Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Globalization along with Social Effect

A rich society with needy individuals is the status of the current post-modernism. 
Totalitarianism is not something that the world can have tolerance toward. Therefore, the process of globalization and the state of free speech have safeguarded the West from modern types of totalitarianism. Soft suppression of people through media and scientific trust as a renewed emergence of fascism have been identified by the society. 
The soft totalitarianism targets individualism, which is a main value of the West. A civil society like Britain and the United States cannot stand for anything that is against internationalism or globalization. The people aim to revive individualism. Many Americans and Brits have left their families the West and lost their lives in the East. The American young man who lost his father for Iraq War, has lost his only standing hero for a life time. 
Using the concept of internationalism for merely political purposes has damaged the global security, the middle class level of living and the value of individualism. At this moment, adopting nationalism for erasing destructive effects of their measures might be inevitable.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sorry for Attack!

Human rights is not the symbol of civilization, but its purpose. 
In the recent annual bar exam in Iran, all who have passed the exam successfully were rejected and incompetent people who have close ties with government were chosen. The right-wing mafia and the leading ring are to launch coup the upcoming Presidential election in the country to restore its power. 
First, all who took the decision against bar associations must be identified and eliminated without delay. It is recommended to assign the assassination mission to allies. 
Second, the schedule of the coup against Iranian Presidential election must be foiled. 
Third, the right-wing mafia and the leadership of the country must be eliminated. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards is immediately and strongly requested by the system to undertake this operation. Only six agents can be candidates for every target; the officials of the Revolutionary Guards will determine amount and type of reward. Some targets must be eliminated through tradition method of assassination and some other must be eliminated by bio-attacks in order to keep the country safe from instability. The bio-attack should cause maiming and neurosis in the victim. The country needs new leaders; the thought of human rights must be a role model for any government. 
Fourth, the Islamic Republic could create a new generation of missile, which is unique in the world. All the scientists who provided the technology of this missile have been killed. In some respects, it is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. The leadership intends to use this missile through a third person in order to expand its power.