Saturday, January 31, 2015

Palestine and the Upsurge of Anti-Semitism Theater

A new movement has begun with the focus on dealing with the traditional issue of anti-Semitism in the United Nations. But since the project has been motivated by dark intention, it is not allowed to follow it and it is necessary to be disbanded quickly. Israel seeks to realize the project of mass return of Jews to Jerusalem (or Al-Quds) through such plans. 
It is worth mentioning that Palestine is a priority on the agenda of the system in the Middle East order. Any disruption in this regard will be faced with direct consequences. 
In the other hand, it is apparent that religious violence of any kind is doomed. But it cannot be denied that some of the religious willing a socio-political model of their religion, thus, if a moderate socio-political pattern of religion is not provided by someone then certainly the extremist groups such as Hezbollah will do so. The religious violence are of the outcomes of taking power by religious extremist groups. So it is necessary to support the governments, factions or parties who are providing the moderate socio-political model of Islam (or any other religion) in order to meet the need of religious and prevent the non-stop empowerment of extremist groups. Hence, the system is supporting the political Islam of moderate leaders such as Rouhani, educated in law and a member of Islamic clergy.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The System Security and Consonant Policy

The center of Barack Obama and David Cameron's recent secret talks in Washington caused the anger and concerns of the system. Certainly those who have access to the audio file of the talks, has come to believe that the president tires to use of each opportunity and in every way in order to get released of the domination of the system control. Up to now he had asked help from Cameron but other natural persons are candidates, apart from the initiation of inverse game by Israel and potentially Russia with him. As a result, the cost of controlling Obama is greatly increasing and such an expense is meaningless and insignificant from the view point of realistic. 
In such circumstances, the only option that can cover both of the needs, resolving the concerns and retaliation, is the "engineered explosion" or in other words, make the game out of the control. Indeed, the ultimate goal of such pattern is to convert the institutional policy to natural policy. The difference of both is like the difference of swimming in the pool and in the ocean; no control over the circumstances!
Tehran is the most decent actor to perform such a role. However, it should be noted that three powers containing leadership, Revolutionary Guards and Rouhani administration have the control over the state. Iran's leadership is dependent on Revolutionary Guards and needless to say, Israel is feeding the Revolutionary Guards. So there is no doubt that the mentioned actor is Rouhani's government. 
The copies of the documents related to Obama, including the private video and any mandatory affiliate document should be transferred to Tehran as soon as possible. 
Finally, the system needs Tehran as the key actor (not temporary). So, beyond all of the six proposed nuclear contracts to Iran, more fundamental points must be on the agenda. 
And in the end, Britain is the fatherland of the system's friends but the system opponents are considered "apatride" with any nationality.

Monday, January 19, 2015

About the Criticism

Freedom of speech and security are complementary. The system is ought to defend both, because it is believed that all of the system’s measures are tenable even for public opinion. It is accepted that the system is not obligated to explain about every award, however this does not mean that the decisions are indefensible or unexplainable.
Launching the establishment of the Internal Security of the System project known as "Secure Order" caused to retirement or extensive cleanup of the system members. As expected, these decisions resulted in relative criticisms of the (former) members of the system. 
In response to their criticisms, it must be said that appropriate chance was given to the majority of the system members (in particular the experienced agents) in order to modifying their behavior. And warnings were given as well (certainly before filtering). Those who have been coordinated their behaviors with "Secure Order" are now considered of the system members and their faults are forgiven. 
At the end, what may bring these discontents to a disturbing phase has been that some of them wanted to conduct vindictive acts by joining a mafia or an abroad intelligence agency. In spite of this, since all of their activities, relationships and connections are encoded and is monitored (often supervising by those who are in good relationship with them), it can be concluded that the possibility of any vengeful act is blocked.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

To France

Security issues to Paris and the Élysée Palace are very important. It is a fact that security is more highlighted from the view point of French politicians than many other politicians. 
There is no doubt that the system is seeking to establish friendly ties with other states through "interest linkage" and the French government is not an exception. Although it cannot be denied that some are traditionally opposed to the formation such levels of relations between the system and France. However, the traditionalism is invalid since it is a barrier on the way of interests and superior goals. 
The recent terrorist attacks in Paris was a joint operation from two different intelligence agencies. The operation was done by the intelligence agencies of the same countries which have previously done the elimination of the Total co. head, Christophe de Margerie. And none of the Russia and the U.S. had inferences in these operations. 
It is apparent that since the operations were designed by the intelligence of the governments, it was possible to avoid their implementations. So, frustration of operations was possible. 
And it is self-evident that if France will to link its interest with ones of the system, will receive the system supports and umbrella. It should be noted that the interest linkage is not like a contract of sale but it is an agreement on a cooperative.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The "White skin hen": A report

No "good" terrorist or mafia exists. All of such groups have been labeled with threat address. 
A Japanese terrorist-mob group has been recently formed in United States. The group which its leader is an American Japanese 54-year-old woman known as "White skin hen" could expand itself (especially in entertainment industry) in a short period time. (The woman was born in United States to a Japanese mother.) 
The group ideology is designed on the basis of Japanese Satanism, and even "masochism" is part of its manifesto and the specified ceremony is intended to be run for it. (Although the group members are usually trying to refrain from the disclosure of this section of their manifesto or use the word "sadism" in describing it; nevertheless the erotic video of the group reveals all the facts and truth.) 
This group is made with the aim of performing all types of inhuman terrorist operations (including against innocent people as well) such as murdering, kidnapping, torturing and etc. and some numbers of celebrities joint the group so far. Some of the known members are as follows: 
R Kikuchi (34 years old), K Momoi (62 years old), C Kuriyama (30 years old), T Tomita (48 years old), Y Kim (41 years old), C Wu (26 years old) M Kunis (31 years old), Katie Chang, Brenda Koo and C Ronaldo, the footballer. 
Those who have been separated from the group and give sufficient information about the connection codes booklet of the group and true information about its leader to the agents of the system will be immune but they are not member of the system anymore under any circumstances. The remaining members including the "White skin hen" shall be promptly destroyed.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Russia-Turkey: Alcohol Is Cold

The semi-strategic relations of Russia-Turkey raised criticisms and concerns in the West which have been achieved after the occurrence of the Ukraine crisis and beginning of the series of tensions between the West and Moscow. The oppositions of the ties are in two groups, as follows: 
The first one, are traditionally opposite against Ankara eastern trends; and the other one, are those critics who think that Putin regime will be able to save the Moscow hegemony through Turkey.
In response to the first critics it should be said that if an influential role in the area of international policy scenarios had been set for Ankara (such as what has been designed for Riyadh), Turkey's position was definitely constant instead of its policy being in traffic between East and West. 
And in response to the other category, NATO is identified as the main threat to Russia based on the last version of Russian military doctrine, while Turkey is a NATO member and the Ukraine westernization position has caused serious concerns for Moscow. There is no doubt that Ukraine's accession to NATO must compel Russia to alter its policies on NATO. It is clear that under such circumstances, the semi-strategic ties between Russia and Turkey would not certainly last. Because Moscow chooses its proud over its interests.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The System's Security

If the security of a system is incorrect, all the objectives of the system will be as illusion. The most important component of a system is its security, and defending the security of all members of the system is as important as defending of the system survival. However, the system will never support the careless members. Not only the careless members will sacrifice themselves but also will threaten the whole security of the system. Someone who freely has close relationship with various and several people (which it contains not only a sexual one) cannot be regarded as a reliable member. Such a person allows to malicious persons to be easily come into his/her privacy. Needless to say, it is an obvious threat against the system. 
Also, everyone is responsible to protect his/her own privacy. So, if a private video of one of the members of the system is gotten and stolen, and be in hands of a mafia, the system response is predictable: Searching and seeking for a copy of the file and made it public as soon as possible will be the reaction of the system. Because a mob group is not allowed to attempts to blackmail the system through possession of documents. 
In the end, it should be said that the mentioned persons have lost the requirement terms and conditions to be a member of the system.