Saturday, August 20, 2016

Grand Strategy

The way to help people passes through power. 
Reading this manuscript is recommended for those who are not aware of new doctrine of the system though it is not a firsthand topic. 
Some question the system by raising the argument that the system approach toward 2016 US Presidential election is inconsistent with previous measures including on Iran and Russia. 
In response to this argument, it should be noted that, first, the system has never supported Trump stances over Moscow and Tehran because they are all against influence of the system in the world. 
Secondly, the basic goals of the system must not be sacrificed for its secondary objectives. The ultimate target of every war and peace by the system is realization of its basic goals. The secondary objectives such as curbing Kremlin threatening behaviors, resolving nuclear crisis of Iran and involvement in Syria have been designed based on grand strategy of the system to fulfill its basic goal. 
According to grand strategy of the system that has been drafted in accordance with its new doctrine, the system must interfere in all important issues of countries. This is the new leading role for the system and certainly, engaging in a number of issues have no immediate interest for the system like the upcoming Presidential election of the U.S. but entering these areas is essential because the most significant risk for the system is not to be defeated but to be neglected. Since failures could not have grave impact to the system, the system must be everywhere at every time. 
Indeed taking advantage of protesting card enable the system to pressure its rivals and it is one of the main reasons of huge investment of the system in Tehran, protesting movements and maybe a "yellow element" of Presidential contest!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Largest Electoral Crime in the U.S.

Agents of the system have lived in war and revolution; In times that Kremlin’s was only a few steps away from taking over east Ukraine by conformation of a referendum, the system proved its leading role in the world of politics by initiatives. Shiraz must be beautiful city but be sure that Tehran was the only visit destination of the system's agents in Iran, when no one was ready to engage in nuclear crisis. And everybody knows the fact that ISIS is still fed by Riyadh and Ankara but all are sure the ISIS is dying out. Because the system is everywhere for people. 
Mainstream media broadcast same materials or in other words, same lies and fake polls when they have similar position with each other. The results of Brexit and Greek referendum on debt have indicated that previous polls did not have 3 or 4 percent of error but they were all fake. And now, the behaviors of old media represent their reaction to growing campaign of protesting voters in the United States, who would vote to demonstrate their protest. Ivanka Trump, Donald's daughter must be informed by classified data of polls with evidence of Clinton campaign's conspiracy. 
Sometimes one paradoxically wishes one dead Democrat officials belonged to the system because its response would be desirable. However, if they think they would win this race, they must be excited because they would be able to defeat the system! 
In the end, security measure must be taken against Zika virus since incidence of the virus in Puerto Rico.
Also, the Greek parliament has no right to limit freedom in favor of governmental programs. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

No Cards, No Points!

War and interventionist policy of the White House in Syria would play determining role in the upcoming US presidential election.
Each card has score some point and one's cards are finished, it means no points can be scored. Sanders' campaign lost its great acceleration after he did not reveal anything new following his unique stance toward Wall Street, foreign policy and social justice. The recent speech of both candidates of Democratic Party and Republican Party indicate that none of them has any new cards to play. However, some cards that can unlock voters' hearts are still untouched and Syrian civil war is among them. Public opinion in the West and especially in the U.S. demands an end to intervention in Syria. Keep in mind, the precious card of anti-war stance was one the main reasons of winning Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. 
The cause of Trump's popularity is his anti-establishment positions. Therefore, if he distances himself from the Party's establishment icons and its politics, he will gain more points. It is obvious, not endorsing him by Bush family, Mitt Romney and… is a strategic success for Republican Party since the party have found the chance of attracting independent voters; something that the Party was deprived of it for a long time. While Republican voters are mostly traditional and thus it has made them loyal to the Republican Party even when they do not agree with its candidates or policies. So they vote for Trump under any circumstances. Moreover, 2014 American immigration crisis was a great opportunity for drug cartels and human traffickers since the refugees were only vulnerable children and women; no one wants it, no one wants criminals and victims whether in the U.S. or Mexico. Therefore, the security of borders is not a hate-love relationship and it should be clarified for people. 
And apparently a different situation is going on in Democrats campaign. Democrat voters are liberal enough not to bound with an ideology, cult or party. So their disappointment from the party would dissuade them from participating in general elections or even persuade them to vote for a right-wing party. And the system must stop these people from voting for Democratic Party in the upcoming election. Of course, if all people of the world have had such a perspective, there would be no fascism, because this type of dictatorship could only form by unconditional loyalty of people to a leader or party just like Turkey.