Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Blur of ISIS' Ideology

In order to eradicate the extremist groups, it should be fought against their ideology. And it should not be ignored that extremism is not an ideology but is a feature of a group of ideologies such as Nazism, Apartheid and Salafi jihadism. And everybody including journalists and politicians and even public opinion are well-aware of the fact that the ideology of ISIS is Wahhabism and Salafism. The origin of this ideology is Riyadh . The Western media frequently claim Saudi Arabia to be the leader of Sunni Islam. Do these claimer know about the Saudi official ideology? 
Who can claim among the media that Wahhabism and Salafism has the leading role in the Muslim world? 
Those who say that United States is not against Islam, mean that the Washington will not fight against Wahhabism and Salafism. And now the question is, whether Truman or Reagan could challenge the Soviet without undermining its ideology. 
However, this distinction should had be recognized that Marxism was not the same as Soviet's communism. And today this fact should be understood that the ideology of Salafists and Wahhabis is not according to the rules of Quran and the rational principles. 
Iran has identified the right path and can undertake the spiritual leadership of the Islamic world. But Kremlin might play as a game-changer against new opportunities of Tehran over the Iranian share in the gas market. Moscow's plan on the energy supply has been revealed through annexation of Crimea by Russia. And let alone that the Iranian nuclear program has never been identified as a "threat" without Russian approval at the UN Security Council.
And in the end, removing the source code is the only true option: terrorism. The source code must contain virus, thus, a new source code can be created. Needless to say, the person who owns the source code will be the actual operator of the world. 
For winning the war in Iraq and Syria, a new front should be opened: South Arabia.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To Rome and IAEA: On JCPOA

In the Washington's new hegemony the real ally of the United States is a country that is politically, economically and militarily weak. Accordingly, the White House has invisibly tried to invite its competitors to its allies' campaign. 
With respect to Italy's involvement in the refugee crisis, does it have an influential vote and role in resolving it?! 
Of course, most of the essential decisions of United States are taken by the system. And Italy certainly deserves to have greater share of power in Europe. 
John Kerry, whose private life is like John Holmes, contacted an Italian mafia which has close contacts with and has great influence on the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi. Kerry's goal is to maintain Iran's nuclear issue as leverage against Tehran. 
Rome knows the system but its natural friends may remember some memories of the system. So, they must know that a double-player, who plays for the interest of all sides in return for money and profit, is not acceptable for any side. And now, innocent Parisians have paid the cost of Hollande's double-game. Therefore, the system cannot be sorry for the terrorist incident that the system could easily block it but it did not. However, the French government has a chance to change its behavior until next planned terrorist operations. 
Iran's PMD issue must be terminated as a result of IAEA's report. In order to ensure, a list of the names of IAEA's spies along with their residence must be provided within 6 days. If that report cannot fully resolve the issue then the list will be sent to a number of centers of Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

From Syria to Yemen

The ISIS has been the designer and executer of the Russian plane crash. The sponsors of this terrorist network had no role in this crime. It cannot be denied that the systems as well as Britain Intelligence Agency were aware of this plot and if the system's friends were of the victims, it was stopped then by the system. Nevertheless, the power of ISIS would not reach this level if the Syrian crisis had been resolved earlier. 
 However, this should be reminded before examining any proposal on resolving this crisis that the Syrian army has fought against militants and terrorists under the commands of Bashar al-Assad for more than 4 years. Obviously, the army is loyal to Syria's current president. But if this element of loyalty is removed then Syria will enter a new stage of crisis that is impossible to be stopped. A war on Damascus by Syrian army would be a real possibility. The army should not become a new threat against Syria. So, only those are capable of assuming the leadership role of the country that can gain the army's trust. 
The system identifies Iran's proposal as a useful plan, but since it is necessary to gain the trust of others, the system presents a counteroffer based on the proposed plan. 
1. Changing the presidential system to the parliamentary republic in Syria via amending the constitution. 
2. Bashar al-Assad can remain as the Syrian President as long as the security and stability is established in Syria. (Keep this logic in mind that the wise decision of world most powerful leaders on Japan's Emperor Shōwa after the World War II has made the new Japan.) 
And in respect of Yemen, according to secret talks of Western powers, the UN Security Council has a limited time in order to finish the Yemen war. On the other hand, they do not want to leave behind another failure. But the expanding role of Iran in the Middle East, which gives the power of veto to Tehran in its international relations, and disability of Saudi Arabia in the management of its domestic and foreign issues bring about new competitions against Riyadh: from conspiracy of Saudi princes against the kingdom to efforts of Abu Dhabi in order to replace Saudi Arabia in the region by itself.
Without doubt, a surprise attack through a new surge would be the only option of Saudi-led coalition. So firstly, Yemeni army should be notified. Secondly, two separate operations against Riyadh or its allies will be performed inside or outside of Yemen by two separate experts of the system as soon as possible.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Yemen: Humanitarian Operation

Yemen war has led a large group of Yemenis being displaced. Undoubtedly, the Yemenis basic needs which jobs, housing and education are among them cannot be realized long after the end of the war. But, since these are considered human rights and then the defense of the human rights does not require a permit or license from any state, the system will try to resolve the issue of displaced persons of Yemen. 
Arabic is the official language of all Arab countries. The order of the most Arab countries is simple so that the integration of Arab immigrants into the society of these countries after moving there is not difficult. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and Oman are the best destinations for those Yemenis whom the only option for them is immigration. Clearly, the system will help the Yemeni volunteers with the immigration. 
Thus, first, the budget of the migration should be provided. Second, Yemenis should not enter the Saudi Arabia or Oman as immigrants or refugees because they will be deported. Therefore, fake birth certificates and ID must be issued for them. Third, their security must be guaranteed. Forth, this humanitarian operation must be carried out in secret. Therefore, anyone with any nationality who discloses the operation or cause the involvement of the media will be faced with serious consequences.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turkey: The Time of Victory

"Reformation of the Turkish constitution " has been the most key point of Ahmet Davutoğlu's speech on the night of the AKP's victory in the parliamentary election. 
The reformation of the Turkish constitution and increase the presidential power can be a serious threat against the rights of Turkey's minorities and the interests of the system and also the security of the Middle East, Europe and the US. Nevertheless, there is no worry; a counter threat is not also needed. To change and reform the constitution immediately and directly, the AKP needs at least 367 seats in the parliament; and to reform the constitution through a referendum, at least 330 seats are needed in the parliament. The AKP only obtained 317 seats of the parliament because the system did not let the "electoral fraud" plot to be implemented. 
Certainly, some European governments gained the classified information about electoral fraud plot. However, they did nothing to prevent the implementation of the plan. It is obvious that, if the system did not attempt to stop the plan, the world should expect the emergence of a new threat. 
The recent statements of Devlet Bahceli, the chairman of MHP as a right-wing party revealed that the AKP is alone. Needless to say, the return of Erdogan to the real power in Turkey is just a dream. Therefore, Ahmet Davutoğlu can easily increase his influence in the Turkish politics. It is hoped that Ahmet Davutoğlu starts a new season of Turkish leadership and ends the term of the divergence in domestic and foreign policy of Turkey.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Project over the Wealth

Most people looking for getting money since they believe that they can buy things by it. But the time we can reach the point that everything can be bought, then we realize that money cannot by everything. And this is an undeniable fact that the system has reached this point; the system assets are enough to buy anything. Therefore, increasing the system's wealth is vain. 
What is going to be more changed by the wealth? 
A great investor can buy a bank, but a greater one buys the economic system of a country. 
To make more gold it is required to set new goals and motivations. Therefore, controlling the flow of money and eliminating the enemies of the system is a new goal for it. 
The Global Financial Crisis could disclose one of the most important hidden features of money: Money Suicide! Money is not simply a means to buy things but although to destroy itself. Therefore, two ways are considered to accomplish this goal: 
First, the method which is used to create the financial crisis. Obtaining the control of key economic and financial positions of a country and then implementing economic subversive operations are required to realize this method. Second, buy or rent and or establish several large firms and then suddenly destroy them all, in other words, planned bankruptcy. This is the same as creating an artificial earthquake that is similar to the hypothetical situation when a large group of people gather at a position and jump up at the same time. It can be implemented and even repeated without any restrictions in most countries of the world. This method is on the agenda of the system in order to counter the threats. Also, financial support from our friends in Middle East such as Palestine and the others through investment in the upstream sectors is a new mission. 
In the end, the Turkish election result has been confirmed by the system as a democratic result. Although the system is opposed to the Ankara’s policies over terrorism.