Saturday, April 30, 2016

To Yakuza

Rivals must be eliminated or become friends. 
The system needs to merge other powers inside itself in order to strengthen its power in global and domestic structures of countries. Obviously the system is able to establish hundreds of branches and agencies in the world but what can boost the influence of the system is to for by current groups and agencies to join it. 
Yakuza is a Japanese mob group which has committed to drug and human trafficking and money laundering. Definitely none of these crimes are negligible but the felony of human trafficking is unforgivable. In spite of this, the system offers a deal to Yakuza:
Yakuza can become one of the main agencies of the system provided putting away human trafficking and gives a half of shares over Japanese show business to the system. 
If Yakuza accepts this offer, would become one of the main sources of intelligence in the world by the means and facilities of the system; it can sell information and gains more benefits than any other legal and illegal business or also release them to affect the world order. In either ways, Yakuza would become a world power.
The system never gives such an offer to a group that cannot provides high personal security for its members because a big information source is always a potential threat to the world. Although most of people are still in this dream that a few journalist heroically release classified information. And at the end, Yakuza can be sure that accepting this offer would not be a threat to its independence until it does not do anything against the system and its interests.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Future with Protest Vote

No law can establish democracy in a country.
Russia and Belarus are among the countries which are democratic only on paper and there is no difference between them and the Arab states of Persian Gulf. 
Those who had objected to the laws of the U.S. helped its democracy. It was the protesting votes that have made Blacks eligible to vote. Negative vote or not voting undermines the legitimacy of the government and it force the federal government to accept real reforms. There is no benefit in doing changes for the government. So change happen only when the government has no other choice. Change is the last option of any government.
Although in the system's view point, Bernie Sanders is a proper candidate to become the next president but it is not yet enough. More is needed; more left and leftists are needed. And until the ideals of tax payers have not been fulfilled, to join  the voters campaign can note help them. Those who do not sacrifice their long-term for the short-term will note give confidence vote to the government in order to question the legitimacy of it.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Political Psychology: Secret Phobia

Washington's leaders suffer from the "disrespect" phobia. They afraid of being disrespected. So they pass sanctions or launch certain operations against the states and governments that do not try to respect them such as Iran and Venezuela. Although Washington's influence has declined in the Middle East but running a showy coalition that tens of states are it members is sufficient or even perfect for the White House and Washington, even if no one of them participates at its operations. And Tehran, whose political options have been chosen base on psychology, have been able to discover the mental disorder of Washington's leaders and provoke towards its own short and long-term strategy. Those who have access to Iranian intelligence are aware of the fact that the Green Movement of Iranians was created by the very Iranian regime and Revolutionary Guards in order to weaken the opposition. Accordingly, the so-called leaders of the movement were under secret deep analysis and then they unconsciously had obeyed the orders. 
Of course, Iran is not the only state that enjoys the capacity of psychology in politics, for instance, EU leaders had benefited from it also in negotiations with Greece on debts. According to classified document, EU leaders were deeply terrified of Athens' exit from the eurozone. They believed that it could encourage other members to do the same thing and it means, the collapse of EU. So if Tsipras had a chance to threaten EU leaders to drive out Greece from the EU, he would achieve proper concession. Based on the European intelligence agencies, the EU powers used reverse engineering on this subject, thus they threaten Athens to oust from EU membership. This psychological technique caused Athens to withdraw its best card and even came to this believe that the controversial stick belongs to the most powerful states of EU, not Greece!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Palestine-Israel: New Sample

A similar military agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan for the case of Palestine can make Palestinians needless of enjoying national army or militia. And it is apparent, establishing U.S. military base in the land of Palestinian would be an opportunity for Washington and the only way to relieve Palestine from the most difficult condition of Israelis, the disarmament. 
Israel-Palestine reconciliation can take place in several steps. The first step of the process which is starting diplomatic relations between Israel and Palestine should not depend on anything but mutual recognition. The experience of international relations undermines this idea that territorial disputes can block diplomatic ties and peace. The most difficult issues must be resolved at the last phases. It is advisable to put the cases of "al-Quds" and settlement area at the final levels of negotiations, which might be come in many years. 
The essence of any deal is to exchange concessions. But Gaza war and the rise of Palestinians have resulted in hatred and fury of both sides toward each other. Under this circumstances, no one can give any concession to other side and one cannot anticipate the possibility of any deal. Increasing the level of political and social ties between Palestine and Israel can boost the chance of resolving the issues. And it is worth to mention that the adventurers who ran "1968" movement in the United States or the young protesters who occupied Wall St. by chanting slogan and rallying had permission to carry guns, but none of them even carry a knife. And it was also the method of Prophet Muhammed. 
The fact cannot be denied that if Palestinians want to retake control of eastern al-Quds, they should call off the plans of separating Jerusalem and announcing it as the capital of Palestine. Jerusalem is an important city for Israeli community and they do not agree with total change in appearance and political situation of the city. Taking control of eastern al-Quds by Palestinians through a legal agreement and only on paper is the thing that they would accept at the near future. And in the case of settlement area, Tel Aviv just accepts to rent it from Palestine. Accordingly, Palestinians will be able to legally retake all of their lands but taking both legal and practical control of some areas such as eastern al-Quds would only be possible in a medium or long term and through a moderate administration in Israel. 
In the end, $40 trillion must be withdrawn from the US banking accounts and given to Bolivia.