
Cause and effect is one of the laws of nature like every other law. There is no difference between the law of gravity and the law of causality. The creator of the world is the one who has created three things: materials, time and the law of causality. 
Thus, God is not a material because he is its creator. God does not have something called lifespan or a start point in time as the human does because he is the creator of the element of time. There is no cause for the existence of God because he is the creator of the law of causality. The one who is the creator of these is their sovereign as well. So the only one who can stop these laws is God. Studying the miracles of the prophets such as Moses' miracles reveal the fact that not only the law of causality cannot been enforced for God, but even this law is stopped for the cases that God makes exceptions. Why did Moses' staff turn into a serpent? 
The law of causality which has dominated all the life of humans, animals and creatures was totally stopped and became a fun for this case. Only the lawmaker can suspend the law. So the message of Moses and his previous and later prophets is truth. And in the end, $81 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $70 trillion should be transferred to Europe in order to improve facilities for the system-linked private agencies and organizations (by $34 trillion of that money) and to increase the security and influence of the system through establishing the freedom of speech and information (by the rest of money). $11 trillion should be given to Iranian Revolutionary Guards to strengthen Syrian forces and to insure democratic elections in Iran. And also, all the US "sites" in Iran and Iraq must be destroyed by all means.