Monday, December 29, 2014

The Senate report: CIA

Closing Guantanamo prison was one of Barack Obama's promises in the 2008 election to the people. This means that public opinion of America have been familiar with torture and illegal behavior that was done in the prison before Obama's promise, although the biotechnology experiments against prisoners had been never revealed. Also the America's mass media revealed the Abu Ghraib prison torture to the people precisely. Therefore, the recent report of Senate did not reveal new facts of torture, but part of this report contains new topics that studying its points is necessary. 
It was expected that private companies cooperate with CIA in the context of fighting against terrorism in return for get a lot of money, and receive legal immunity and intelligence license. But in fact these companies were using the opportunity to commit organized crimes against government. They easily accessed to classified information and sold them to different countries including Arab states. As well as killed significant number of honest agents of United States intelligence community. 
But the publication of this part of the report means that the U.S. and Europe atmosphere is going to be safe. CIA's relationship with these companies has been discontinued and stopped. And illegal activities of these companies are limited.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

An Introduction to Elections

Increasing public opinion knowledge has led to the evolution of democracy. In recent years the results of elections in the global setting indicates that the current parameters influencing election are different from old elements affecting this process. In this article, we tried to attend to the candidate's reputation, election atmosphere and media positions in the electoral arena. There is no doubt that the lack of recognition of these elements results in incorrect predictions of future elections results.

The position of candidate's reputation in elections 
There are many examples that show that reputation doesn't play a decisive role in the world current elections. For instant, in the recent presidential election in Iran, an unknown politician was elected as President. While competitors of Hassan Rouhani, were of the best-known and most influential Iranian politician. Also we can note to the recent parliamentary election in Ukraine; Yulia Tymoshenko's party unlike most predictions failed to achieve success in the elections. Neither Orange Revolution and nor serving a prison terms brought her success. Finally, in the last presidential election in Romania; even the Romanian unacceptable economy situation did not cause people to elect socialists. All of these indicate that people are looking for people who can trust them. In other words, we can conclude that the behavior of people in the electoral arena is not traditional but it is realistic.

The position of atmosphere in elections
That feeling governing the psychological and spiritual atmosphere of the entire election called "election atmosphere". Elections atmosphere may be emotional or intellectual and may also be peaceful or violent. Events, media, opposition and even the traditions of a society have an important role in shaping the election atmosphere. The candidate or parties who coordinate its electoral discourse to election atmosphere have greater chances of winning than its competitors. In recent Congressional elections in the United States the right-wing tried to impose the two elements of emotions and aggression on the elections atmosphere. In elections, who can choice the elections atmosphere is like a soccer team that have choice between the field and ball. However, it does not matter who sets the atmosphere, but it is important who could handle it better than others. In recent elections, Congressional, the left-wing did not interact with the election's atmosphere and continuous efforts to rationally defend its peaceful positions. Election atmosphere represents the people's demands. The successful candidate is the one who can meet people request. It should be noted that people demand may be in conflict with their real needs. For example, peace is people real need. But, people based on emotionally, and national and etc. reasons may want war. However, choosing the peace or war option only is correct that be according to political interest. So, in the case of conflict between people demand and political interest, it is unreasonable that political interests be sacrificed. In such circumstances, alternatives could be used. For example, if people want peace with all of world, including Russia, promulgation of peace with Cuba can be a good alternative. And if people want a total and ground war in Iraq, a limited war can be partly overcome the people's demand.

The position of Media in elections
Media's role in the regulation of public opinion strongly reduced compared to the past. Analysts and intellectuals wrote a lot of books and articles about mind control by the media. But there is much evidence that shows the current media has no crucial role in the control of public opinion. For example, despite the fact that most of American media as well as American politicians said that democracy in the United States is the world's best model of democracy but very few people take part in the election of America. About two-thirds of eligible voters did not participate in Congress last election. The vote of two thirds of people was "silence". 
Most of media and politicians were silence about social discrimination against blacks. But do this neglect led to people silence?! 
As a result, people will believe what they feel, not what the media constantly repeat.

Monday, December 22, 2014

About Novorossiya

Oleg Tsaryov, the self-proclaimed speaker of "Novorossiya's" Parliament has been recently announced in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper that the separatists give up their demand based on the achievement of political independency. And they called for federal government in Ukraine with the full autonomy for the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, instead. 
Therefore, some points about the political and legal status of Ukraine should be said necessarily.
Representatives of the separatists legally accepted in the Minsk Protocol that they do not have the required legal capacity for political independency to be claimed. Therefore, following the agreement the Russia's position changed about east of Ukraine. 
What was the last comment of Putin before this agreement? 
He supported of creating an independence country and the idea of eastern Ukraine political independency. 
But the achievement way of political independency was blocked after the Minsk Protocol. And since the Moscow was aware of the fact, then has changed its political tactic. The idea of federalism in Ukraine is supported by Kremlin for months, instead of the eastern Ukrainian independency. 
 What is the goal of Kremlin of creating federal government in Ukraine and full autonomy of the areas controlled by separatists?
The autonomy similar to that of Scotland and California (despite the fact that mentioned states have not full autonomy) enables the separatists that achieve full political independency through a legal referendum. 
Needless to say, the right to self-determination is of the basic elements of full autonomy.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Israel on Dilemma

Extremism is a political disease that does not need any reason but excuse. Germany sample confirms this claim. 
German society supported political innovations of moderate politicians like Willy Brandt during the Cold War. This political behavior of Germans is certainly well demonstrated the fact that Treaty of Versailles could not be identified as the cause and reason of extremism in Nazi Germany but the extremist strategy of political leaders started the extremism as the Berlin Wall never could create the radicalism in the country. 
It is clear that America’s political credibility is one of its political interests. And this political interest is damaged and suffers through Washington's support of the government that violates international law and rules. Washington policy coordination with realities and current order of the world ensures the interests of the US government. Parameters that are set the current world order are as follows: the new Middle East, Russian threats and new generation of terrorism which is used as a channel for mob crimes such as causing outbreak of a syntactic virus. 
It is necessary for Israel leaders to ask themselves why the Democratic Party is going to utilize and take advantages from Irij’s helps (53-year-old Indian lady who has considerable influence on the US Senate) in presidential elections of 2016.
Why the process of key changes has been started in Unites States’ moral sphere?! 
All these while, the positions of West have been constant. For example, the France gradually banned weapon sale to Israel after the Six-Day War of 1967. And also some of European countries established weapon sale bans to Israel in the spring of 2002, undeclared.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ISIS and the U.S. Strategies

ISIS has been the most powerful terrorist group in recent decades according to the claim of many prominent political and military analysts. In spite of the fact, both rise and fall of the real power of ISIS have occurred in less than a year. Restraining the uncontrollable power of the terrorist group was the aim that fully realized during a few months after the emergence of its self-government. 
But, what would be the results if the desired strategy of right-wing was adopted? 
The result must be the same as wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq and Afghanistan wars with the aim of fighting against terrorism were lasted for years and damaged seriously the Unites States' economic and political body. It should be added that ISIS is more powerful than Taliban and Al-Qaeda, thus the beginning of a ground war against it might bring about more grave consequences to the U.S. than two previous wars against terrorism. 
While none of the Western politicians admitted the east Ukraine's rebellions could prepare heavy weapons lonely, we should not similarly affirm that ISIS' huge financial resources or the knowledge of this terrorists group on modern tactics and strategies of warfare are achieved without any help. 
In the end, ISIS was also pawn of the chess such as Ukraine's pro-Russians; the winner is the one who checkmates the "king".

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Two brothers: A report

Two Iraqi children were kidnapped in Baghdad about three months ago. These two brothers with the ages of 7 and 15 years have lost their entire family members including father, mother and two sisters in a bombing last year. From then onwards they were living alone with each other and with no umbrella of any institute or legal guardians until a few months ago they were kidnapped by a terrorist-mob group and transferred to Turkey. Now they are captures somewhere in Istanbul. 
The group committed this criminal action is required to bring them to a legal entity in an Arabic country by the end of December 2014 without harassing them or even leave them alone. 
Definitely an Arabic country would be better for both parties; for these children whose mother tongue is Arabic and for kidnappers whose identity is not registered in that country. 
Otherwise, and if any action or omission is committed and realized unlike the demand, the group should be expected for the consequences of its crimes.
And in respect of this group and its express request, we emphasis, no agreement is valid in order to lower the dollar's value to create a social unrest and riot.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Egypt: Counterrevolution

The recent political events of Egypt require engaging to a comparative study of "confiscation revolution".
The guillotine was used instead of the liberal thought of "Rousseau" in French Revolution and a new season of dictatorship began. Iranian Revolution was also confiscated by IRP over a four-year process that was begun from the beginning of new regime.
It should be said in explanation of Iranian Revolution that it was not unreasonable that Michel Foucault was attached and interested to the revolution (in the early of the incident) and wrote articles about it. New Iranian regime allowed people to select their Constitutional Convention's members. That's why representatives of various parties, including Marxists, liberalists, nationalists and even separatists (refer to Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou) participated in the convention and they have designed Iran's constitution with together. Therefore, the presence of new intellectual topics such as "Reification" in the introduction of the constitution is not amazing.
Egypt Revolution was confiscated by generals after/through the fall of Mohamed Morsi and completely cleaning of Muslim Brotherhood party. However, there is a fundamental difference between the recent case and the rest.
Drop of criminal charges from Hosni Mubarak has led to unveil the scheme of revolution confiscation that should be done covertly. As a result, now, Egyptian people know the "January 25" revolution have been confiscated.
The incident will lead to create a strong and active opposition in Egypt. And the more detailed word is that, after the fall of Morsi, only the political Islam supporters became the Egyptian opposition, but through clearing Mubarak charges, all of the revolution supporters have become opposition of Egypt.