Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tehran: From Down to Fall

Peace is a result of consensus within the society; not law and guns. 
The uprising and protest of Iranians against the dictatorship will be continued since there is no sign of withdrawal among people and government. Surprisingly, the primary steps of protesters have deeply distracted the governmental officials. Learning such a level of political instability might be unexpected for many domestic and foreign observers. 
It is evident, the system should support the people by all means. And at this stage, they need to be ensured about a proper alternative to Islamic Republic. Therefore, the system should take a leading role in organizing and improving Iranian opposition.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Adaptation or extinction, the basis of "Naturalpolitik". 
Surely, there are many within the system, who are hopeful that the Democratic Party will take over the Congress in the upcoming year. Well, it is now easy to hide a political orientation under the term "checks and balances". 
The system supports an advanced version of "separation of powers". Moreover, the people and Congress will apparently welcome the leftists' possible victory. It has been the whole story with a good ending. 
But how many of Democrats are really bound to left-wing politics in order to be able to re-implement the checks and balances?! 
Since many people are frustrated with Republicans, the chance of voting on emotion will be increased in the upcoming 2018 Congressional election. 
The system must interfere in order to return balance to the game, which might make it harder for Democratic Party. It is more convenient to find it as a qualification test for Democrats, which should not be a big deal for real ones.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Yemen: The War as a Shield

One of the covert functions of wars is unity under the flag of terror.
The upper hand of Yemen's Houthis in the war is an undeniable fact. And from now on, the war plays a pretext for Houthis to implement the lynch law against its rivals and the assassination of Ali Abdullah Saleh is a proof in this regard. On the other hand, Saudis are weak enough to be stuck in a dead end rather than accepting their defeat in the war and put an end to it. 
The Only victims of this situation are kids. There is no room for mercy in dealing with passive men and women. Nevertheless, the Houthis are penetrable but there is a faint hope of influencing in their regime and make a division at this point of time. It can be considered an option after a truce. But at the present time, one can do blind assassinations against ring leaders of Houthis. It can increase pressure against them and gradually make a way out of this deadlock.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Syria: Ace Card

The Syrian civil war is going to be finished. It is about time to pick up some to be considered loser. The Turkish desire for re-establishing Ottoman Empire has been vanished and Riyadh is at such vulnerable position so that not to be a threat. Russians are patient but there is not much time left for them to be the heroic winner, the one who "takes all". Moscow intends to be the kingmaker; Syria is not enough for Kremlin. And in this regard, Tehran, is scheduled to be played as a Ace card, while it is burned one. Since Iran itself is threat to Russian influence in Syria. Therefore, Moscow is not in a position to bargain on Iran. 
The system enjoys of regulating power over everything; so Russia has a chance to act its role or it will be performed by the system. Damascus must left Iran behind, no matter with or without Assad. And if Russians hesitate to pick up the phone and dictate the new order, the system incentive proposals and aids are ready to help Syrian government with making hard decision upon Tehran.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Suits for an Unfinished Game

The world is a useless place for human beings without people. 
The people are not politicians, champions or heroes. They might be involved in politics and even become a threat to political balances, or defend their country to death; but none of these positions would be permanent for them. They are not extraordinary, but ordinary; not born to be better or the best but the same. This is the reason that there is no lasting era and vogue. Classical and Romantic Schools were popular but they are already gone. 
It was an achievement for the system to revive the 68 Movement in the recent years, which made some surprised. But these people from Europe to U.S. that could make whatever was left as dream in 1968 need peace. It is not a reward! This is what gradually is going to take place in their lives; as there were two separate universes between over-politicization of the 60's and political indifferentism of the 80's. For instance because of the socio-political impact of Michael Jackson works, which reproduced the term "good citizens" by a post-modern and radical form. 
However, as political attitude of people shapes the ruling politics, their social behaviors can play a similar function, which is why controlling the entertainment industry is a key element for political players. It is evident that the battleground will changed; the war of shows will replace the war of words: consciousness against unconsciousness; fact vs. fiction.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Documentation of a Protest

The lesser of two evils principle was overwhelmed by people in the latest US Presidential election. They preferred to encounter the consequences of a tough decision rather than surrendering to fear. This consciousness must be kept alive; meanwhile Donald Trump Presidency might have had a negative impact on audacity of some people. 
An effective socio-political revolution or resistance takes place through a long-term scheme, just like growing a plant. Cuban revolution is a good counterexample to display the weakness of rapid acts in this regard. Resistance must not be a burden to the people. One should not call for people for taking another hard decision like what they took in 2016 elections. But it does not mean that the Democratic Party can simply present anyone as its own candidate for the following Congressional and then Presidential elections. Liberalization of the party's platform is also important for the system. 
At the present time, unlike what the media and Democrats are trying to induce people to believe that the result of the latest Presidential election was a failure to democracy, the system must ensure the society that the decision was right and a milestone in the way of a forming revolution. It was the actual advent of the "Bern or Bust" pledge; a brave step to push forward the movement.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Destruction for Reconstruction

Some European states and companies are dissatisfied with the recent decisions of the White House against Iran's nuclear deal and Iranian Revolutionary Guards, while they are relatively responsible for such a situation. They did not take advantage of their own economic power and in particular their position as financial investors in Iran as a leverage against the ruling class and their predominant policies. The stance of Tehran toward human rights, their paramilitary macro policy and environment has not changed since the nuclear deal. 
And of course, a comprehensive dialogue is needed between European corporations and the system. The function of sanction is based on destroying an economy, while destruction is not a goal; it is a targeted reconstruction. The game is not new, and Vietnam is an example in this regard. Unfortunately, since economic actors of the global community cannot play their hand the Iran sanctions should be expanded to reset the time. It is worth to mention, few months later, the reconstruction of Syria will be started; an opportunity to win whatever was lost in the war. There are several ways to delay this reconstruction but the best option is readiness for taking over both economic and political wheels of the post-war Syria.