Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Keep Calm and Debate

The best teacher is experience! 
First, the winner of a debate is one who can convince audience and there are many techniques for reaching this goal. 
Second, confuse audience by boring and academic lectures when you have no answer or ideal plan. A successful plan is the one that is based on a unique and comprehensive idea. Clinton's economy program has a goal and plan without an ingenious idea and innovative. Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan both had innovative programs for economy. If Clinton's economy plan was a paper or thesis, no researching and scientific journal and professor would accept it because it had no new and innovative solution for issues. 
Third, a wise person refuses to answer to judgment and comments of his rival. New York Times would not be just or neutral judge for Republicans and so Clinton would not be a neutral judge toward Trump. Clinton's trick could entangle Trump and put him in a defensive position while he could easily clarify this fact that she is against him and has no good faith and then undermine validity of her judgments and information without any struggle! 
Fourth, do not give the audience tens of facts in a limited time because no one can get them all but give them five facts and repeat them tens of times. Trump's facts on economy was too many! 
Fifth, it is more convenient to provide a key sentence for every subject at the beginning of the speech, for instance, "peace is hard but war is easy" would be considered a key sentence for an anti-war lecture. Neither Clinton, nor Trump have used it. 
Sixth, shorten your lecture. It is a technique and Clinton finally did it well after many lectures and books that were tiring for Democrats.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Teenagers for the System

It is still strange for a story to choose its writer rather than vice versa. 
Today teenagers can render great service to people but in their own way, the way that society rejects it. Those who embrace new experiences and more than anything, willing to play the big drum, are confirmed by the system. 
No teenager needs alcohol, marijuana and etc. for having fun, but all of them are full of their own energy and an energy must be released because it is natural. If these teenagers want to experience what they see on the movie screen or when playing video games, the system says welcome to them. 
Therefore, a specific channel for teenagers between ages 12-17 must be established but its function and characteristic should be similar to an agency in order to separate its goals, projects and activities from other parts of the system. It is evident that for keeping the system safe, it is essential to design this channel in a way to require minimum need for communicating with others. 
And from now on, every six months two men and two women will be rewarded for "best use of gun" and "best submission of intelligence".

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Steady Shares of Elections

Only an ignorant can lie to himself. 
The people are seeking peace, good economy and a good life. And they really mean it. For these people voting for someone who her lies have been exposed to everyone have no mean but deceiving themselves. While the people are able to fight for their demands because these demands are not dreams anymore; they are all essential needs. 
Within last 8 years the costs of higher education have increased by 300% while university is not an industry because all must be able to access it. Needless to be an expert to confirm the economic fact if one is still in touch with ordinary people. Enjoying academic education is an obligatory right based on human rights in the 21st century. But maybe some are afraid of educated youth in the country. Nevertheless, economic performance of Obama administration is full of false statistics. Unfortunately, they are not forced to prove their economic statistics, which provides a easy path for telling lies to them. 
The system is at the point to speak all languages and to touch all faiths. Therefore, if Clinton campaign is tempted to commit electoral fraud in the general election, they can be confident of the system that it has more experience than they do. Bush, Sr. was deprived of being a two-term president by direct order of the system, not direct votes of people. And Jeb Bush was removed in this way too. These are not the things of which Bill Clinton is unaware, and accordingly it is expected to give proper consultation to his wife.