Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Syria: An Economic Solution

The problem of Syria lies outside of the country and therefore, a Syrian solution cannot settle the Syrian crisis. 
Today's Syria is the field of a proxy war, as Lebanon is arena of a proxy dispute with a lower degree than its neighbor, which made it difficult to resolve the Presidential crisis of this country. If the parties engaged in the Syrian crisis are just looking for a short-term victory, so continuation of militarism or attaching the useless option of diplomatic or political solution would be their only dead-end!
But it seems for some States, it has been recognized that continuation of war in Syria could only impose damage against the political credibility of engaged countries in the Syrian civil-war, and moreover that it is a threat to national security of many countries, it is heavy economic burden for State-sponsors of Syrian militants. 
Therefore, if the engaged States in the Syrian crisis come to an agreement to end the military and political battle in the country, Syria would enter a new stage. The post-war Syria would be like Vietnam after its second war, which was against United States. The author of Diplomacy book, Henry Kissinger can share his experience in this regard with the US and European governments. Since then, Syrian government needs friends that be able to launch big economic and reconstruction projects in the country. And it can be predicted that Syria would make new friends and find new enemies. 
There is no expectation that every State has an interest in planning for long-term but probably those countries, which have designed a long-term strategy for themselves would change the path of war in Syria.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Era of Terror-Security

After celebration… 
This round of the U.S. Presidential election was a great opportunity for the system to detect covered pro-Russians and sleeper agents. Simply, all of them must be removed immediately. The system must implement the order in all informational, political, economic and cultural fields in the United States. 
The result of the election was the consequence of testing capability of the system by Washington. 
Without a doubt, the Democratic Party could win the recent Presidential election if they did not intrigue against Sanders campaign or if they cooperate with the system over middle class and people. And certainly winning of Trump, the anti-establishment candidate in both primary and general elections indicated interference of the system against Republican since their decisions through the years were unacceptable in the view point of the system. Of course in the recent years, the White House and Congress did not have a proper relationship with the system and they inevitably paid for it. 
The positions of the system over Russia and Iran are considered red lines. Therefore, Donald Trump is requested to avoid withdrawing against Moscow, and also, stop animosity to Iran. Donald Trump is asked by the system to put an end to the Washington interference in the domestic affairs of Syria. In addition, people such as Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Bob Corker and Newt Gingrich must have no place in the Trump administration. 
The system should present its favorable candidates for key jobs in Trump administration. Decisions of Donald Trump and Republicans at this stage, would determine future decisions of the system over the White House and Congress.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The system promised to harden presidential contest for Hillary Clinton campaign. Observers can evaluate the performance of the system in this regard and accordingly, adjust their decisions. 
In 2014, the system warned those who always have had influential role in engineering of the US elections that it will disrupt 2016 Presidential election against their plans. The mentioned document is accessible. That warning was not propaganda or a political bluff!
Not only the right to democracy but also further, the right to revolution has been recognized through the United Sates Declaration of Independence. Although the system’s interpretation of the Human Rights might be different with that of the UN Human Rights Council; meanwhile governments guide the Council. 
People are not musical notes to be played for political ambitious of a group. The mainstream media claim neutral and democratic position over people and events. But none of them allow Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the US presidential candidates, to present their plans, even for a moment. This Presidential election proved to people in the Unites States and the rest of nations, that the mainstream media and Washington are not ready to accept a democratic transition of power to people.