Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tehran: All the Dictator's Men

Struggle for changing a game is harder than winning the game.
Starting a revolution, victory in a war and long tolerance over a resistance would be possible as long as it follows the rules of the game. But sometimes put an end to a old game is impossible. Without a doubt, the West could terminate Assad in first days of Syrian civil war, which might lead to a soft revolution in Iran. Through the last years, Israel has frequently attacked Gaza that caused heavy damages for the people in Gaza but surprisingly Hamas leaders have never taken any wound. While, eliminating Hamas could be considered a key for fundamental changes in Iran.
The system has never objected an overthrow of dictatorships, but wars or sanctions that do not aim to erase them are not legitimate. Efforts of the system with regard to wars on Syria, Gaza, Yemen and Iran's nuclear diplomacy were guided accordingly. 
What the system and global community needs is the rule of human rights in the world. Definitely, the current situation of Tehran is not in accordance with global demands. Therefore, the players, whom desire to protect the current situation, i.e. American and British corporations have to withdraw. The channel of negotiation and dealing is open and an opportunity for making decision is given to them. By the way, the system must remove obstacles, with or without any deals.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Darkest Black Sea

The winner does not buy time, but shoots the seconds to his rivals.
The Black Sea and its own great sources will play a major role for European long-term politics. But now, as a result of illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia, more parts of the sea are dominated by Moscow. As long as the issue has not been resolved, inevitably the element of time could be taken advantage of against Kremlin. 
There are three different solutions for the above problem: 
First, retaking Crimea by launching a Western campaign, which might be a main reason of backing Ukraine Euromaidan Revolution. 
Second, implementation of scorched earth strategy against Moscow, like Syria through expanding sanctions and starting riots.
Third, fighting climate change from the point of fossil fuel energy. Achieving this goal would not be possible merely by lying on green tech, since this kind of technology is not affordable and fast enough. Investments on technologies and innovation that promote green technology to a competitive level is necessary in order to make green tech attractive for both macroeconomics and political economy. 
The system must put all of its efforts on realization of the above plans. But in respect of the third solution, the oil mafia must be overcome from the outset through peaceful or easier ways, which might be violent.