Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The PSYWAR of ISIS and the Western Media

The murdering of Peter Kassing, the American hostage by ISIS and releasing the video of this criminal act, proposes the question whether do not compensating instead of saving Kassing's life is acceptable or not. 
Given that a few months ago, five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo were freed by the U.S. government instead of the freedom of an American hostage who was soldier, it must be admitted that the White House allows similar dealings. 
The following question is under consideration according to what was said: Is the White House decision about the issue of hostages who are arrested by ISIS acceptable or not?
Currently, the psychological warfare is ISIS' powerful weapon. Nothing more than releasing the video of the execution of a western innocent citizen can cause ISIS to be the winner of psychological warfare against the West (in public opinion). However, dealing with ISIS about the hostages could damage this destructive weapon of the terrorist group. 
It should be also noted that the mass media keep almost silent about Iraqi army widespread victories in battle against ISIS, or the media broadcast false news "audio file of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" instead of publishing the real news about his too much injuries (which will probably lead to his death). This indicates that the media are not included as a western lever in PSYWAR against ISIS.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Petroleum Power and Foreign Policy

The democracy of 1998 has led one of the alliances of United States to become Washington's enemy.Venezuela, the friend of United States in the Cold War, had been gradually separated from Washington after the democratic elections in 1998 and joined Cuba. Thus, the most significant power of petroleum in Latin America has joined the Russian campaign, which could play a core and constructive role in creating balance of power. 
Washington must ask itself why the Venezuela democratic elections has led the Caracas to become the enemy of the U.S., while the recent presidential election in Iran moves Tehran to get closer ties with the U.S. and EU.
Venezuela and Iran's foreign policy doctrines have not changed as a result of a coup, but was changed by democratic elections. So it must be admitted that the extremist policies of the conservatives caused the United State to lose one of its most important friends in Latin America, while the realistic policies of the White House in recent years has caused the Iranian to vote and elect Hassan Rouhani, the moderate politician, as a result of a democratic election. 
Rouhani was the most unknown politician among the Iran's recent presidential election candidates. From the view point of Iranian prominent analysts, he had no real chance of winning the election. Therefore, by choosing him the Iranian not actually vote and elect a person, but a new pattern in Iranian politics.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The "Sky" of Al-Quds

Traditionalism is the main reason of the collapse of the negotiations and resolves the differences.
Israeli leaders have been placed on the agenda a project entitled "Sky". The mass return of the Jews to the Jerusalem (particularly to the eastern part) in order to create a Jewish appearance of "Al-Quds" (which is a symbolic city of Palestinian people) is the goal that this plan seeks for its achievement. It is necessary to say, the secret project is not new but it was locked. 
This project is opposed to peace, therefore, is not authorized and allowed. And any attempt by Israeli leaders to realize this project will be faced with appropriate responses.
Although the new generation of Israeli politicians and the new wave of Israeli political thought have understood the differences between the real and the imaginary power, but it is impossible to resolve the tensions as long as this fact is not understood by others.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Minsk Protocol: Russian "Reversal of Matter"

It is necessary to verify the West strategy on Ukraine crisis because the political and legal status of Donetsk and Lugansk regions has been changed since signing the Minsk Protocol. So: 
First, Russia is trying to legitimate the total control of separatists over the East Ukraine through "reversal of matter" (as a tactic). 
What is (still) the main matter of Ukraine crisis?
Land and territory, not only a ceasefire or peace.
What is the main problem of Ukraine crisis according to standpoint of Moscow?
Unconditional ceasefire. (It should be noted that such a ceasefire will give Moscow this opportunity to create its third victory in East Ukraine after South Ossetia and Crimea; of course a total war is a best situation to promote the idea of ceasefire in order to divert public opinion and media from the main subject to the ceasefire.)
Therefore, Ukraine needs to know Russia and the separatists want Minsk Protocol to be abolished by Kiev more than anything else. Because the agreement imposed a legal regime based on the law of treaties on the Donetsk and Lugansk areas. Under the agreement, Donetsk and Lugansk are identified as local (self) governments. This legal description determines the areas (legal) capacity and definitely the capacity do not allow Donetsk and Lugansk regions to have independence. So, the total control of separatists over the areas is invalid. Indeed, DPR and LPR representatives as well as Russian Federation representative have recognized the mentioned capacity (not more than that) to Donetsk and Lugansk and the signatory parties are bound to the agreement. 
So it is better to consider use of military force by Kiev against the militants as an effort of the country to force the separatists to implement the agreement or even known as Ukrainian armed defense from the Minsk Protocol. Thus, on the one hand armed action of government (based on a limited war) should not be considered an abolition and repeal of the protocol, but on the other hand the Kiev should not enter to a total war.  
Second, China is not in favor of Putin's regime debacle and fall, therefore China certainly will push to Moscow to end this crisis if it ensures that Ukraine crisis could cause the Putin's regime to be fallen.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

US-China: Distribution of Power

The proper distribution of power is the supreme goal that the balance of power seeks. This means that the power is distributed so that there is no country or groups of superpower. Sometimes groups or nations are united with each other and form a coalition against the group or the country that has lots of power in order to accomplish the goal. 
Why World War II was happened?
Because the Germans have broken the Europe balance of power while other European countries have not been united with each other before the war began. In other words, they didn't fix the distribution of power by a balance of power before the war.
Why World War III did not happen?
Because many western countries of the world have formed a military alliance against Soviet, called NATO; NATO which is consists of Western powers, could establish the balance of power. This promoted a group has the same power of Soviet, and the chance of Soviet has sharply and greatly reduced if the World War III possibly happens. Naturally, the Soviet had no tendency and willing to start World War III in such a circumstance.
Now it should be asked, what had happened to the political points that were given by Nixon to China?
Is the United States known as the winner of the Vietnam War or China become a superpower in Asia?!
Uncontrollable political and economic powers are free from the balance of power circle only if they are reliable (like United States). This is a principle of security.
How much can be trusted on Beijing?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Los Angles: The report of a mass grave

Maximilien Robespierr said: "Place Terror on the order of the day!"
American mafias and some great companies and corporations are trying to realize their goals through violent crimes.
But no parallel power is acceptable. And certainly no partner is needed.
Entertainment industry is known and identified as a place for organized crimes. Crimes are possible through this channel such as murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sale and exchange of classified information and etc. The need to limit the industry is inevitable and the pattern of "entertainment market" will be superseded the entertainment industry.
The house number 12:
Probably some may know the house near Pacific Ocean in Los Angles; this elegant house has not bathroom (and why didn't anyone ask for its reason?) and no one live in there, but "Hollywood Party" is held there some nights. The bodies of some/about 70 victims were buried in the yard of the house that had been murdered by the same way. At least two of the bodies of victims' investigation have shown that they were killed by syringe injection into their lips.  
In addition, +some of the corpses were buried in the morning. 
Needless to say, videos and photos are taken from the house and the crimes.
Finally, clean up the mess can only be removed by cleaning the perpetrators.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Political Islam and the Middle East's Revolutions

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and hostage crisis, political Islam from the point of view of many Western powers is known with the label "threat". After the events of September 11 global struggle began against political Islam camp. Thus, political Islam in the twenty-first century replaced with communism in the Cold War.
But the beginning of presidency of Barack Obama and his efforts to realize the motto of "change”, the necessity of change the power's balance in the Middle East and Moscow's warning strategy in South Ossetia War that indicated a resurgence of Russian threats, all caused the United States strategy to be revised toward political Islam. The result of the revision was revealed in the "Arab Spring".

It was clear that the Arabic revolutions in many countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and etc. have accompanied by Islamic thoughts and charter. Thus, it was predictable that political Islam emerged as a result of the "Arab Spring" and escalated across the Middle East.
United States position regarding political Islam became apparent when it did nothing to halt the series of revolutions. While, during the Cold War, Washington cooperating with the CIA tried to break the dominoes of left-wing politics and communism in Latin America. Coups in Guatemala, Brazil and Chile are examples of these efforts. 
Apart from Bahrain, why, despite the concerns of Tel Aviv and Riyadh, nothing actual and practical happened to stop these revolutions?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Republicans: Classified Files

During the different eras there are many Politicians who have begun to engage in criminal activities to realize their personal and private aspirations. Although these words are about criminal and clandestine activities of Republicans, but this does not mean that the class defends Democrat's party, this class is certainly free of any political orientation. For example we can indicate to disclosure of the White House Democrat politician case who sold the classified information of White House to Bashar al-Assad and Russian media; the disclosure which was done by the class. 
In recent year a large number of Republicans have done many criminal activities in order to weaken the current president position and to isolate and seclude the Democrat camp.
Romney, the well-known Republican Politician has talked with Bashar al-Assad's team and promised them. Some of the Republicans were participated in "ISIS" project and other Republicans attempted to create immigration and refugee crisis in the United States collaborating with some of America's largest corporations.
It should be said that the classified documents listed above will be on the agenda from today onwards. These documents will not be archived but will be used as a lever of pressure on the conservatism center. Therefore, following the right-wing of the "secure order" means to support their political credibility and survival.
The class perspective to its surrounding is not similar to mass media's perspective. From the view point of the class, the fifty years old known American actor is recognized as an agent who had successfully performed several execution operations (or physical cleanings); but now and after his spouse disgrace, is not considered a "trustworthy number".