Sunday, May 29, 2016

Aramco: Mixed Variables

The system is beyond a timeline. Also, the feelings such as anger and arrogance, plus ideologies and even history are elements that are played by the system in various scenarios. But the same elements have leading role for Saudi government. 
Aramco should be released from all regional and Wahhabi variables in order to return to its genuine position, which is regulating global oil flow. So that Saudi princes must put proper pressure against the government to betake Aramco to the system. Otherwise, releasing more classified information, onset of civil war and riot and accomplishing the right to execution will be put on the agenda. For now, assassinating influential people in Saudi regime, especially those who have had a key role in Saudi's think tank must be launched in order to test their taste! 
According to the plan and classified information, nothing is able to stop the system from achieving at least %64 of Aramco total shares in 3-4 months. The remaining shares of Aramco will be left for dissident princes. The interrelationship between the system and dissidents will be over after ending of this operation. Since they will not enjoy security services of the system after that, overstock would put them in danger of being targets of the secret organization of APIC. Also, according to the recent classified document of Saudi Arabia, the air force of the country has been ordered to attack Iran as de facto. The attack would take place soon if the system had no access to Saudis classified information. Baghdad and Moscow have received the signs of a possible war and tried to change balance of power in the region in order to prevent Riyadh from a new conflict and it was what even some Europeans did. 
One can find such strange decision in Sci-Fi films, The Terminator series, for instance. Although it cannot be denied that Yemen War, Syrian Crisis, oily adventure and the game of throne inside the Saudi Arabia have swamped Riyadh into a difficult situation. So it needs to buy some more time and distracts public opinion from one subject to another. Saudis have no real plan for their future but the tactic of buying time through running shows for media. 
A short term strategy for Iran would be military readiness but a long term is decreasing level of tensions through settling Syrian dispute that caused this level of tensions and also, doing what can attract global public opinion toward Tehran to increase its popularity. 
In the end, Tel Aviv benefits from the last deal with the system, which could weaken some threats against Israel. But if Tel Aviv needs more, it should revise about the relations with Riyadh, Moscow and Doha (as the ally of Kremlin).

Saturday, May 21, 2016

No Border for Big Plans

Many people in the U.S. do not participate in general elections to demonstrate their protest. And many other people have joined campaigns for Trump and Sanders who believe in the "American dream". 
People believe in their dreams and they know enemy of these dream is no one and nothing but useless bureaucracy. So that what makes people join Trump's campaign is he bravely ensures them to realize their dream without taking current bureaucracy into account. While the other Republican candidates were only loyal to the party's statute. And on the Democratic Party's campaign, what could convince many young people to support Sanders’ campaign has been the belief to possibility of realizing political ambitions of United States, regardless of strict bureaucracy. If Clinton did not enjoy of 505 unelected super delegates, Sanders had chance for victory but in spite of this his position toward Yemen War, Saudi’s war crimes and the issue of the US arms shipment to the Arab states which have assaulted Yemen could certainly have deterred a number of human rights groups and organizations from supporting him. Also withdrawing from condemnation of Libya war immunized Clinton’s political record from taking heavy damage. Surely addressing this war can be more important than reminding old case of the Iraq war for public opinion that Clinton did not had a key role in it and has admitted it as her mistake. The wrong decision of lunching a war on Libya brings about several problems for the world peace and security including instability and rising ISIS terrorists in Libya and refugee crisis for Italy. Furthermore, Obama himself confessed making decision on this war was the "worst mistake" of his presidency. 
 The recent polls indicate Trump has ability to overcome Clinton in spite of his controversial position over a number of political subjects and lack of support from some prominent members of Republican Party. And despite the fact that Clinton enjoys of free delegates and support of some political leaders and affiliate media of the Democratic Party. So disability of Clinton for supremacy in the current situation is not because of Trump's abilities but her ultra-traditionalism thought, which prefer bureaucracy over democracy. 
One other issue is the money making factory of the Wall Street whose only consumers are corporations. Simply, who wants to make more money? Of course, it is not just a about having private jets or luxurious penthouses and villas across the world. Big plans and projects need billions of dollar such as taking the control of social and political zones of countries for establishing any change. Also, in the field of charity, commercialization of low cost cure for cancer and MS diseases, and even disabilities, helping stem cells research in medicine and managing abandoned children can be counted as plans, which are strongly recommended. So all corporations specially the secret ones must be eliminated and all their money must be confiscated. From now on, the only consumer of the money maker factory should be the system. All this money plus what will be made from the Wall Street belong to the system members and they can enjoy it or burn it, if they do not need it, which is better than the current use of this fund, renewing slavery. At the end, all members are obligated not to involve in criminal activities by any means including the new incomes.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Aramco: Conspiracy Wrecker

Purging a bad director is more convenient than eliminating ten ugly actors. 
There some considerable events are occurring about Saudi Arabia. According to classified information, high rank officials of Britain, France and the U.S. have counseled Riyadh not to use the image of the murdered prince, Mohammad Bin Salman to wipe out his memory from the people's minds. (Berlin had no role in this issue). On the other hand, the West is pretty happy of the current situation and tries to maintain it by broadcasting false news about his meeting with the Western officials and publishing old or fake interviews with him in its own media. 
At the time being, Saudi Arabia can survive by the US banking facilities that under the pressure of the White House were given to Riyadh and resulted in dissatisfaction of the banks owners and directors. Therefore, there is no real economic interests for the U.S. in Saudi Arabia. But everyone knows that the West is nearly responsible for the present situation. And everybody should ask himself this question why Western states have wanted to put Riyadh’s back to the wall?! 
Aramco is one the few petroleum industries that has still remained national, which is the biggest one in its field. Qatar, Iraq, Emirates, Nigeria and Venezuela have no more national petroleum industry. And since the system cannot bear any surprise, it should be said with confident that the West wants to take over %95 of Aramco at this point of time, which is a bad game because the system must foil it. 
The system should gather a group of dissidents among Saudi princes including those who planned the conspiracy of Mina incident. Although the system does not confirm Mina conspiracy as an acceptable act but a limited cooperation with them is allowed. There is a common goal between the system and them, which is taking down the incumbent leadership of Riyadh. The new leadership of Saudi government might gain new economic, political and even military aid from the West in return for withdrawing from Aramco in favor of them. Their plan must be stopped at any cost. But first of all, the most important classified data of Saudi Arabia including documents, videos and photos should be given to the dissident princes. 
The only problem is London since it has the information about these princes but it can be managed by the counter information of the system that put London on a bad situation if it takes any wrong approach.