Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yemen: New Middle East

Ramadan is coming soon and it is good for Muslim World to respects to its traditions. 
Peace in Yemen is asked by the international community. Evidently, the media cover the Saudi's attacks against Yemen with a negative attitude. While the same media cover anti-ISIS coalition's attacks in Iraq and Syria with positive attitudes. Therefore, the international community has differentiated between the war in Yemen and fights against ISIS. 
Yemeni triangle's resistance (including the Houthis, the Yemeni army and Yemeni tribes) prevented the collapse of Yemen or even each city of it. In addition, Al Qaeda that could have been a threat against Yemen's independency is destroyed and the areas occupied by the terrorists have been freed. Needless to keep this as secret that Yemeni army has been supported directly by the system, since the Yemen's military actions are legally legitimized and additionally it is not loyal to the suspended president, Mansur Hadi.
Ansar Allah who has political control of Yemen can be pretty sure that the flexibility will not lead to the collapse of Yemen or its cities but it can help starting the process of a political solution inside Yemen (not out of the country) and facilitate it. Because first, divorcement has been replaced with unity and solidarity of Yemeni factions (as an indirect result of the war), and secondly, Yemeni army is present across Yemen and certainly Houthis can trust on Yemeni army and tribes. 
According to the classified information of Britain, Mossad and Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is willing to make concessions but it is under the negative pressures of Mossad and London; Parisians have no role at the game.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Business Named "Missing Bird"

Washington is the ally of Tel Aviv. But can it be said that Tel Aviv is of the allies of the United States as well?! 
The empty seat of the US allies was tangible in resolving the issues such as Ukraine Crisis, terrorism of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and many other current and previous issues. 
Considering the Washington's model as a good pattern for leadership or even diplomacy is not logical. Thus the Washington's model is not followed by the system. And the "positive interaction" is known as the basis of friendly relations with others. 
Trust and deep cooperation are achievable goals. But at the outset, the system should resolve its internal issues on the basis of rationality and its great interests. And the "missing birds" is certainly one of the issues to be resolved carefully. The "missing birds" has become a lucrative business. If the hideouts of these "missing birds" have not been yet cleared the reason was that some agents have avoided disclosing their hideaways instead of receiving money of them. 
Surely the Russian spies are aware of these gaps and therefore, they freely attempted to steal the classified documents and then escape without worry. 
Any escape should be insecure. Therefore the overall control and monitoring over the members and channels must be change to effective control and monitoring, so thereby stop the continuation of this business.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Syria: "The Dear Enemy"

Is there whether a guarantee on the basis of political stability in Syria after delegating the power, Damascus has asked? 
The change of polital regime in Libya does not cause the international supports of this country and hence the country is still suffering from political instability. 
Now, is difficult to talk about the change of political regime in Syria but forebear addressing the Syrian expectation and its allies about Syrian political stability by ignoring the example of Libya's situation. 
Opposition freely activities along with election are the proof of democracy sovereignty in a state. But does an ordinary democratic state allows the political groups to be widespread politically active that are against the constitution?
Democratic governments support the moderate opposition. Thus, the possible chance of taking power by the opposition would not change anything fundamental in government, but certainly the freely activities of the opposition is considered confirmation of the democratic sovereignty of the government.
Damascus may not and does not want to compromise with its regime opponents which are known as the radical opposition from the political point of view, instead Damascus can form several political groups and moderate opposition loyal to the Syrian regime and support them. Therefore, without compromise with the radical opposition being needed some of the effective factors on Syrian political instability are going to be resolved. 
And in the end, on the irrelevant topic of John Forbes Nash: the reason of the death is very simply what the media said.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Child Abuse

The repeat victimization, being forced to prostitution and drug addiction are among the issues that in many cases emerge as the consequences of child sexual abuse in the victims. 
For example, the 8-year-old girl to whom rape or sexual abuse had happened would definitely not forget the incident of the rape as a horrible memoir on one hand, and on the other hand she will be fully aware of the nature of sexual assault when she reaches sexual maturity. There is no doubt that the victim's curiosity to the case will be aroused when she experiences puberty. At this stage, the hard memoir will convert to a driving force of the curiosity. She wants to know to what she has been the victim! 
Such victims ask to be sexual touched or request for sex from an adult usually at the early ages (11 or 12). In this way, they experience their first actual intercourse with their request and at early age. Although the mentioned intercourse is not consensual because the child has no capacity for a sexual intercourse even with her own request. The consequences of this sexual relation are clear:
Does the adult man who have sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old girl (illegally) care about her mental and physical status?! 
While her peers have not yet experienced any kind of such a relationship. This causes her to be secluded from them and subsequently has unrestrained interactions and relations with adults.

Monday, May 18, 2015

About the Black Sea

An unknown element has not been yet formed in international relations of power. 
Ukrainian Orange Revolution fell as a result of the lack of Western and Eastern aid and support of Ukraine and its unsolved issue of "gas purchase". 
And on the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, separation of Abkhazia (with its inherent maritime territory over the Black Sea) and South Ossetia regions from Georgia by illegal war led by Russia is considered breach of international peace and security. And it is worth mentioning that Moscow has issued Russian citizenship for about 90 percent of residents of South Ossetia since then, according to the claim of Dmitry Medvedev. 
The non-planning revolution in Ukraine made the Crimean Peninsula which its area is more than double area of Cyprus to be separated from Ukraine. Needless to say, Crimea is not restricted to a piece of land but it involves part of the huge resources of Black Sea's energy. It is notable, the cancelation of Russia sanctions represents giving up the Crimea issue. 
Donetsk and Luhansk regions separation of Ukraine was also possible but the interference of the system prevented the implementation of this plan. Eventually, the issue of "gas purchase" was solved and the Minsk-2 agreement was also formed.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

P3+3: Third Way

The way of monitoring Iran's nuclear program is one of the issues of the nuclear diplomacy. On one hand, Iran is not agreed to accept the commitments beyond the Additional Protocol, and on the other hand, P3+3 wants to provide a mechanism to monitor Iran military sites at nuclear agreement. 
Yukiya Amano new interpretation of the Additional Protocol can be considered a "third way". According to the argument of the director of the IAEA, the Additional Protocol may allowed to check (some of) the sites (in special cases and circumstances). 
Since Iran agrees with the unconditional acceptance of the Additional Protocol, and the Additional Protocol consists of the foresaid factor according to the interpretation of Yukiya Amano, there is no logical need to include a specific and particular clause or provision based on the access of IAEA to the Iranian military sites at nuclear agreement. 
The point should be added Iranian military buildings and structures are non-nuclear sites and the Agency regulations about monitoring the nuclear sites differ from the same regulations on non-nuclear sites. 
And given that 125 countries including all the permanent members of the Security Council, containing the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China have approved the Additional Protocol it can be concluded that the demand of international community on implementation of the Additional Protocol by remaining states is a simple and realistic exaptation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Right Hand

Hollywood and West Cinema are part of The World Cinema. And Islamic Cinema as a cultural art should introduce its role as a part of World Cinema. 
Certainly, the pursuit of art is indispensable for the survival of each cinema. Undoubtedly, nudity and extraordinary violence are not part of art but they are now known as effective elements on the "market". "Market" is the director and the lead of many movies and it can impose its demands to filmmakers. Art is a product of freedom and "market" violates the freedom. Many ideas, facts and even truth have been put away just because they were not according to "market". Therefore, back of the market's interests in the cinema and incontrovertible support of its elements cause the degradation of art and freedom in cinema. 
Indeed, West Cinema has its own audiences as the same as each filmmaker has its own fans. Given the fact that the reason of perdurability of a prominent filmmaker or artist is that he/she detect the audiences and does not start adventure. 
Although the numbers of Hollywood Cinema audiences and viewers are more than Islamic Cinema, but westernizing an Islamic Cinema (like what is seen in the Cinema of Indonesia) does not add to the numbers of viewers but will be followed by the cultural destruction of that Cinema.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Syria: All of the Objectives

The effect of Yemen war on the Middle East is an undeniable fact. The "peaceful coexistence" as the guarantor of the Middle East order has been weakened. And the political prestige of Gulf Cooperation Council has been decreased. 
History has indicated that the decrease of political prestige of non-democratic states creates a series of hasty and dangerous actions by the states. Anybody might be the victim of this risk. Keep in mind that the widespread cooperation of Qatar and Kuwait led by Russia to operate against the security of the system has been recorded at classified documents. Although Moscow was finally the real victim of the operation. 
Running the project of "Balance of Power" is what can fill the vacuum of "peaceful coexistence" in the Middle East. Accordingly, "full transfer of power" or "change of power" should be removed from the solution of Syrian Crisis and be replaced to "balance of power". 
Nationalism must have no role in Syria future because the Middle East is now ready to start several wars and the nationalism may be the gunpowder of the war. Also, the activity of private military companies and groups in Syria is illegal and wrongful, and leads to responsibility of their state sponsors under international law. It is apparent for every sides that the only solution of Syrian Crisis is to participation of all of the political spectrums in the Syrian power, reduction of presidential power and increase the powers of the parliament. 
The channel of Syrian political solution has been opened and it should be known that the Syrian fate can affect the region's order. Iran as a country affected by this order is able to participate at this political solution as its own right.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

3 Issues

First issue: 
There is a faint chance that terror attacks and in particular bombings and controversial serial killing will happen in Iran based on the reports. It is worth mentioning that riot and only riot is the goal of this possible attacks. Isfahan acid-attacks, the last terror attack in Iran leading to sever injury of a few women. As usual, Mossad does the design. 
Public areas and especially recreational centers should be more controlled. Trash bags are the potential places to embed bomb.
Although it is self-evident that proper retaliation is the system essential right. 
Enough financial credit (via LC or other ways) should be given to Yemeni army (not voluntary forces) in order to buy needed weapons to defend Yemen. Given the fact that weapon dealers can always find a way to transfer weapons to war-torn areas. Also, destabilizing in some of the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar might be considered necessary. The Middle East powers have the potential to be burnt through instability. In addition, meeting, negotiation and dealing will not take place with any of the purged Saudi Arabia's officials. 
It can be simply claimed that the anit-ISIS operations of US-led coalition have completely stopped. Baghdad must be provided with required supplies to continue its open military operations against ISIS. And in this respect, the Iranian government is asked to continue its supports of Baghdad. The West negative signals have led Baghdad to be concerned to receive Iranian support. It is necessary that the system directly negotiates with Iraqi side and end this unjustified concern.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Bush 45

It is clear that the system fights to realize its goals. The system is neither the right-wing partner nor the leftists. But the system welcomes positive activities of all of political spectrums. However, the system surely would not tolerate the threats. Capitalism has a particular traditional position in the United States; but as it was seen in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", the bad capitalist is doomed to failure. 
The Israeli Committee is now in such a situation. Therefore, the system decided to purge them. Some of the Committee members have been physically purged. Thus the group Ethaniati does not have 13 members anymore! 
In spite of this, the Ethaniati threat is still alive. Extensive communication channels created by Jeb Bush in the United States and Havana are definitely threatening. These channels are not allowed. And the Israeli Committee must be the main supporter of them. 
Are the Israeli Committee members not interested to be existed?!
The added victim is containing the directors of these channels; all the ways and means are permitted. 
The purging will continue as long as the Israeli Committee members reduced to 4 unless a true signal existed and is sent on the basis of ending the Israeli Committee's activities. 
Finally, the system is people's representative and people are the real owners of justice and institutions associated with it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Human Rights and Capital Punishment

"Would it going to be painful?" 
Although no one did answer, but the answer is that its pain is lower than an arm fracture because capital punishment by hanging (with tight hangman's noose) causes immediate anesthesia in victim right after execution. 
The war is somehow an extensive criminal punishment that not only the guilty but also the innocent and their properties are gone in it. Such form of penalty is in contrary to the fundamental principles of a criminal punishment. According to the seventh chapter of the UN Charter, war is authorized. Libya and Yemen for example and let alone the Iraq War because of misuse of the Security Council resolution 1441. Nevertheless, human rights organizations have never proposed any correction of this chapter of UN charter, although human rights organizations are continually trying to condemn the death penalty. And people condemn this organized negligence. 
Most people are reluctant to see death penalty but in spite of this they are satisfied with the capital punishment of terrorists. The existence of a paradox is obvious. The Iranian movie "I am a Mother" has responded to the issue. The movie attending an unreal case that the capital punishment is not harmonized with the personality of the criminal (including all characteristics that create “mens rea” of the criminal). It should be considered that determining the punishment based on the criminal character is an exception to the rule but it is accepted in the penal system of most states including Islamic Republic of Iran. 
The cause of this problem is that the "mens rea" has been only identified for two statuses of absence and existence. The third status or middle status has not been recognized. According to the possible third, the guilty should be punished but the punishment would be changed to a milder penalty.