Saturday, July 23, 2016

Political Art: Dreams and Nightmares

Everyone has dreams and nightmares, thus all are controllable from this point except those who live and die on their own belief. 
Sisi's fantasies faded when Egypt engaged in insecurity that was run by the system. In addition, fantastic dreams of Saudi Arabia will be vanished while the country and its leaders involve in nightmares. For stopping one's ambitions, its nightmares must come true. 
No obligation can prevent the system from launching operations against Israel or its political leaders. Obviously, if the system will initiate such an operations without delay and in other words, new operations will add to the currents ones against Tel Aviv if it finds it useful and not even vital. It should be added that the system fulfilling its commitment towards Palestine until Israel does the same on the issue of human trafficking in the Middle East. In spite of that, the system encourages both parties of Israel and Palestine to negotiate and reach a realistic peace. 
Today, the world is encountering the moments of changing the history because it is the time of making critical decisions. Active crises and the potential crises that are expecting outburst are waiting for the decisions of world leaders. Since these decisions are made over the critical conditions of the world will carry on strong impact just like composing important chemical elements. According to strength of forces and historical records, this period would last for 2 or 3 years. However, even this time is sufficient for dictators and unaware politicians to lead the history to edge of darkness and keep the world away from civilization progress for decades and even centuries. The system will put all its efforts on punishing leaders and politicians that endanger the world order by their wrong acts.
The text of Netanyahu's speech for the upcoming meeting in the UN that is inspired by the Oedipus play is unacceptable and this objective lecture must be revised immediately. And also, a group of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in all levels are affiliate to Israel and even some of them trained in the country. Their identities must be detected and executed by the system. The Revolutionary Guards is requested not to report any missing members until normalization and ending the operations, since doubtlessly it would be the system's activities. 
In the end, the Munich attack is a strange case since the killer's parents were immigrants but he was an anti-immigrant and killed at least seven people who were not Germans including six citizens of Turkey and Kosovo.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

4 Years Suspension

Human being is a dangerous creature thus he makes deadly decisions at once. 
British did not vote through false fears that surrounded them by mainstream media and their leaders. Also many young people in the U.S. refuse to sell their votes to Hillary Clinton in order to stop Donald Trump. And one of the main decision making centers of the world, which is the system, supports the opinion of this people. 
The consequences of Republicans leadership over the White House would be inhibited by negotiation and deals. Although Trump or other Republicans are not proper options for running the White House but the system endeavors by all means to hinder Hillary Clinton from reaching the White House, since endorsing Clinton at this stage could result in determining an erroneous path and approach for the Democratic Party and finally erode it. 
Keep it in mind the Republican Party had been identified as a traditional and center-right wing before winning Bush Jr. at the Presidential election. Since then the party has turned to neoconservative and extremist wing. The party that once ended the Vietnam War and established diplomatic relations with Mao's China in the Cold War era, now carries the heritage that he left for the US right-wing. 
It is not acceptable to let the Democratic Party be annihilated and for preserving the party safe, it is necessary to be patient and not confirm Hillary Clinton, who regarded as a neoconservative and warmonger among liberals; the one who is comparable to Tony Blair. Presumably, Trump would not be able to get the control of the White House for two terms in a row, so the system should let the right-wing to take this round of presidential election and surely Democrats will present a deserved candidate for the American left-wing in the next 4 years and defeat its rival party. While 4 years off would give a chance to the Democratic Party to reform its platform. Although the Democratic Party can hold the chance of winning by unlikely adding Sanders and Warren to the possible cabinet of Clinton. Hey Hillary, the system makes this competition harder for you and makes you older after that!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lebanon and Terrorism

Lebanon is the only Arab country where Christians form around half of its population. Therefore, Lebanon is at a vulnerable position toward the danger of terrorism. Terrorist groups in the region may allow Muslims to survive by imposing tough rules and harsh condition but they never give other faiths such a chance. They would kill and enslave the Yazidis and the Christians. 
If Lebanon's Hezbollah has been a terrorist organization, Christians, Sunnis and those who do not believe to any spiritual faith but having fun in Beirut's bars must have been complaining about Hezbollah. But why none of them submit even a report against Hezbollah, which is a Shia political and paramilitary organization?! 
Traditionally, a terrorist group is one that tries to impose its own ideology or faith to others by force. While Hezbollah has a moderate attitude toward social and cultural issues and it has not attacked freedom of people in Lebanon yet though the domain of freedom might contradicts Islam and Sharia Law. Politically, Hezbollah committed to democracy and diplomacy and it never tried to abuse its military power to occupy Beirut by a coup while the present condition of the country could be tempting. In addition, it would be a useful training to sometime answer to arguments rather than repeating old allegations. 
Political instability of Lebanon is an evident fact and considering its own vulnerable position and critical situation of borders with Syria, strengthening Hezbollah is vital to keep counter-terrorism powerful. 
Removing competitor is the nature of politics and without a doubt Tehran, Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah and perhaps Yemen’s Ansarullah are regional rivals of the West in the Middle East but eliminating them, thorough unusual, unprofessional and hastily acts could only create crisis. This approach of the Western States needs revision.