Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: Consequences of Denying Discontent

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Matthew 5:6) 
The silence of people does not translate into indifference or believing organized lies. 
According to classified information, most of young and educated people in Britain voted in favored of Brexit. Moreover, it would be shocking if old people of a society vote for change and political romanticism while youth reject it! People in Europe and the U.S. are waking up though mainstream media and governments endeavor to disregard them. UK membership in EU was just sacrificed to target Western governments and mainstream media. The people protest; since they were not recognized, they turned the table over in order to attract attention. 
The UK government lost its credibility since supporting Nigeria’s Buhari who killed thousands of people without a trial just like Omar al-Bashir; London lost its popularity since backing Saudi invasion of Yemen without listening to the voice of people. The media have diminished their trustworthiness by broadcasting materials against Iran meanwhile they never cover coverage Arab dictatorships from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia and from crimes against Gaza to Yemen. The votes of people in Britain were not only against British government and EU, it is also included the White House, IMF and ultra-conservative professors who have tried to jail science and specially International law by widespread rejection of anti-establishment articles. 
It is honorable that the system does not follow the wrong path of these governments; in addition, the neutral stance of the system and British members in particular toward Brexit referendum was appreciable. It is to be hoped that vote of protest in Britain could make British government and other Western States to redefine their behaviors toward their own nations and other nations. 
Politically, as all knows "change in European Union" has been a project of the system and Brexit is a success. In addition, the system is strongly aimed at taking over the Aramco and there is little time for it; meanwhile London is a competitor in this challenge. It seems that the Brexit would keep London away from this project and give the chance to the system to increase pressures against Riyadh to hand over Aramco. 
It should also be considered that the primary incentive of London for separating from EU based on this hypothesis that Britain would gain new political opportunists out of EU. And possibly achieving a position like what it had before Second World War, has put Washington and Beijing in the opposition camp. It is evident what made EU leaders to be concerned over Brexit is possible collapse of the Union. Needless to say, high risk of this option resulted in mutation of UK government over the subject in the middle of the way.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

After the Beep

Some enemies should be left alone to be able to trace hidden enemies with them. 
A group plotted a coup in the system by spreading a trap. They wanted to purge 80% of members, which means absolute majority of the system are reliable and it is a success for all; unity is a collective victory! 
All the persons who were involved in the plot must be purged. In addition, a part of US classified documents that are still new and very important must be given to Beijing. Also Wendy Sherman is warned to only select options that she can be taken accountable for.
Since promotion of health is one of main agenda of the system in the field of "Human Rights and Global Security", it is necessary to cure the disease of cancer that takes millions of lives annually. 
According to the classified information, Canada and Britain could find cancer's antibody. They find cure for skin cancer and early stage of blood cancer. It is worth to mention though Canadian findings are newer but according to a report, the British cure is more practical and feasible. And the system must gain these findings and cures by all means. 
Certainly, the ultimate goal of system is to provide these cures to patients as soon as possible with respect to the fact that best way to tackle cancer in this point of time is prevention and increasing the immunity of bodies through strengthening weak and faulty genes.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Resistance Movements: Forecast

Che Guevara was an intellectual and freedom fighter who lost his life through the way of liberation for people. Why did such a man design a dictatorship for Cuba after defeating the dictator regime of Batista? 
Historical experience indicates that the main goal of people across the world is peace. Therefore, most people do not join resistance movements to change their situation to better or even if they join the movements, they would not remain a member or supporter for a long time. Both, failure of resistance movements and formation of dictatorship after victory of these movements are caused from the very desire of people to peace and security. 
So that even if people accept resistance for a while, they would not bear it for decades while a revolutionary state needs support of people to overcome domestic and foreign threats. It was the fact that Cuban revolutionaries encountered that and tried to tackle it by establishing a new dictatorship. Che was not a liar but himself was architect of Cuban dictatorship with the (former) Soviet model, while Fidel Castro and most of Cuban guerillas including Aleida March, the last spouse of Che, were not communists. 
In conclusion, according to the facts, Republican faction of Spain would establish a government similar to Eastern Bloc if they won the civil war. 
Surely, one of the main incentives of this paper is to emphasize the importance of logical forecast without any attachment in politics.
Without a doubt all Muslim states would recognize Israel after a possible deal between Tel Aviv and Ramallah. And since results of such a deal would be global and regional isolation for any country that opposes Israel, Tehran is requested to coordinate its foreign policy with new realities in a mid-term process. 
Also due commitment to human rights which is necessary to be acknowledged by all, the system continues increasing expense of alliance with old children of Riyadh for the West. And from now on, black torture against Saudi victims must be put on the agenda. But only mutilation of arms, legs, toes and fingers, minus thumbs are acceptable as torture. And moans of victims must be recorded; some filmmakers want real stuff! One can find a few useful parts even in a broken PC. At the end, the movie project of "Rumi" must clear the fact that this intellectual poet was Persian. And this work must not contradict his Islamic thought.