Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Neohealth Wave

Surrender of one side or all sides in a conflict of two people is something natural. Nature confirms this rule but a wise person but it cannot be generalized to a presumptive conflict between the human being and nature as whole. 
Religious people and humanists are unanimous on human domination over the world. The history of science has demonstrated this fact; otherwise, technology could have never been created and cave men continued to exist. No one deserves to suffer under the nature’s order. Rule of god as the only regime that may govern people, allows them to accept or reject it. Therefore, the nature's regime must be overwhelmed or altered so long as it harms humankind, like a dictatorship. 
The human body is a part of nature and all kinds of diseases and defects are a message of war outbreak between human and nature. The system must truly endeavor to heal persons with disabilities and return them to a normal life. Certainly today’s technology can undertake a significant role in this regard. For instance, global community can restrain the uncontrollable emission of greenhouse gases by modern technology and without adopting hard structural reforms in their system of production or endangering their sustainable development and economic growth. 
Accordingly, the system must hold meetings with medical scientists and prominent engineers and inventors to find a way to solve problems of persons with disabilities including blindness and physical disabilities.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

About Illegal Immigrants

Justice would be difficult because everyone must be held accountable to his share of responsibility. 
It is evident for many American politicians that millions of illegal refuges in the U.S. are a security and economic threat to Americans. After a crime is committed, it would not be easy for courts to prosecute them and therefore, they are great candidates for joining gangs. In addition, some American entrepreneurs prefer to hire them since they demand lower wages than American workers do, and it is an obstacle to economic improvement of the American working class. Thus, there would be no doubt about necessity of immigration law revision, enhancing border security and drafting new internationally agreements with Latin American states in order to return incompetent refugees like those who only seek for a better situation of living and working while essential elements of their life is not in danger. 
However, the idea of mass deportation of refugees would not be in accordance with spirit of justice. Since the huge number of current refugees in the U.S. is caused by lack of effective control over borders and numerous international conventions that unconditionally protect refugees. 
Rationally, refugee rights must merely be allocated for those who chose this option to rescue their own life or family from an actual danger; and not for dreamers who illegally attempt immigration for seeking a better life. Nevertheless, it has not been done yet, so the system cannot support mass deportation of illegal immigrants. 
At the end, those refuge women and children as vulnerable groups who have faint chance to stay in the United States but are eligible for serving the system can be hired by it and benefits from permanent residence in the country. All accepted women must serve at a special and certain region and they must get an identical tattoo.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Scientific Movement: New Power

Freedom is a main victim of discrimination. 
Universities do not form the scientific movement of the U.S. in 21st century, because having academic education is possible for everyone. But publishing articles in scientific journals might be impossible for some. Big publications often publish manuscripts through adopting widespread discrimination based on CV and content of the articles that should have establishment terms. Accordingly, scientific credit of those who only obey of Washington and mainstream Media will increase. 
As a result of this scientific monopoly resulted, a specific group can enter politics easily or become mainstream Media specialist. These big publications like American Journal of International Law and their financiers monopolized the scientific movement. 
These publications are responsible for applying widespread and targeted discrimination, which is totally against law and human rights. Therefore, the system must eradicate this scientific discrimination by all means and take the effective control of these publication in the U.S. in favor of people, human rights and the system.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Syria: An Economic Solution

The problem of Syria lies outside of the country and therefore, a Syrian solution cannot settle the Syrian crisis. 
Today's Syria is the field of a proxy war, as Lebanon is arena of a proxy dispute with a lower degree than its neighbor, which made it difficult to resolve the Presidential crisis of this country. If the parties engaged in the Syrian crisis are just looking for a short-term victory, so continuation of militarism or attaching the useless option of diplomatic or political solution would be their only dead-end!
But it seems for some States, it has been recognized that continuation of war in Syria could only impose damage against the political credibility of engaged countries in the Syrian civil-war, and moreover that it is a threat to national security of many countries, it is heavy economic burden for State-sponsors of Syrian militants. 
Therefore, if the engaged States in the Syrian crisis come to an agreement to end the military and political battle in the country, Syria would enter a new stage. The post-war Syria would be like Vietnam after its second war, which was against United States. The author of Diplomacy book, Henry Kissinger can share his experience in this regard with the US and European governments. Since then, Syrian government needs friends that be able to launch big economic and reconstruction projects in the country. And it can be predicted that Syria would make new friends and find new enemies. 
There is no expectation that every State has an interest in planning for long-term but probably those countries, which have designed a long-term strategy for themselves would change the path of war in Syria.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Era of Terror-Security

After celebration… 
This round of the U.S. Presidential election was a great opportunity for the system to detect covered pro-Russians and sleeper agents. Simply, all of them must be removed immediately. The system must implement the order in all informational, political, economic and cultural fields in the United States. 
The result of the election was the consequence of testing capability of the system by Washington. 
Without a doubt, the Democratic Party could win the recent Presidential election if they did not intrigue against Sanders campaign or if they cooperate with the system over middle class and people. And certainly winning of Trump, the anti-establishment candidate in both primary and general elections indicated interference of the system against Republican since their decisions through the years were unacceptable in the view point of the system. Of course in the recent years, the White House and Congress did not have a proper relationship with the system and they inevitably paid for it. 
The positions of the system over Russia and Iran are considered red lines. Therefore, Donald Trump is requested to avoid withdrawing against Moscow, and also, stop animosity to Iran. Donald Trump is asked by the system to put an end to the Washington interference in the domestic affairs of Syria. In addition, people such as Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Bob Corker and Newt Gingrich must have no place in the Trump administration. 
The system should present its favorable candidates for key jobs in Trump administration. Decisions of Donald Trump and Republicans at this stage, would determine future decisions of the system over the White House and Congress.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The system promised to harden presidential contest for Hillary Clinton campaign. Observers can evaluate the performance of the system in this regard and accordingly, adjust their decisions. 
In 2014, the system warned those who always have had influential role in engineering of the US elections that it will disrupt 2016 Presidential election against their plans. The mentioned document is accessible. That warning was not propaganda or a political bluff!
Not only the right to democracy but also further, the right to revolution has been recognized through the United Sates Declaration of Independence. Although the system’s interpretation of the Human Rights might be different with that of the UN Human Rights Council; meanwhile governments guide the Council. 
People are not musical notes to be played for political ambitious of a group. The mainstream media claim neutral and democratic position over people and events. But none of them allow Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the US presidential candidates, to present their plans, even for a moment. This Presidential election proved to people in the Unites States and the rest of nations, that the mainstream media and Washington are not ready to accept a democratic transition of power to people.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The U.S. Presidential Election: Political Adventure

It is time for truth! 
For the first time in the history of the United States Presidential elections, both leaders of Republicans and Democrats support a single candidate. It is evident that the decision of Republican leaders and the publication of The Washington Post against Trump was a plot and suicidal attack. Given the fact that Donald Trump has never been a powerful candidate, the coalition of the Democratic Party and Republican Party against him has just proved the upper hand and strength of the system in the political games. And the unstable situation of Clinton campaign in the election could force the White House to burn the Mosul card, which was a victory for the system, Iraq and Iran. Well, it is so good to get a golden point without a deal! Of course, the system will not give up on the election. 
A part of truth should be revealed at this point of time since new operations must be carried out in order to insure the security of the world. According to classified information, Clinton’s donors have intended to launch a new war. The potential time is a year after possible presidency of Clinton. Location is Iran and the city of Hamadan is a potential target. The way of implementation of the plan is creating a fake incident, like, September 11 and 2014 Gaza  War. In addition, Hillary Clinton almost knows most of this project.
Luckily, the efforts of the system and certainly, the movement of Sanders' campaign could vanish the popularity of Clinton; the heavy gun of "popularity" lets its owner to simply run ambitious plans. 
So according to the facts, the system and the agents can take their time and ensure the security through purging the mobs and donors and pressing pressure against their family. But their children and pets would be left alone. It is no matter what would be the result of the US Presidential election; the system wins the time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sexual Assault: A Case

The second debate of the U.S. presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump was wondering since there are many who are really considered a sexual threat to women; it is not about any Presidential candidate but there are some people among audience who sexually assault young women. As everyone has noticed the system never forgives because it can. And if the woman, who are a friend of the system believes that it was just a mistake (without the mens rea), the case can be ignored, otherwise the system is responsible for improving the security of the society. But it seems that the woman could transferred a negative signal to the man through her meaningful move of the elbow. Although it was fast but it was sufficient to find out that the man committed a crime. 
In this regard, a review on the movie The Salesman would be relevant. It seems that the script for the end parts of the movie was written before other parts of it, since it is perfect. The latest movie of Asghar Farhadi has different aspects to review. Some may support the viewpoints of Farhadi over the subject of revenge and some may not. However, what makes this movie all comparable with the movie A Separation is that, both of them are an analytical report of society or a scientific article with new information about an altering society. 
None of the characters of the movie are modern or liberal people. Although all of them including the man, woman and old man live in a modern society and their legal or even illegal activities flow in a modern community even in details such as the position that the man did not even forget to put on cologne even soon after victimization of his wife. By the way, all of them are doomed to wrong thought of traditionalism. 
The movie has no hero; but there are a lot of victims who are themselves guilty. For instance, the woman forgives the old man because as she admitted, she was afraid to declare the situation she has experienced in front of police officers (who are probably men). While a good citizen would stop the criminal, she did not. It indicates that the woman suffers from traditionalism more than the incident. Another example, the man never rose his voice over the old man and he did not disclose his secret to his family. But the man could easily rise his voice over a teenage student and embarrass him in front of all his classmates and friends and more than that, humiliate him by an act like bullying, which was illegal access to private information of his cell phone, which originates from the notion that children rights is less important than adults.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Keep Calm and Debate

The best teacher is experience! 
First, the winner of a debate is one who can convince audience and there are many techniques for reaching this goal. 
Second, confuse audience by boring and academic lectures when you have no answer or ideal plan. A successful plan is the one that is based on a unique and comprehensive idea. Clinton's economy program has a goal and plan without an ingenious idea and innovative. Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan both had innovative programs for economy. If Clinton's economy plan was a paper or thesis, no researching and scientific journal and professor would accept it because it had no new and innovative solution for issues. 
Third, a wise person refuses to answer to judgment and comments of his rival. New York Times would not be just or neutral judge for Republicans and so Clinton would not be a neutral judge toward Trump. Clinton's trick could entangle Trump and put him in a defensive position while he could easily clarify this fact that she is against him and has no good faith and then undermine validity of her judgments and information without any struggle! 
Fourth, do not give the audience tens of facts in a limited time because no one can get them all but give them five facts and repeat them tens of times. Trump's facts on economy was too many! 
Fifth, it is more convenient to provide a key sentence for every subject at the beginning of the speech, for instance, "peace is hard but war is easy" would be considered a key sentence for an anti-war lecture. Neither Clinton, nor Trump have used it. 
Sixth, shorten your lecture. It is a technique and Clinton finally did it well after many lectures and books that were tiring for Democrats.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Teenagers for the System

It is still strange for a story to choose its writer rather than vice versa. 
Today teenagers can render great service to people but in their own way, the way that society rejects it. Those who embrace new experiences and more than anything, willing to play the big drum, are confirmed by the system. 
No teenager needs alcohol, marijuana and etc. for having fun, but all of them are full of their own energy and an energy must be released because it is natural. If these teenagers want to experience what they see on the movie screen or when playing video games, the system says welcome to them. 
Therefore, a specific channel for teenagers between ages 12-17 must be established but its function and characteristic should be similar to an agency in order to separate its goals, projects and activities from other parts of the system. It is evident that for keeping the system safe, it is essential to design this channel in a way to require minimum need for communicating with others. 
And from now on, every six months two men and two women will be rewarded for "best use of gun" and "best submission of intelligence".

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Steady Shares of Elections

Only an ignorant can lie to himself. 
The people are seeking peace, good economy and a good life. And they really mean it. For these people voting for someone who her lies have been exposed to everyone have no mean but deceiving themselves. While the people are able to fight for their demands because these demands are not dreams anymore; they are all essential needs. 
Within last 8 years the costs of higher education have increased by 300% while university is not an industry because all must be able to access it. Needless to be an expert to confirm the economic fact if one is still in touch with ordinary people. Enjoying academic education is an obligatory right based on human rights in the 21st century. But maybe some are afraid of educated youth in the country. Nevertheless, economic performance of Obama administration is full of false statistics. Unfortunately, they are not forced to prove their economic statistics, which provides a easy path for telling lies to them. 
The system is at the point to speak all languages and to touch all faiths. Therefore, if Clinton campaign is tempted to commit electoral fraud in the general election, they can be confident of the system that it has more experience than they do. Bush, Sr. was deprived of being a two-term president by direct order of the system, not direct votes of people. And Jeb Bush was removed in this way too. These are not the things of which Bill Clinton is unaware, and accordingly it is expected to give proper consultation to his wife.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Grand Strategy

The way to help people passes through power. 
Reading this manuscript is recommended for those who are not aware of new doctrine of the system though it is not a firsthand topic. 
Some question the system by raising the argument that the system approach toward 2016 US Presidential election is inconsistent with previous measures including on Iran and Russia. 
In response to this argument, it should be noted that, first, the system has never supported Trump stances over Moscow and Tehran because they are all against influence of the system in the world. 
Secondly, the basic goals of the system must not be sacrificed for its secondary objectives. The ultimate target of every war and peace by the system is realization of its basic goals. The secondary objectives such as curbing Kremlin threatening behaviors, resolving nuclear crisis of Iran and involvement in Syria have been designed based on grand strategy of the system to fulfill its basic goal. 
According to grand strategy of the system that has been drafted in accordance with its new doctrine, the system must interfere in all important issues of countries. This is the new leading role for the system and certainly, engaging in a number of issues have no immediate interest for the system like the upcoming Presidential election of the U.S. but entering these areas is essential because the most significant risk for the system is not to be defeated but to be neglected. Since failures could not have grave impact to the system, the system must be everywhere at every time. 
Indeed taking advantage of protesting card enable the system to pressure its rivals and it is one of the main reasons of huge investment of the system in Tehran, protesting movements and maybe a "yellow element" of Presidential contest!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Largest Electoral Crime in the U.S.

Agents of the system have lived in war and revolution; In times that Kremlin’s was only a few steps away from taking over east Ukraine by conformation of a referendum, the system proved its leading role in the world of politics by initiatives. Shiraz must be beautiful city but be sure that Tehran was the only visit destination of the system's agents in Iran, when no one was ready to engage in nuclear crisis. And everybody knows the fact that ISIS is still fed by Riyadh and Ankara but all are sure the ISIS is dying out. Because the system is everywhere for people. 
Mainstream media broadcast same materials or in other words, same lies and fake polls when they have similar position with each other. The results of Brexit and Greek referendum on debt have indicated that previous polls did not have 3 or 4 percent of error but they were all fake. And now, the behaviors of old media represent their reaction to growing campaign of protesting voters in the United States, who would vote to demonstrate their protest. Ivanka Trump, Donald's daughter must be informed by classified data of polls with evidence of Clinton campaign's conspiracy. 
Sometimes one paradoxically wishes one dead Democrat officials belonged to the system because its response would be desirable. However, if they think they would win this race, they must be excited because they would be able to defeat the system! 
In the end, security measure must be taken against Zika virus since incidence of the virus in Puerto Rico.
Also, the Greek parliament has no right to limit freedom in favor of governmental programs. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

No Cards, No Points!

War and interventionist policy of the White House in Syria would play determining role in the upcoming US presidential election.
Each card has score some point and one's cards are finished, it means no points can be scored. Sanders' campaign lost its great acceleration after he did not reveal anything new following his unique stance toward Wall Street, foreign policy and social justice. The recent speech of both candidates of Democratic Party and Republican Party indicate that none of them has any new cards to play. However, some cards that can unlock voters' hearts are still untouched and Syrian civil war is among them. Public opinion in the West and especially in the U.S. demands an end to intervention in Syria. Keep in mind, the precious card of anti-war stance was one the main reasons of winning Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. 
The cause of Trump's popularity is his anti-establishment positions. Therefore, if he distances himself from the Party's establishment icons and its politics, he will gain more points. It is obvious, not endorsing him by Bush family, Mitt Romney and… is a strategic success for Republican Party since the party have found the chance of attracting independent voters; something that the Party was deprived of it for a long time. While Republican voters are mostly traditional and thus it has made them loyal to the Republican Party even when they do not agree with its candidates or policies. So they vote for Trump under any circumstances. Moreover, 2014 American immigration crisis was a great opportunity for drug cartels and human traffickers since the refugees were only vulnerable children and women; no one wants it, no one wants criminals and victims whether in the U.S. or Mexico. Therefore, the security of borders is not a hate-love relationship and it should be clarified for people. 
And apparently a different situation is going on in Democrats campaign. Democrat voters are liberal enough not to bound with an ideology, cult or party. So their disappointment from the party would dissuade them from participating in general elections or even persuade them to vote for a right-wing party. And the system must stop these people from voting for Democratic Party in the upcoming election. Of course, if all people of the world have had such a perspective, there would be no fascism, because this type of dictatorship could only form by unconditional loyalty of people to a leader or party just like Turkey.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Political Art: Dreams and Nightmares

Everyone has dreams and nightmares, thus all are controllable from this point except those who live and die on their own belief. 
Sisi's fantasies faded when Egypt engaged in insecurity that was run by the system. In addition, fantastic dreams of Saudi Arabia will be vanished while the country and its leaders involve in nightmares. For stopping one's ambitions, its nightmares must come true. 
No obligation can prevent the system from launching operations against Israel or its political leaders. Obviously, if the system will initiate such an operations without delay and in other words, new operations will add to the currents ones against Tel Aviv if it finds it useful and not even vital. It should be added that the system fulfilling its commitment towards Palestine until Israel does the same on the issue of human trafficking in the Middle East. In spite of that, the system encourages both parties of Israel and Palestine to negotiate and reach a realistic peace. 
Today, the world is encountering the moments of changing the history because it is the time of making critical decisions. Active crises and the potential crises that are expecting outburst are waiting for the decisions of world leaders. Since these decisions are made over the critical conditions of the world will carry on strong impact just like composing important chemical elements. According to strength of forces and historical records, this period would last for 2 or 3 years. However, even this time is sufficient for dictators and unaware politicians to lead the history to edge of darkness and keep the world away from civilization progress for decades and even centuries. The system will put all its efforts on punishing leaders and politicians that endanger the world order by their wrong acts.
The text of Netanyahu's speech for the upcoming meeting in the UN that is inspired by the Oedipus play is unacceptable and this objective lecture must be revised immediately. And also, a group of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in all levels are affiliate to Israel and even some of them trained in the country. Their identities must be detected and executed by the system. The Revolutionary Guards is requested not to report any missing members until normalization and ending the operations, since doubtlessly it would be the system's activities. 
In the end, the Munich attack is a strange case since the killer's parents were immigrants but he was an anti-immigrant and killed at least seven people who were not Germans including six citizens of Turkey and Kosovo.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

4 Years Suspension

Human being is a dangerous creature thus he makes deadly decisions at once. 
British did not vote through false fears that surrounded them by mainstream media and their leaders. Also many young people in the U.S. refuse to sell their votes to Hillary Clinton in order to stop Donald Trump. And one of the main decision making centers of the world, which is the system, supports the opinion of this people. 
The consequences of Republicans leadership over the White House would be inhibited by negotiation and deals. Although Trump or other Republicans are not proper options for running the White House but the system endeavors by all means to hinder Hillary Clinton from reaching the White House, since endorsing Clinton at this stage could result in determining an erroneous path and approach for the Democratic Party and finally erode it. 
Keep it in mind the Republican Party had been identified as a traditional and center-right wing before winning Bush Jr. at the Presidential election. Since then the party has turned to neoconservative and extremist wing. The party that once ended the Vietnam War and established diplomatic relations with Mao's China in the Cold War era, now carries the heritage that he left for the US right-wing. 
It is not acceptable to let the Democratic Party be annihilated and for preserving the party safe, it is necessary to be patient and not confirm Hillary Clinton, who regarded as a neoconservative and warmonger among liberals; the one who is comparable to Tony Blair. Presumably, Trump would not be able to get the control of the White House for two terms in a row, so the system should let the right-wing to take this round of presidential election and surely Democrats will present a deserved candidate for the American left-wing in the next 4 years and defeat its rival party. While 4 years off would give a chance to the Democratic Party to reform its platform. Although the Democratic Party can hold the chance of winning by unlikely adding Sanders and Warren to the possible cabinet of Clinton. Hey Hillary, the system makes this competition harder for you and makes you older after that!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lebanon and Terrorism

Lebanon is the only Arab country where Christians form around half of its population. Therefore, Lebanon is at a vulnerable position toward the danger of terrorism. Terrorist groups in the region may allow Muslims to survive by imposing tough rules and harsh condition but they never give other faiths such a chance. They would kill and enslave the Yazidis and the Christians. 
If Lebanon's Hezbollah has been a terrorist organization, Christians, Sunnis and those who do not believe to any spiritual faith but having fun in Beirut's bars must have been complaining about Hezbollah. But why none of them submit even a report against Hezbollah, which is a Shia political and paramilitary organization?! 
Traditionally, a terrorist group is one that tries to impose its own ideology or faith to others by force. While Hezbollah has a moderate attitude toward social and cultural issues and it has not attacked freedom of people in Lebanon yet though the domain of freedom might contradicts Islam and Sharia Law. Politically, Hezbollah committed to democracy and diplomacy and it never tried to abuse its military power to occupy Beirut by a coup while the present condition of the country could be tempting. In addition, it would be a useful training to sometime answer to arguments rather than repeating old allegations. 
Political instability of Lebanon is an evident fact and considering its own vulnerable position and critical situation of borders with Syria, strengthening Hezbollah is vital to keep counter-terrorism powerful. 
Removing competitor is the nature of politics and without a doubt Tehran, Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah and perhaps Yemen’s Ansarullah are regional rivals of the West in the Middle East but eliminating them, thorough unusual, unprofessional and hastily acts could only create crisis. This approach of the Western States needs revision.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: Consequences of Denying Discontent

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Matthew 5:6) 
The silence of people does not translate into indifference or believing organized lies. 
According to classified information, most of young and educated people in Britain voted in favored of Brexit. Moreover, it would be shocking if old people of a society vote for change and political romanticism while youth reject it! People in Europe and the U.S. are waking up though mainstream media and governments endeavor to disregard them. UK membership in EU was just sacrificed to target Western governments and mainstream media. The people protest; since they were not recognized, they turned the table over in order to attract attention. 
The UK government lost its credibility since supporting Nigeria’s Buhari who killed thousands of people without a trial just like Omar al-Bashir; London lost its popularity since backing Saudi invasion of Yemen without listening to the voice of people. The media have diminished their trustworthiness by broadcasting materials against Iran meanwhile they never cover coverage Arab dictatorships from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia and from crimes against Gaza to Yemen. The votes of people in Britain were not only against British government and EU, it is also included the White House, IMF and ultra-conservative professors who have tried to jail science and specially International law by widespread rejection of anti-establishment articles. 
It is honorable that the system does not follow the wrong path of these governments; in addition, the neutral stance of the system and British members in particular toward Brexit referendum was appreciable. It is to be hoped that vote of protest in Britain could make British government and other Western States to redefine their behaviors toward their own nations and other nations. 
Politically, as all knows "change in European Union" has been a project of the system and Brexit is a success. In addition, the system is strongly aimed at taking over the Aramco and there is little time for it; meanwhile London is a competitor in this challenge. It seems that the Brexit would keep London away from this project and give the chance to the system to increase pressures against Riyadh to hand over Aramco. 
It should also be considered that the primary incentive of London for separating from EU based on this hypothesis that Britain would gain new political opportunists out of EU. And possibly achieving a position like what it had before Second World War, has put Washington and Beijing in the opposition camp. It is evident what made EU leaders to be concerned over Brexit is possible collapse of the Union. Needless to say, high risk of this option resulted in mutation of UK government over the subject in the middle of the way.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

After the Beep

Some enemies should be left alone to be able to trace hidden enemies with them. 
A group plotted a coup in the system by spreading a trap. They wanted to purge 80% of members, which means absolute majority of the system are reliable and it is a success for all; unity is a collective victory! 
All the persons who were involved in the plot must be purged. In addition, a part of US classified documents that are still new and very important must be given to Beijing. Also Wendy Sherman is warned to only select options that she can be taken accountable for.
Since promotion of health is one of main agenda of the system in the field of "Human Rights and Global Security", it is necessary to cure the disease of cancer that takes millions of lives annually. 
According to the classified information, Canada and Britain could find cancer's antibody. They find cure for skin cancer and early stage of blood cancer. It is worth to mention though Canadian findings are newer but according to a report, the British cure is more practical and feasible. And the system must gain these findings and cures by all means. 
Certainly, the ultimate goal of system is to provide these cures to patients as soon as possible with respect to the fact that best way to tackle cancer in this point of time is prevention and increasing the immunity of bodies through strengthening weak and faulty genes.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Resistance Movements: Forecast

Che Guevara was an intellectual and freedom fighter who lost his life through the way of liberation for people. Why did such a man design a dictatorship for Cuba after defeating the dictator regime of Batista? 
Historical experience indicates that the main goal of people across the world is peace. Therefore, most people do not join resistance movements to change their situation to better or even if they join the movements, they would not remain a member or supporter for a long time. Both, failure of resistance movements and formation of dictatorship after victory of these movements are caused from the very desire of people to peace and security. 
So that even if people accept resistance for a while, they would not bear it for decades while a revolutionary state needs support of people to overcome domestic and foreign threats. It was the fact that Cuban revolutionaries encountered that and tried to tackle it by establishing a new dictatorship. Che was not a liar but himself was architect of Cuban dictatorship with the (former) Soviet model, while Fidel Castro and most of Cuban guerillas including Aleida March, the last spouse of Che, were not communists. 
In conclusion, according to the facts, Republican faction of Spain would establish a government similar to Eastern Bloc if they won the civil war. 
Surely, one of the main incentives of this paper is to emphasize the importance of logical forecast without any attachment in politics.
Without a doubt all Muslim states would recognize Israel after a possible deal between Tel Aviv and Ramallah. And since results of such a deal would be global and regional isolation for any country that opposes Israel, Tehran is requested to coordinate its foreign policy with new realities in a mid-term process. 
Also due commitment to human rights which is necessary to be acknowledged by all, the system continues increasing expense of alliance with old children of Riyadh for the West. And from now on, black torture against Saudi victims must be put on the agenda. But only mutilation of arms, legs, toes and fingers, minus thumbs are acceptable as torture. And moans of victims must be recorded; some filmmakers want real stuff! One can find a few useful parts even in a broken PC. At the end, the movie project of "Rumi" must clear the fact that this intellectual poet was Persian. And this work must not contradict his Islamic thought.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Aramco: Mixed Variables

The system is beyond a timeline. Also, the feelings such as anger and arrogance, plus ideologies and even history are elements that are played by the system in various scenarios. But the same elements have leading role for Saudi government. 
Aramco should be released from all regional and Wahhabi variables in order to return to its genuine position, which is regulating global oil flow. So that Saudi princes must put proper pressure against the government to betake Aramco to the system. Otherwise, releasing more classified information, onset of civil war and riot and accomplishing the right to execution will be put on the agenda. For now, assassinating influential people in Saudi regime, especially those who have had a key role in Saudi's think tank must be launched in order to test their taste! 
According to the plan and classified information, nothing is able to stop the system from achieving at least %64 of Aramco total shares in 3-4 months. The remaining shares of Aramco will be left for dissident princes. The interrelationship between the system and dissidents will be over after ending of this operation. Since they will not enjoy security services of the system after that, overstock would put them in danger of being targets of the secret organization of APIC. Also, according to the recent classified document of Saudi Arabia, the air force of the country has been ordered to attack Iran as de facto. The attack would take place soon if the system had no access to Saudis classified information. Baghdad and Moscow have received the signs of a possible war and tried to change balance of power in the region in order to prevent Riyadh from a new conflict and it was what even some Europeans did. 
One can find such strange decision in Sci-Fi films, The Terminator series, for instance. Although it cannot be denied that Yemen War, Syrian Crisis, oily adventure and the game of throne inside the Saudi Arabia have swamped Riyadh into a difficult situation. So it needs to buy some more time and distracts public opinion from one subject to another. Saudis have no real plan for their future but the tactic of buying time through running shows for media. 
A short term strategy for Iran would be military readiness but a long term is decreasing level of tensions through settling Syrian dispute that caused this level of tensions and also, doing what can attract global public opinion toward Tehran to increase its popularity. 
In the end, Tel Aviv benefits from the last deal with the system, which could weaken some threats against Israel. But if Tel Aviv needs more, it should revise about the relations with Riyadh, Moscow and Doha (as the ally of Kremlin).

Saturday, May 21, 2016

No Border for Big Plans

Many people in the U.S. do not participate in general elections to demonstrate their protest. And many other people have joined campaigns for Trump and Sanders who believe in the "American dream". 
People believe in their dreams and they know enemy of these dream is no one and nothing but useless bureaucracy. So that what makes people join Trump's campaign is he bravely ensures them to realize their dream without taking current bureaucracy into account. While the other Republican candidates were only loyal to the party's statute. And on the Democratic Party's campaign, what could convince many young people to support Sanders’ campaign has been the belief to possibility of realizing political ambitions of United States, regardless of strict bureaucracy. If Clinton did not enjoy of 505 unelected super delegates, Sanders had chance for victory but in spite of this his position toward Yemen War, Saudi’s war crimes and the issue of the US arms shipment to the Arab states which have assaulted Yemen could certainly have deterred a number of human rights groups and organizations from supporting him. Also withdrawing from condemnation of Libya war immunized Clinton’s political record from taking heavy damage. Surely addressing this war can be more important than reminding old case of the Iraq war for public opinion that Clinton did not had a key role in it and has admitted it as her mistake. The wrong decision of lunching a war on Libya brings about several problems for the world peace and security including instability and rising ISIS terrorists in Libya and refugee crisis for Italy. Furthermore, Obama himself confessed making decision on this war was the "worst mistake" of his presidency. 
 The recent polls indicate Trump has ability to overcome Clinton in spite of his controversial position over a number of political subjects and lack of support from some prominent members of Republican Party. And despite the fact that Clinton enjoys of free delegates and support of some political leaders and affiliate media of the Democratic Party. So disability of Clinton for supremacy in the current situation is not because of Trump's abilities but her ultra-traditionalism thought, which prefer bureaucracy over democracy. 
One other issue is the money making factory of the Wall Street whose only consumers are corporations. Simply, who wants to make more money? Of course, it is not just a about having private jets or luxurious penthouses and villas across the world. Big plans and projects need billions of dollar such as taking the control of social and political zones of countries for establishing any change. Also, in the field of charity, commercialization of low cost cure for cancer and MS diseases, and even disabilities, helping stem cells research in medicine and managing abandoned children can be counted as plans, which are strongly recommended. So all corporations specially the secret ones must be eliminated and all their money must be confiscated. From now on, the only consumer of the money maker factory should be the system. All this money plus what will be made from the Wall Street belong to the system members and they can enjoy it or burn it, if they do not need it, which is better than the current use of this fund, renewing slavery. At the end, all members are obligated not to involve in criminal activities by any means including the new incomes.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Aramco: Conspiracy Wrecker

Purging a bad director is more convenient than eliminating ten ugly actors. 
There some considerable events are occurring about Saudi Arabia. According to classified information, high rank officials of Britain, France and the U.S. have counseled Riyadh not to use the image of the murdered prince, Mohammad Bin Salman to wipe out his memory from the people's minds. (Berlin had no role in this issue). On the other hand, the West is pretty happy of the current situation and tries to maintain it by broadcasting false news about his meeting with the Western officials and publishing old or fake interviews with him in its own media. 
At the time being, Saudi Arabia can survive by the US banking facilities that under the pressure of the White House were given to Riyadh and resulted in dissatisfaction of the banks owners and directors. Therefore, there is no real economic interests for the U.S. in Saudi Arabia. But everyone knows that the West is nearly responsible for the present situation. And everybody should ask himself this question why Western states have wanted to put Riyadh’s back to the wall?! 
Aramco is one the few petroleum industries that has still remained national, which is the biggest one in its field. Qatar, Iraq, Emirates, Nigeria and Venezuela have no more national petroleum industry. And since the system cannot bear any surprise, it should be said with confident that the West wants to take over %95 of Aramco at this point of time, which is a bad game because the system must foil it. 
The system should gather a group of dissidents among Saudi princes including those who planned the conspiracy of Mina incident. Although the system does not confirm Mina conspiracy as an acceptable act but a limited cooperation with them is allowed. There is a common goal between the system and them, which is taking down the incumbent leadership of Riyadh. The new leadership of Saudi government might gain new economic, political and even military aid from the West in return for withdrawing from Aramco in favor of them. Their plan must be stopped at any cost. But first of all, the most important classified data of Saudi Arabia including documents, videos and photos should be given to the dissident princes. 
The only problem is London since it has the information about these princes but it can be managed by the counter information of the system that put London on a bad situation if it takes any wrong approach.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

To Yakuza

Rivals must be eliminated or become friends. 
The system needs to merge other powers inside itself in order to strengthen its power in global and domestic structures of countries. Obviously the system is able to establish hundreds of branches and agencies in the world but what can boost the influence of the system is to for by current groups and agencies to join it. 
Yakuza is a Japanese mob group which has committed to drug and human trafficking and money laundering. Definitely none of these crimes are negligible but the felony of human trafficking is unforgivable. In spite of this, the system offers a deal to Yakuza:
Yakuza can become one of the main agencies of the system provided putting away human trafficking and gives a half of shares over Japanese show business to the system. 
If Yakuza accepts this offer, would become one of the main sources of intelligence in the world by the means and facilities of the system; it can sell information and gains more benefits than any other legal and illegal business or also release them to affect the world order. In either ways, Yakuza would become a world power.
The system never gives such an offer to a group that cannot provides high personal security for its members because a big information source is always a potential threat to the world. Although most of people are still in this dream that a few journalist heroically release classified information. And at the end, Yakuza can be sure that accepting this offer would not be a threat to its independence until it does not do anything against the system and its interests.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Future with Protest Vote

No law can establish democracy in a country.
Russia and Belarus are among the countries which are democratic only on paper and there is no difference between them and the Arab states of Persian Gulf. 
Those who had objected to the laws of the U.S. helped its democracy. It was the protesting votes that have made Blacks eligible to vote. Negative vote or not voting undermines the legitimacy of the government and it force the federal government to accept real reforms. There is no benefit in doing changes for the government. So change happen only when the government has no other choice. Change is the last option of any government.
Although in the system's view point, Bernie Sanders is a proper candidate to become the next president but it is not yet enough. More is needed; more left and leftists are needed. And until the ideals of tax payers have not been fulfilled, to join  the voters campaign can note help them. Those who do not sacrifice their long-term for the short-term will note give confidence vote to the government in order to question the legitimacy of it.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Political Psychology: Secret Phobia

Washington's leaders suffer from the "disrespect" phobia. They afraid of being disrespected. So they pass sanctions or launch certain operations against the states and governments that do not try to respect them such as Iran and Venezuela. Although Washington's influence has declined in the Middle East but running a showy coalition that tens of states are it members is sufficient or even perfect for the White House and Washington, even if no one of them participates at its operations. And Tehran, whose political options have been chosen base on psychology, have been able to discover the mental disorder of Washington's leaders and provoke towards its own short and long-term strategy. Those who have access to Iranian intelligence are aware of the fact that the Green Movement of Iranians was created by the very Iranian regime and Revolutionary Guards in order to weaken the opposition. Accordingly, the so-called leaders of the movement were under secret deep analysis and then they unconsciously had obeyed the orders. 
Of course, Iran is not the only state that enjoys the capacity of psychology in politics, for instance, EU leaders had benefited from it also in negotiations with Greece on debts. According to classified document, EU leaders were deeply terrified of Athens' exit from the eurozone. They believed that it could encourage other members to do the same thing and it means, the collapse of EU. So if Tsipras had a chance to threaten EU leaders to drive out Greece from the EU, he would achieve proper concession. Based on the European intelligence agencies, the EU powers used reverse engineering on this subject, thus they threaten Athens to oust from EU membership. This psychological technique caused Athens to withdraw its best card and even came to this believe that the controversial stick belongs to the most powerful states of EU, not Greece!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Palestine-Israel: New Sample

A similar military agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan for the case of Palestine can make Palestinians needless of enjoying national army or militia. And it is apparent, establishing U.S. military base in the land of Palestinian would be an opportunity for Washington and the only way to relieve Palestine from the most difficult condition of Israelis, the disarmament. 
Israel-Palestine reconciliation can take place in several steps. The first step of the process which is starting diplomatic relations between Israel and Palestine should not depend on anything but mutual recognition. The experience of international relations undermines this idea that territorial disputes can block diplomatic ties and peace. The most difficult issues must be resolved at the last phases. It is advisable to put the cases of "al-Quds" and settlement area at the final levels of negotiations, which might be come in many years. 
The essence of any deal is to exchange concessions. But Gaza war and the rise of Palestinians have resulted in hatred and fury of both sides toward each other. Under this circumstances, no one can give any concession to other side and one cannot anticipate the possibility of any deal. Increasing the level of political and social ties between Palestine and Israel can boost the chance of resolving the issues. And it is worth to mention that the adventurers who ran "1968" movement in the United States or the young protesters who occupied Wall St. by chanting slogan and rallying had permission to carry guns, but none of them even carry a knife. And it was also the method of Prophet Muhammed. 
The fact cannot be denied that if Palestinians want to retake control of eastern al-Quds, they should call off the plans of separating Jerusalem and announcing it as the capital of Palestine. Jerusalem is an important city for Israeli community and they do not agree with total change in appearance and political situation of the city. Taking control of eastern al-Quds by Palestinians through a legal agreement and only on paper is the thing that they would accept at the near future. And in the case of settlement area, Tel Aviv just accepts to rent it from Palestine. Accordingly, Palestinians will be able to legally retake all of their lands but taking both legal and practical control of some areas such as eastern al-Quds would only be possible in a medium or long term and through a moderate administration in Israel. 
In the end, $40 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts and given to Bolivia.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Yemen War and Non Probability of World War III

Yemen war was not unavoidable, but the outbreak of war in the Middle East was. 
Some ask why the system did not prevent the war in Yemen.
Considering the fact that an assassination or a certain treaty were not the reasons for the first and second world wars, but only excuses for starting them; formation of a war in the Middle East while needed a simple excuse to start against any major country of the region that could have grave consequences. The Saudi dictatorship spent a big portion of its income to buy arms through the years and enjoyed the unconditional support of the West. And since the system did not want World War III, the Yemen war was accepted and the system tried to make it long and hard enough for Saudi-led coalition to prevent them from starting a great war in the Middle East. 
This goal has just been achieved. So the system's military aid to Yemen is considered to be over. And all agents that have put efforts in it will be thanked and must be highly rewarded. 
And at the end, to accomplish peace and revolutionary goals in Yemen, Houthis must leave power fully to their partner, the General People's Congress and move their forces to the northern frontiers. In spite of that, they can retain a part of their forces in critical central spots. It is apparent that the General People's Congress is loyal to recent uprising of Yemen but is not the main target of Saudi attacks.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Palestine: Political Stock Market

Hamas leaders can easily travel to different countries, while people in Gaza are unable to meet their basic needs under the Israeli-Egyptian severe siege. Certainly Palestinians need to the international support. But how Palestinian leaders have used the supports? 
Palestine is a country as much as Israel is. Almost none of the countries in the Middle East recognize Israel as a country. In contrast to, Western states do not recognize Palestine as a country. It can be argued that in this case, Palestinian political situation has been better than Israel, because Palestinian neighbors recognized it as a country. But as long as the Palestinian leaders prefer to fight against themselves rather than conciliation, neither negotiation with Tel Aviv, nor wars result in ending Israeli occupation. 
The system is ready to stop its support from Palestine in return for termination of Israeli leadership over human trafficking and women trafficking networks in the Middle East including Persian Gulf States and Iran. This offer expires up to four days after notification. The system full access to classified information and documents of Israel will be the guarantee of the implementation of any possible agreement with good faith. And it should be added that Israel will not be able to transfer these networks to shadow or remain the shadow ones after acceptance. There will be no negotiation on the restoration of relations between Israel and the system. 
And in respect with Syria, as it could be predicted the weakness of Moscow and Riyadh is arrogance. Russia has presented the controversial proposal for federalization of Syria to keep Bashar al-Assad in power which under current circumstances lead to division of the country and independence of Kurds, bringing opposition of Tehran, Ankara and Iraqi officials. In contrast to, Saudi Arabia has simply rejected the Russian offer because the removal of Assad is more important than gaining geopolitical interests for Riyadh. By the way, the system supports the idea of Assad removal. Syria needs a unifier leader, not a divider such the Syrian president. And the world needs Syria as a country, not as several micro countries.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Iran: New Rock

Iran's parliamentary election results have been important in several ways, including: 
- The people in Tehran said a collective "NO" to unethical electoral practices through their votes. 
- Considering the fact that none of the conservative leaders or its influential people could get to the parliament, a number of their projects against the government may not be implemented. 
Finally, Rouhani's administration is requested to seriously address human rights issues such as child labour and death penalty statistics. 
Confidential data show that Hillary Clinton wants to restore anti-Iran sanctions and increase Washington's interventions in the world. Donald Trump has been identified as a "yellow element" by republican leaders. The yellow element should be paralyzed.
"The US economy is burned." This portrait must be fully implemented and all means to achieve this goal are allowed. It should be added, the US government does not enjoy the support of the Zionists and this makes it is easy to do it. 
 And it is worth to mention that implementing "affirmative discrimination" for vulnerable people such as persons with disability, Blacks and Latinos can gain their confidence.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Syria: Unlimited Truce

To stop the war in Syria arms shipments to Syria must be stopped.
Bashar al-Assad and Russia have similar viewpoints about the Syrian crisis. Moscow backed down from its position in the Ukraine Crisis but it does not want to the same on Syria. 
The system calls for peace in Syria and it will do everything to accomplish this goal. Thus, Iran is requested to temporarily stop arms shipment to Syria. Because weapons motivate wars, and Syria does not need a war but diplomacy. 
Needless to say, Russia and Assad cannot continue this war without the assistance of the system and Iran. This means that the end of war or full implementation of the ceasefire is not dependent on the decisions of Bashar al-Assad and Moscow. The system and Iran's withdrawal from the war will force Syrian president and his Russian counterpart to accept peace and diplomacy with good faith.
Russia has proved its ill will toward Iran. Moscow could immediately send S-400 to Syria and confront international criticism, but even after the lifting of sanctions to Iran, it does not send S-300 to the country. Accordingly, a secret of the recent gift of King of Bahrain to Putin, which was a unique sword, and Russia-Israel relations can be decoded. 
There is no doubt that if the West gives proper concessions to the system and Tehran, leaving Russia and Assad behind will simply be possible. 
In the end, $200 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts and transferred to Europe in order to increase the bargain ability of the system in any cases. $500 billion of this fund should be given to Iranian government to solve environmental issues of the country. And it is worth to mention that Zionists could easily repair the Israel’s economy, which is on the edge, but they did not because they have had no real ties with the Israeli community.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Syria: Constant Progress

To end a war either the most powerful force or a truce must be supported. 
A group of agents of the system were eliminated because they had secretly protected Bashar al-Assad. So the system has never backed Assad but Syrians. The ultimate goal of the system in the case of Syria is the establishment of security in the country. The only way to reach the purpose is to support the Syrian army. 
The recent progress of Syrian army must continue but this progress in the presence of Assad is difficult. There is no doubt that Walid Muallem, Bashar Jaafari and Wael Nader al-Halqi that all are Ba'ath Party members can be adequate alternatives for the presidency. Considering the fact that the only demand of the West is removal of Assad, not the Syrian government, it can be concluded that in the first step, assuming the presidential role by one of the members of the Baath party can satisfy both Syria's allies and the West. And then, essential and agreed reforms would be take place. 
Only in this way, the continuity of the Syrian army progress can be ensured, without giving concessions to the opposition. Otherwise, the Syrian army will be the loser of this game and surely under the pressure of international community will be stopped. 
At this point of time, the allies of Syria should choose between the Syrian president and the constant progress of Syrian army. The choice of the system is security of Syria. 
And in the end, $513 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $300 trillion should be given to Tehran and $105 trillion of this fund should be given to Iranian Revolutionary Guards to successfully retake Iran's broadcasting from the ("Islamic Republic") mafia and a group of "pasdaran" as soon as possible. The rest of money should be transferred to Europe to increase the influence of the systems in all levels and finally, eliminate rivals.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Let's Go to Africa

Seeking more benefits by private corporations is the main reason for greenhouse gas emissions. Ironically, on the basis of the Paris Agreement, a significant share of $100 billion of climate finance should be provided by these private companies. 
Articles related to emissions greenhouse gases are not binding. And although the articles related to the climate finance are binding but since there is no clear implementation mechanism for Paris Agreement, it is possible to misuse the agreement. The lack of a mechanism designed to resolve disputes arising from this agreement will make developing countries unable to realize any contribution from developed states. 
Yesterday, UAE bought a Yemeni island. And tomorrow, poor African countries will be sold. As some African governments in exchange for a few dollars interrupted their diplomatic relations with Iran, it is possible that they sell their countries in exchange for a few more dollars. 
So, $340 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $105 trillion should be transferred to Africa to help the development of its poor nations and increase the influence of the system through controlling the media and educational system. $8 trillion should be spent against Republican presidential campaigns and also against Clinton's campaign. $30 trillion should be given to Tehran to improve the situation of human rights and entertainment market toward true Islam. And the rest of money should be transferred to Europe to increase the power of the system. And it should be added that Syria must be careful, so that no treason takes place behind UN humanitarian operations. 
And since the capitalists have right to know the reason of this decision, it should be said that the power coming from the money was misused by the owners.
And in the end, the last work of Mani Haghighi, "A Dragons Arrives" as a real post-modern movie was interesting because the cultural form of post-modernism for making a movie based on realism, without falling to surrealism, is still unknown for many filmmakers.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Existence of God

One of the main reasons a group of people make to prove the existence of God is that everything has a cause and the cause for the existence of the universe must be a creator under the title of "God". In contrast, a group ask the question "what is the reason for the existence of God?" to disprove that argument. 
Cause and effect is one of the laws of nature like every other law. There is no difference between the law of gravity and the law of causality. The creator of the world is the one who has created three things: materials, time and the law of causality. 
Thus, God is not a material because he is its creator. God does not have something called lifespan or a start point in time as the human does because he is the creator of the element of time. There is no cause for the existence of God because he is the creator of the law of causality. The one who is the creator of these is their sovereign as well. So the only one who can stop these laws is God. Studying the miracles of the prophets such as Moses' miracles reveal the fact that not only the law of causality cannot been enforced for God, but even this law is stopped for the cases that God makes exceptions. Why did Moses' staff turn into a serpent? 
The law of causality which has dominated all the life of humans, animals and creatures was totally stopped and became a fun for this case. Only the lawmaker can suspend the law. So the message of Moses and his previous and later prophets is truth. And in the end, $81 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $70 trillion should be transferred to Europe in order to improve facilities for the system-linked private agencies and organizations (by $34 trillion of that money) and to increase the security and influence of the system through establishing the freedom of speech and information (by the rest of money). $11 trillion should be given to Iranian Revolutionary Guards to strengthen Syrian forces and to insure democratic elections in Iran. And also, all the US "sites" in Iran and Iraq must be destroyed by all means.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Help for Kirkuk

As Iranian President has recently said, the anger of Saudi regime has led it to wrong actions. 
Based on classified information: 
First, the next target of Saudi-Turkish terrorist coalition is Kirkuk province. 
Second, Iraq-Iran border may become unsafe. 
Third, a group of great capitalists have planned to send their money out of the US through state cover up that should be stopped by all means including execution. 
The only force that has ability to perform multinational operations against terrorism in an organize way is Iranian Revolutionary Guards. And it is significant to remove this hidden leverage of Zionism in order to achieve world peace. To realize this goal it is necessary that the Revolutionary Guards equipped with advanced weapons. Only weapons can stand and fight against the new wave of terrorism that are more advanced than known and conventional weapons. Obviously, the organizations that produce this kind of weapons are secret. 
So, first of all, $17 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts and given to the Revolutionary Guards. Second, these secret organizations should be requested to equip the Revolutionary Guards with new advanced weapons. 
Buying and selling non-lethal biological weapons and chemical weapons (which causes severe wounds in the body) is not acceptable. 
And it is totally essential to change the use of Revolutionary Guards' black sites.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Economic Measures

One of the old methods of governments to distract people from the bad economic situation is starting a war. A recent example is the Turkish government. The government has started a civil war against PKK to distract people from bad economic situation of the country. 
Studying document reveals that the economic sabotage operations of the system impacts the US economy. So, certainly the US government will apply new economic and political measures to save itself. So: 
First, the system needs a long-term plan to bring down prices in order for the goods and services to be sold at a price less than their real value. Although it might be good for people but it weakens the economy because it makes big investment not feasible. Big investment should lead to large benefit; otherwise it will not be realized. 
Secondly, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of another war. Thus, $15 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $3 trillion should be given to Yemen in the form of warfare services (including offensive and defensive operations) and humanitarian services in order to make the war more difficult for aggressor states. $5 trillion should be given to Tehran to support the balance of power in the Middle East. And finally, $7 trillion should be transferred to Europe for the system's operations.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Against Lies

Sovereignty is not a right or privilege but is a number of duties and responsibilities to the government. 
As bank's assets are not belonging to bank employees, the political power of a state does not belong to politicians of the government.
Washington has planned for the United States, but the plans are not in favor of the people of America, in other words, that plans are not in accordance with the commitments of the government. And needless to say, plots of Washington and Pentagon over international area are against international peace and security.
Americans should have free or low-cost access to academic education like most people in the industrial or even third world countries. And this is just one example of the hundreds of cases that have been neglected. There must be a balance between the rights and obligations of nation and state. There should be a direct relationship between taxes and what people receive. Therefore, it is necessary that the US government be blamed for the violation of its commitments and to be properly pressurized. 
So, $5.5 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts. $1.5 trillion from that fund should be given to Iran's Tourism Bank and the rest of money should be transferred to Europe for implementation of sabotage economic operations in the countries of Britain, France, Germany and Turkey. 
History indicates a wide variety of dictatorial regimes. Some of these regimes were not afraid of inexistence, like the Nazis. Therefore, the only way to end that dictatorships was destroying them.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

After Hibernation of the Russian Bear

The threat must be answered by an attack. 
None of the crises of Syria and Ukraine and even the issue of sanctions could stop Russia from designing an expansionist plan. According to classified information, Moscow has designed an expansionist plot where some targets have been set in the Middle East, Europe and even the United States. 
When all were asleep, Russia stole Crimea and began the first great intelligence war of the twenty-first century against the West. Russia will return to continue the war because Moscow has designed a plot. This war and also success of the system is unavoidable. 
After the end of crisis in Syria and the lifting of sanctions on Russia, increasing strategic cooperation of Russia with Arab and European countries becomes possible. If this war began when Russia dominates the Black Sea and the Middle East, and anti-Moscow sanctions have been suspended, the victory in that war would be costly. So Moscow should not be allowed to rise up.
Therefore Russia's vulnerabilities must be identified. And it is important to be known that an only attack is valuable which does not result in a counterattack.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Washington: Station

If people had hopes for their beliefs, instead of believing their hopes, there would be no fascism. 
Democratic Party controls the White House and Congress is controlled by Republicans. This portrait is designed to create a balance in the political power of Washington. But now is this balance established? 
This balance can be established only when all parties respect the law. In the past, none of both Republican Party and Democratic Party violated the law to gain political power or to the power. But now, trying to increase their power through unilateral actions, the White House and Congress are violating and bypassing the law. What makes the situation dangerous is that the behaviors of Congress and the White House may become a "custom". Accordingly, the White House and Congress will be able to increase their own power by violating the law. Thus, the formation of two federal governments in the United States will be possible. 
To prevent its formation, it is necessary to reduce the power sources of Washington. Washington's most important source of power is its economic power. The system needs several trillion dollars in order to implement economic sabotage operations in other countries. So, withdrawing this money from the US banking accounts and not financial sources of the system can accomplished both goals. Also, $500 billion should be given to Tehran for Iran's role in the liberation of Al-Anbar province.