Friday, March 28, 2014

"The Great Beauty" After "The Great Dictator"

"The Great Beauty" is a well-known movie but some circles in Italy preferred to refrain from any comments on the movie and to allow not this movie to take a higher place than an artwork by remaining silent. 
The aim of this article is not to review the movie, but to investigate the filmmaker's claim and finally to present a proper response to it.
The heroes of the movie are those characters who are introduced as losers by the filmmaker.
But who are they?
They are rich but not famous, they have key to all part of the city but they are unknown, they are associated with religious dignitaries, they have special rules for some ceremonies like funerals and etc. 
Obviously, the movie is a critical work. Thus it's funny if we accept the filmmaker just aimed to criticize a group of unknown Italian authors.
Some of the movie's dialogues also implicitly confirm this fact. Including:

Jep Gambardella: I only wrote one novel, 40 years ago.


Jep Gambardella: What job you do?
The Woman: Me? I’m rich

And also the monologue:

Jep Gambardella: I didn’t just want to live the high life; I wanted to be the king of the high life.

Probably the small but powerful and influential Italian group in the fields of Italian culture and politics is the movie's subject and target of criticism.
Some may think that the filmmaker has presented a real and honest image of this group.
To realize how far this presentation is from reality, just consider the images of religion presented by the filmmaker; A caricature! Presenting an unfair image of the character who reminds Mother Teresa's face, itself, is a sufficient reason to accept that we are dealing with a radical filmmaker. Thus this filmmaker's show is more fantasy than real.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Commentary on "Diaries of 68+1"

The fiction of "Diaries of 68+1" initiates hastily from the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) and the rebel-oriented and general dimensions of the fiction characters are introduced by OWS tag. But then, the OWS will be introduced more and more by the protesting characters of the story.
In fact Alvin and Ariana, the characters of the story, each are representing different perspectives that joined the movement. Alvin who thinks the OWS is inherited from the so-called "SDS" student movement of the 60s, in one hand, and from the other hand, Ariana by expressing this monologue "Outside here all of us are a part of 1%" accepts the fact that every member of the society follows the same judicial system, the electoral system, the financial system and etc. . 
This perspective reminds the reader of the Prague movement; the movement which was started in Czechoslovakia in 60s demanding reformation of the communist system of the country.
From the other side, the story tries to have a deeper and closer look to the significant role of culture through a romantic relationship. The different perspective of the story characters about the love and sex is issues, leads to the characters to be condemned while they have no bad intentions.
From Alvin's opinion, sex is like other entertainments and obeys the structure of its mechanic. But Ariana thinks sex and love are both two pieces which are in separable from each other. The story shows that Alvin's over liberal though is destroyer and describes Ariana's further choice as an incognizant childish selection.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Within Our Circle with Filmmakers!

People usually watch ugliness and beauty from behind the screen. But few people can touch ugliness and beauty and can understand what proportion of reality there is; all of the truth, part of it or even false! 
What we're talk about in our private circles, that`s not is written in yellow press.
Disgusting behavior of novices who are satisfied to provide some part of producing movies budgets in order to act in that movie is what we sometimes take silence about that or sometimes talk about that. Maybe an agent told them that they have seen in more in this way, or perhaps it claimed that some famous actors do the same or have done so before and mention some actors; newcomers believe. Sometimes even they are satisfied to produce Internet stations or cultural and entertainment websites by their own budget in order to be published an interview from themselves, so they arrange an interview for free.  
The news of this kind of scandal is more important than other kinds in our private circles.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Covert and Overt Fraud

Those who are looking guarantee their success will never risk it by cheating, because there are always those who uncover fraud.
For example: it's a fraud, when someone shows pictures that are pattern instead of photos and pictures that were supposed to send from fans. With a little attention, the differences between a pattern image and the image which is sent from friends and fans will be discovered.
But that's not all. The situation becomes worse when someone finds this ability to sacrifices his/her personal life. 
Usually professionals separate their career life from their professional life. In some cases, newcomers think that they can improve their career activities through a deep friendship with their senior friends, but they would just be used. In the other hand, when someone could be cruel toward his/her personal life, then it can be same to other's life too for reaching its goals. So it's difficult to trust this person, because no one wants to lose anything or pay any price as a result of relationship or friendship with this person.
I'm sure that some people are ready to be exposed to get famous and regain in the circle of competitiveness, because the scandal brings fame indeed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fiction Method (Part 4)

The subject and object that are purpose of an author in writing a fiction is significant. It can be noted that all elements of fiction that may cause author`s focus away from main target, must be removed.
In this method, the major hero of the story obviously is subject of the author. All personas may be sacrifice for the same reason they can be hero.
Main reason of being unworthy or admissible persona and also being either hero or sacrifice in the story is its purpose. So, differ between fiction personas and your characteristic or specification of people you like as far as possible, if you're not one of those authors who merchandises by exposing their private lives. You won't able to victimize the persona who looks like yourself or put in a contemptuous situation (by usual elements as bad habits, bad smells, strange treatments and etc.) and also can't consider those personas as culprit persons because of inherent desire to win. As a result, the subject and object of story may mutilate due to retaining the personas.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trust Is Built on Truth

While European Union directs initiative in the foreign policy, White House still prefers to follow his traditional foreign policies due to the fact that same events happened many times before.
On the other hand, when you follow traditions, you usually don`t need to fight against political wings of your opponent.
Thus, if situations were normal or today`s events were similar to what happened before, the author would never present a plan which needs to political conflict in order to implementation, and would never present a plan which derange the political peace.
And now while Russia tries to make its profits safe by frightening Iran from U.S, White House also helps to Kremlin policies promotion by redundant threats against Iran.  
Perhaps they have forgotten endangering Moscow`s profits in Iran that is used as a tension tool on Kremlin! 
Diplomacy is one of the languages for foreign policies. So, if you chose that, it's necessary to speak by the mentioned language perfectly.  
Now the question is: What do you want for America? (I prefer to ask you this question, since I guess you're one of those that easily influenced.)
-Watch the movie “The Family Man”. The memories which haven`t become archaic will come alive again. [Private]  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Russia Needs New Cold War!

The card is placed on the table by Catherine Ashton in her last trip to Iran, causes Russia sees its interests liable in danger in Iran. Also, their analysis shows a sign of concern of Russians from becoming reality the threat of sanctions against this country. Until now, Russians perceived that, gas form Iran rather than Russia`s will be replaced at western countries, in case of sanctions against Russia.
This threat causes Russia sees itself as a defeated in soft war. Russia intends to turn soft war into cold war by stimulating masses of Russians, emphasis on protection of Crimea`s Russian speaking and also sending word with this theme: Russia is in a state of readiness for cold war. Namely, that same action was done after losing out in soft war during the time of former Soviet Union. Russia has some privileges in cold war which misses them in soft war. In a cold war, Russia can easily enforce its militarist policies with protection of Russian`s masses and then create a militarist Fascism, while it can do none of them now. In other hand, Russian government has authorities that United States and European governments don't have. For example, assassinating intellectuals and critics of government is not so controversial in Russia. Even, Anna Politkovskaya who had American citizenship was not safe. While Noam Chomsky can easily publish his own books and teach at universities.
In Russia, a student is fired from university without any explanation only because of “inappropriate manner”, and is this the same in United States or Europe?!
Increasing power of Russian government by decreasing freedom equals to running choice of Russia in cold war. Thus Putin can resort to this new approach for continuance his power under the mask of cold war. But two distinctions can be assumed for United States in a cold war against Russia. First, it will be easier to destruction of Russian Fascism to the outbreak of cold war. In addition, Europeans and Americans haven`t known Russians perfectly yet, Therefore, it's easy to picture for minds which lack of any certain information. Second, White House can charge the president with its political defeats , such as Carter in Iran hostage crisis and another example George W. Bush in regard to attack to Iraq. But, Russian can't do that. Because, when terms of one president of republic is more than twice, so the mentioned president of republic will be symbol of Kremlin. It means that defeat of this president of republic is defeat of Kremlin, and of course not only defeat of the president of republic!
Now let's see, Putin can't be an independent politician.
The proof can be perceived by brief recalling from contemporary history of Russia.
Most of national resources in Russia privatized after Privatization during terms of Yeltsin presidency. But during the time of Soviet Union, few numbers of people piled up great wealth resulting their political corruption, and the rest were not rich and after falling Soviet Union, Russia experienced unpleasant happenings in economic field such as Russian financial crisis. So, winners of privatization in Russia were that few numbers who has called Oligarchy during the time of Soviet Union. They could increase their wealth in that term. In this manner, it is evident that Russian president of republic is needy and dependent to protection of plutocracy in Russia.
But, what is demand of Russian plutocracy?
Approximately, it can be said, their demands aren't very different with ones during the time of Soviet Union.
What will happen if they disappointed from Putin?!
And what will happen if is charged Putin's immature policies with defeat of Kremlin?!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Poor People Are Always Good People!

If a good path considers as the only option of a person's life, is he a good person?
How we can judge on the goodness description of a young man or woman who has never chosen a good track according the free choices? 
And if you find out that his/her obedience to God caused his/her afraid; fear of parents!  
Can you still find him/her a good person?
If your answer is positive so children are always good because they shouldn't read some contents; because they shouldn't use some words; because they shouldn't do some activities. Finally the children forced to be good! 
Or poor people are always good because economic pressure make decisions instead of them. 
And also those who consider in the classification 'Nerd' are always good because they're afraid of bullies.  
The goodness and badness of any act are hidden in the intent of doing it. So, someone who's not free is neither good nor bad.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Natural Economy

The author means of the subject (natural economy) is the collection of economic measures which are taken for the maintenance and protection of economy's nature or essence. And of course economy is a concept which involves a specific nature. There's no doubt that the provision of financial and economic requirements of the people is a part of natural and inherent purpose of the economy and generation of employments is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. But the job opportunities aren't limitless or in other words there aren't enough job opportunities. While in order to provide people with their economic and financial requirements there's a need of creating more jobs. 
Employment prioritization can fill the gap caused by insufficient job opportunities. The meaning of prioritization is that the people, whose wages are also to be used for people other than themselves, will have employment priority. Of course the fairness of the wages of the black people and women is a necessary factor for the success of such pattern.
For example: a widow who has two children should have priority over a dependent single woman (as someone who lives with her parents). Because the benefit gained from the first one is to be distributed to three individuals, which means the economic requirements of three people of the society can be met with one job. But the wage of the second one will be for one individual. 
Maybe some people criticize this idea and consider this pattern a violator of democracy and economic liberalism.
It should be said that this economic pattern offers an affirmative action and this approach has been passed in some international conventions such as Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and some national laws such as U.S for the protection of the vulnerable groups of society.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Realism of Economy

Decreasing economic power usually causes prospering the markets, left-wing views of economic and Socialist tendencies. Many countries that had weak economic structures, tended to Socialist opinions or other recommendations close to that. Finally, all of those countries such as Cuba, former Soviet Union and… perceive that such an opinion is like a big lock on the economic door of their country.
Do people that their slogan is “protection of low income classes” really love others?!
If your answer to this question is positive, so should conclude Fidel Castro is attached to Cuba`s people!
Justice, like other human patterns, is a human pattern, and its object is profiting mankind. Thus, economic justice is beneficial and applicable only when it will be to people`s advantage.
What will be the results of such a pattern?!
Today, many American`s capitalists transfer their capital form United States to Swiss, Singapore and… or even some of them renege their U.S citizenship. Because they know there are countries with lower rates of taxes.
Is such affair to society`s advantage?!
Absorbing investment is the best way in order to strengthen economic power of a country. But does an owner of capital enter his/her capital into the country due to high rate of taxes?!
Certainly, America can be changed itself to capitalist`s heaven with lower rate of taxes will be lay on owners of capital. The profit obtained from absorbing investment into America belongs to all of people who live in America. Its minimum domestic benefit will be creation employment, but in external areas it can impact the economic columns of Neo liberal governments such as Russia.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Democratic Totalitarianism in Russia

Putin`s policy in Crimea is serious and disastrous indication of appearing extreme Nationalism as a disease. We`ll perceive that Russian`s policy implementation project is an answer to Russian`s demand, when thousands of Russians protest in support of Kremlin`s policies against Ukraine in Crimea.
Evidently, both Nazism and Fascism had protection of the mass of people, and had Democratic popularity. Thus, Russian Democracy wouldn't be adoptable to the international community, while reinforces the extreme nationalism base.  
Today, Putin`s policies violating international rights has protection of Russian under the care of nationalism. This would be a threat for world peace and constant security. In other words, this would make it onerous to controlling Russia and also balance of powers. Formation of plurality of the Russian nationalists’ thoughts can collapse these thoughts in Russia. This means that a new Russian nationalism thought would be created for competition with current Russian's nationalism thought which to be led by Putin.  
A brief search on Russia`s history presents the individuals and interesting movement for creating a pattern or socio-political model. For example, Decembrist revolt is one of the most adorable Russian's movements. Despite the fact that this movement had deeply Nationalism specifications, yet it had Internationalist specifications, too. Many individuals of the mentioned movement had constructor role in French revolution. Therefore, creating a national opposition that followed by revival of Decembrist dreams, can create a new face of Nationalism. However, the new face is Nationalism; it is west-oriented, too.
Plurality of opinions among Russian Nationalist groups will be the most important achievement of such opposition.
Before, plurality of opinions about Feminism, at the Third-wave Feminism caused to fall of growth and increasing development of this movement.  
The issue is still important in Russia, is that cause Russia to adopt or be influenced by the cultural, economic, or political systems of Europe or westernize it.
But only exporting western thoughts to Russia is not enough. Since, westernization of Russia is demand of its people and also the government. Even Lenin had wanted the same and said with these words: "First, we westernize Russia and then change Europe to Russia".
Putin is trying to achieve the same, Russian dream westernization of Russia, too.
So, if cultural units of American and Europe deny westernize Russia or even debases it, what will change in Russia due to western policy is not evidently dream of Russia.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

European Version of the Monroe Doctrine

Events of the Orange Revolution and its fall clearly showed that European Union (EU) doesn't support poor European countries. But currently, Russia sells its gas to Ukraine for half the price of the market. It also frequently feeds the economy of this country by providing financial assistances. There's no doubt that these privileges wouldn't be given to a pro-western government in Ukraine.
But can the EU's supports, replace the Russian supports of Ukraine?!  
Events occurring after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine showed that the EU is reluctant to provide economic supports for a poor European country. Maybe it caused the triumph of the Russian government's pressure politics over Ukraine.  
On the other hand, the events of Greece and the decision making procedure of the EU concerning the economic support of that country showed that the foreign policies of the European Union is closely tied with economy.  
Even right now, it's the US government which is going to send an economic aid package for Ukraine and not the EU.
Certainly the political behavior of the EU regarding Ukraine contains a political message for the white house: The European Union doesn't need poor members or ailing economies such as Ukraine. 
The conflicts of interests of the US and the EU in the affairs of Europe cause the EU's lack of serious supports regarding the US foreign policies in Europe and also regarding Ukraine.
It seems that the implied modern doctrine or the strategy of the EU has replaced the classical doctrine of the white house in the affairs of Europe. According to the EU's implied doctrine, investment in a government is done for the return on investment and not for the goal of winning in a political competition.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On Russia: Bring the War to Home!

Russia under the pretext of supporting from interests of Russian nationals in Crimea, campaign there and break Ukraine's independence. It reminds the author of the fall of Czechoslovakia in 1938 when Hitler's Nazi government attacked Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia under the pretext of supporting the interests of German nationals who have residing there. Also the author has expressed some content in another paper named 'Cuba isn't the Second China!' about sphere of influence and its threats through the race and nationality. 
But in the current situation, there's no time to regret. Legal and political status of Crimea will be determined on March 30 by a referendum, but what the unknown is Russia's next political move. The most important concern is repetition of the Post-Orange Revolution events, Russia use of Gazprom, Ukraine's debts as weapons against it as in past which were effective factor for failure of Orange Revolution.
Unfortunately, even the Russian main opposition party which was Communist also agreed to the military move of Putin, and recently a number of Communist representatives of Duma state of Russia entered Crimea in order to meet the opposition of Ukraine new government.
But there are two sides to every story. Russia has many interests in Iran. Because, when most countries have isolated Iran, Russia supported it, including its nuclear program. 
But the new president of Iran has likely a positive view of west and the most thread from Iran against Russia in this country is made when the need of Tehran to Moscow is minimized because this would destroy by itself Russia's sphere of influence in Iran.
So a new positive discourse of Washington to Tehran even a temporary one could transmit a new message by the White House to the Kremlin. A message which threatening Russia interests and sphere of influence in Iran.
A new political move from the West in favor of Iran as an encouraging political behavior could make America or Europe as a new rival for Russia on Iran.
In other hand, historical experience shows that political disquiets in Russia would prevent Moscow from foreign ambitions. Prior to this, internal political disquiets in Russia led the country couldn't play an active role in Kosovo crisis. Dissolution of Parliament in Russia and interpellation of the president or continual efforts to destroy his face by the parliament during Yeltsin presidency is sufficient enough to prove the claim that Russia has the potential for implementation of the political instability plan or plans.
A strong opposition in Russia as exists in Yeltsin era could be a pressure on Moscow.