Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tehran: Political Industry

Certainly a requirement on the Iranian government for the economic reforms in the country was an unrelated clause to the nuclear program to be added to the nuclear agreement if there was any chance. 
Samuel Pisar, the real peace hero and the Holocaust survivor believed that the reform of the Soviet government through the involvement of its economic exchanges in the global economy would be possible. Undoubtedly, this pattern can be launched on Iran. 
Taking into account that the destruction of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was certainly impossible without the cooperation of Iranians (and it is not of classified information). And Iran has been well proven that has the required potential to fight against international terrorism and ISIS. Also, Tehran is the chosen and the best actor for crafting of the "balance of power" against the wild powers in the region such as Saudi Arabia. Needless to say, it is the first necessity of the system in the Middle East. And it is worth mentioning that lifting the rest of Iran sanctions which are not related to the nuclear program but it is harmful for political credibility of Tehran, is possible. But it depends on Iran to defend its interest through the facts. The political map of the Middle East has changed. Baghdad and Erbil have appreciated the positive role of Iran in Iraq. Al-Qaeda is gone. Iran's support of some groups has fallen and Hezbollah is not immutable. 
So, the Iranian and West parties of the JCPOA agreement are expected to end the economic divergence. Iran is asked to put a priority on its chance in Western investments in the country and the West is asked also to try to avoid Iran's economy becoming the margin of safety of Moscow and Beijing. 
At the end, it should be noted that like secret prisons, Iranian nuclear program in not fully under the control and monitoring of the government. Therefore, it is possible to monitor it only through an international entity, i.e. International Atomic Energy Agency and the implementation of the JCPOA.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A War for Peace

A group of Christians believe that the execution of Jesus Christ has led to forgiving the sins of all of Christians! 
Yemen war can prevent the occurrence of more possible wars in the Middle East. There is no doubt that if the operation "Storm of Decisiveness" - even now Saudis refrain the use of this term for Yemen war- was won the occurrence of the next wars in the Middle East would happen more easily. 
The balance of the military power does not exist in the world or in the instable region of the Middle East. Therefore, if a country's military superiority can lead to its victory in a war against a country which is weak militarily, then the war for the purpose of the expansion changes to a sure option for that country or the countries which are considered as military powers. 
The defeat of 9 Arab states in a war against a very poor country in the Middle East has an obvious sense; the "war" is not an option. 
The entry purpose of the system in the war is clear: make the war harder for those used the military option against Yemen as well as establishment of democracy in this country. 
On a political solution in the case of Yemen it should be said that according to the Saudi classified document, more than 50% of Aden is directly under the control of Houthis and Yemeni army (otherwise, what could justify the continuous heavy bombing of Aden in recent days?!), therefore, the option of dividing Yemen is impossible. So the only solution is establishment of democracy and formation the provisional government.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Palestine: Limited Time

Supporting Palestinians is a success for the system even though it does not lead to the end of Israeli occupation over the Palestinian territories. Because the political influence and credibility of Israel will be decreased under the international pressures, and it increases the opportunities for the other powers.
The high-powered Israel would never end the occupation of Palestinian territories. But if Israel is weak, it is likely that its government forces to resolve the issue. And Netanyahu is the only option that can weaken Israel domestically and isolate it in the international arena (although Avigdor Liberman could be the best option for the task). Indeed, Netanyahu can be compared with Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad weakened Iranian economy and isolated the country internationally. And grave economic problems in Israel alongside the isolation of the government in the international arena in the last few years are the comparable points in this regard. 
Undoubtedly a smart Israeli politician such as Tzipi Livni who is supported by Mossad, Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. and even some of the Arab states can easily run the "Restart" plan for Israel through deceiving the public opinion. And it is worth mentioning that the Joint List is an Israeli card in order to deceive Palestinian. 
The international pressures against Israel will not be unlimited and perennial because Netanyahu administration lifetime is not unlimited. Therefore, Palestinians have limited opportunity to put pressure on Israel to be weakened. 
Palestine could become a member of ICC through the supports of the system. And this is only one of the numerous cases of the system's support of Palestinians. So if the Palestinians want the constant supports of the system, it is needed to make realistic decisions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

International Law after "2231"

As it was mentioned earlier, the Joint Comprehensive Agreement on Iranian nuclear program cannot be regarded as a historic agreement. Since it will not directly lead to key changes in the global or regional arena. Although it will positively impact the order of the Middle East. The agreement returns the international relations of Iran to a situation that the Iranian government had experienced prior to start its nuclear program. Hashemi Rafsanjani presidential period and the first term of Khtami's presidency are among these times. 
To improve the relations of Iran and West a number of factors are necessary and this agreement is a step, however, is an important step in this regard. 
But certainly the agreement has aspects which can be addressed with a "historic" description. For the first time in the history of international law, the UN Security Council was retreated of the decisions which were made due to binding resolutions. The "immutability" characteristic of the Security Council’s resolutions has canceled by the resolution 2231. It can be strongly claimed that the international law has entered into a new season as well as it has developed. And the resolution will be a model and binding pattern for subsequent resolutions of the Security Council as a judicial decision of a court on a case has such a function in the legal regime of Common Law. Surely, many articles and also thesis will be written about the changes and evolution of the international law on the basis of the Security Council resolution 2231.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nasser, Sadat and the Combinatorial Egypt

Undemocratic Egypt means Gamal Abdel Nasser's and Anwar Sadat's Egypt. And the current Egypt is a combination of both. On one hand Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has created a repressive regime like Abdel Nasser and is going to get close ties with Moscow as well and just like Nasser interferes in Yemen's civil war, on the other hand, he gives ransom to Israel like Anwar Sadat and puts pressure on Palestine through Gaza and close the Rafah crossing. 
Bearing in mind that Eisenhower action to prevent the invasion of France and Britain against Egypt in 1956 which happened following the nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser is considered a defeat for the West; and losing is the cost of failure. Since then, Abdel Nasser has converted the Cairo into Moscow's sphere of influence and then attempted to interfere in North Yemen Civil War (1962-1970). 
And now, does the West or even the Arab Nation accept such a combinatorial Egypt?! This Egypt would not allow the formation of any order in the Middle East. Therefore, actions and operations of the system in Egypt will continue even if the war in Yemen ends or if Egypt does not participate to continue the war. 
The system manages these operations in Egypt. As a result, they are not identified with the "extremism" tag. 
In the end, as it is obvious the recent announcement on Aden is false and its broadcasting is opposed to the law governing communications and information. According to the reports, Houthis and Yemeni army could retake Aden airport. Also, no one of Hadi's cabinet member have entered the country. And the war can be harder for Riyadh and its allies soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Civil rights movements and the people's discontent with government is a worthwhile investment for the best democracy to be established. The system certainly needs the voice of people to develop the democracy. And in this regard, entertainer means of communications such as movies and music can increase people's awareness by using their thoughts and lifestyle models. 
No revolution will happen in a person-oriented society, even if all people are discontent with their current situation. A revolution in order to be established needs two parameters: first, public discontent and second, public awareness of the fact that all people are discontent and unhappy. The revolution will happen when people of east rely on people of the west, people of west rely on people of east, the people of north rely on people of south and people of south rely on people of the north. And if the residents of east of New York have no awareness of its west residents discontent and vice versa, is a revolution possible in such a situation?! 
The cinema and movies can play a role of intermediate. The cinema should be the X-ray in order to reveal the in common points of people. 
Given the great financial resources of the system, it is necessary to start the investment in order to run the project long-term and comprehensively. 
The "Swordfish" method is allowed to earn more money. Therefore, the security of this method should be fully provided. And at the end, 1 to 2 percent of the revenues from this method are recommended to be donated to charity organizations.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yemen-Saudi Arabia: Closer

For those who live in blood; no fear of plasma. 
The death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to be killed has been identified and approved by the intelligence agencies in the West and East. However, the news has not been officially informed. But this fact should not be denied that some governments and their media try the publication of such news to be prevented. 
It should be said in the case of Yemen that the fall of the Mansur Hadi government through the uprising of army and Houthis has not happened overnight but the media started to publish the news at the point of time when the government has lost the control over the governmental authorities, in practice. And also in relation to Yemen war the situation is the same. Around 3800 men of Saudi soldiers and officers have been killed in this war among them the commander of the Saudi Air Force, Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Shaalan. In addition, Mohammad Bin Salman, the defense minister of Saudi Arabia was also injured seriously as a result of second Scud missile attack. And while the sound of silence was louder than his shout, the Saudi government assassinated him a few days ago in order to hide the new face of the prince (with disability). 
All the news is censored in Arabic media. By the way, silence cannot change the reality; the assassination of Saud bin Faisal, the former minister of foreign affairs clearly indicates the grave difference inside the throne. 
On the other hand, the separatist movements of "Ahrar al-Najran" and "Najran Youth" have begun their military phase of operations in Saudi Arabia. However, the media kept silence about the occupation of military bases and Najran airport by the movement of "Ahrar al-Najran". In spite of this, as it has been seen the censorship of the news cannot stop the occurrence of systematic events. 
In the end, the system warned the Saudi Arabia and its allies that all of the ways and means are allowed against the wrongdoers. And also, the Wall Street and governmental authorities will not be safe unless with the system's permission.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ukraine: Post-Revolution Era

Ukraine's Orange Revolution was overthrown as a result of a democratic election and such a fate threatens Ukraine's Maidan Revolution. 
Today, the economic aspirations and social welfare are of the main concerns of Ukrainian. And getting tight ties with the U.S. and EU is no more on top priority. Additionally the influence of Crimea issue and the events in the east of Ukraine on Ukrainian public opinion are undeniable as well. It should be added that citizens in the east of Ukraine will participate in the next elections, which is affecting the country's political fate determination. 
Given the circumstances, the membership of Ukraine in the European Union would not make any change in the country's political fate in order to end the dispute of the pro-Russians and pro-Europeans in the country. The Hungarian government is a good example to prove this claim. 
And according to the reports, Russia is going to assassinate a number of Ukrainian journalists who write against Moscow. Certainly the raise of public awareness about the Russian threats by mobilizing all of communication tools widely can prevent future disasters. 
There is no doubt that it is possible to rebuild the trust of people to the Moscow and pro-Russians politicians while rebuilding the Ukrainian economy is not easy and if the government fails in realization the Ukrainian economic goals, then the public trust to the pro-Europeans politicians reduces. In such circumstances the promotion of public awareness to the expansionism and un-reliability of Moscow is what can increase the government chance to win in the future elections.