Friday, May 30, 2014

Report of a Book and the Transfer Program of the Codes

The prerequisite to transfer one or more codes is to ensure the safety of the bridge where it is going to be exchanged. There is no doubt that the transfer of a large-scale code faces some risks. Therefore, one of the ways to publish a code widely in a way that first, both the transmitter and receivers of the message to be safe and secondly, the package where the code or codes are placed in not to be doubtful, is to include the message in the text of a book.
The booklet (pamphlet) which was assumed to contain raw or encoded information has only been the draft of a novel. With a bit more research we come to the conclusion that codes are embedded within the text of the novel. Obviously most codes are written on the first pages of the book. Another important point is that the cover design which was going to be chosen for the cover was intended to contain the general code of the set or the program. It might be a corpse.
The intended objectives of the program have been in East and Middle East including Turkey.
This draft of the book will be soon be published anonymously in one of the non-member countries of this program such as Japan or Korea, therefore, the codes are firstly published in an area where they are inefficient (like a bomb explosion at sea) and secondly, by obtaining copyright, the possibility to republish the book or a part of it by another person would be illegal. So that penalties resulting from the violation of the copyright is a barrier for anyone who wants to publish the book or a part of it.
It should be noted that some groups in Israel have supported this program. This is while it is beyond the scope of this decision making pyramid in Israel. In particular, one of the ministers of the present cabinet of Israeli has used the term "large-scale transmission of the message" in defining the characteristic of this program. (Although the word “message”is wrong and the appropriate word is “code”, because messages can be received by all contact groups like the message of the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ”, but the code is supposed to be received only by a certain group and it may include one or more specific dialogues in a book or a movie.)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ukraine: Scrounge Violence

Result of the recent referendum in East Ukraine led to Kiev’s concern; and this issue under lay Ukrainian government hasty use of security forces and violence. But this concern is partly due to lack of follow up and look into the all details of East Ukraine’s issue. East Ukraine needs a supporter to implement its vote, but the result of recent referendum has not been verified even by Russia. Needless to say that approving and accepting the result of referendum has legal and political effects, which Moscow has so far avoided doing it. Respect referendum result and self-determination right, what Moscow attempted to do it, has only moral effect (ethical propriety) in the international system, and nothing more than that. But what could be considered disturbing to the Ukraine is starting a civil war. It is easily possible for groups in Ukraine to become armed and put a loyalty mask to Moscow or Kiev on their face; then, performing separate terrorist operations, each of them enter the country into the civil war, like the model occurred in Central African and Rwanda. Surely, the model of terrorism that now Ukraine is talented in it and has its presence potential, is similar to the model has happened in Central Africa, and not like what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. Difference between an extremist group and a moderate one becomes apparent when the situations get out of the control. Ukraine’s getting out of normal situation allow extremists to use all of the violence potential. Therefore, rapid normalizing of the situations will eradicate the possibility of releasing extremist potential. Thus, to prevent occurring terrorism that enters Ukraine into a civil war, it is necessary that firstly, the fear and violence, which provide required motivation and potential for appearing terrorism and extremism, be stopped (cease-fire); Secondly, Donetsk and Lugansk be placed under economic enclave, like what previously happened during World War II for Leningrad;Thirdly, Ukrainian military forces take serious care of the border between Russia and Ukraine in order to prevent breaking economic siege. Undoubtedly, Russia and East Ukraine can’t win a non-violent war, in the current situations. That is, the situation that Russian leadership, with thirty years auction of Gazprom to China, has lost much of his reputation among power and wealth elites in Russia; and it is their biggest obstacle for a new adventure or gambling.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cuba: Reformation and Order in Latin America

Civic reform process began in Cuba, after Raul Castro came to power. Some Politicians and analysts and most of American corporations loyal to Moscow, in America, considered these reforms as a sign of change in Cuba. They tried to convince Washington to begin a new period of relations with Cuba, through a conciliatory behavior.
There is no need to give a respond to the supporters of this idea. Simply we should ask them that what would guarantee the interests of America and preserve stability in Latin America?
Maintaining the current order in Latin America and Caribbean. Maintaining the order in the region, not only guarantee the interest of America, but also avoids the instability and war. If different political camps (Moscow and Washington) are located in Latin America, the political development of Latin America will happen not only by competition but by wars. Cuba is not the same as North Korea. Pyongyang is a dictatorship which is against the Washington, but it has no incentive to change the region order. Cuba also is not the same as Iran, because international political trends in Iran are changing. Tehran has gradually retreated from their targets in order to promote the Islamic Revolution and change the balance of power in the Middle East. However, Cuba is also seeking to change the established order in Latin America and it attempts to play the role of messenger for "another order" in Latin America, with assistance from countries such as Venezuela and Nicaragua. Since Cuba is a country with the most suppressions of important freedoms such as freedom of expression and information so social reforms in Cuba and Mariela Castro scenario (Raul's daughter) is just for revitalization of Cuban revolution hidden behind a new mask. Today, Raul Castro is following-up the methods of Deng Xiaoping and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Syria and the Desired Middle East

In the upcoming elections in Syria, Bashar Assad would not most likely win the election. The civil war and the long undemocratic governance of him and his father are singly enough to defeat him in democracy. Although every democracy has the potential to bring peace, but peace and democracy in Syria are not only desirable goals. Criterion that distinguishes Syria from other nations in the Middle East is its strategic position. Thus Syria has the potential to change the order of the Middle East and turn it into the desired order.
Democracy in Syria is not singly able to change the order of Middle East, as the democracy in Tunisia and Egypt didn't cause a change in the balance of power in the Middle East. What is needed is obtaining assurance and guarantee.
The six most affective elements in Middle East: include Russia, Arabic powers, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Israel.
Russian goal is to change the order of the Middle East in favor of Moscow. Arabic powers have become aware of the competition between Moscow and Washington in the Middle East, and they all willing to earn points in this competition. Turkey is becoming more independent every day. The power of Turkey gives Ankara the chance of communication with both Moscow and Washington. Something that neither Moscow nor Washington prefer. Iran needs power that will support it and so far Russia has been a strong support for Tehran. Israel is the representative of the new order in the Middle East region. So Russia is supplying the Russian globalization. Arabic powers are playing the role of seller. Turkey has withdrawn from the competition and Iran is now on the Russian front. Due to the process of political change in India, it could be predicted that the country will certainly play an active role in the Middle East order.
Considering the strategic position of Syria, the presence of Damascus Washington front could change the order of the Middle East. This could alter the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of Washington and may play a stimulating role for countries such as Turkey and Iran for political change, because the natural instinct of governments will lead them to the power. So if the balance is directed toward Washington, the states that have an independent or unstable political stance would spontaneously move toward the new order in the Middle East. Undoubtedly, the Syrian economy has been weakened after suffering a civil war and would have had to change their political positions towards the political interests of power which support its economy, such as Afghanistan and Greece. But taking the political control in the Syria will not change anything in Middle East. It's important to change the order of Middle East not merely political positions of Damascus so this would happen through the control of order in this region. Therefore it's necessary to establish the idea of amassing wealth in Syria.
In the Middle East, the sample of a massing wealth idea is the United Arabic Emirates which is filled with wealth symbols. Such a Syria can attract affluent populations and eventually become the pattern of new model (or new order) in the Middle East. The important thing is that Syria should not be turned into one of the Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, which only plays the role of the dealer or broker. This means that the order in Arabic countries should not be governed on the Syria; in addition as much as the role of Arabic and Russian investors is less, the tendency of Syria to these countries will be less in future.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Winner of Ukraine's Crisis

"Autonomy of East Ukraine" has been the result of all the recent referendum in the East of the country. This result would not have any legal effect on the international law.
Autonomy is different from independence. An autonomous area can only be dependent by relying on the votes of the people of that region. But being an autonomous region needs the votes of all the people of the country and not the people living in that area, because as long as a part of a country isn't undertaken by an autonomous government, it belongs to all the people of that country. Donetsk and Lugansk belong to all people of Ukraine, both West and East Ukraine. So the recent referendum that was held in the East is invalid. But if a part of a country is autonomous, the decision to separate and become an independent country or of being separated and joined another countries exclusively depends to the people of the region.
If Russia wasn't retreating from its positions about East Ukraine, before the referendum, the people of East Ukraine could possibly impose the result of the referendum to the government of Ukraine by trying to have Russian support or the civil war.
Now, the movement in Ukraine has ended and Russia has refused its unwavering support to the East Ukraine. But there's no guarantee for Russia's future behavior. So the White House is required to play different cards, like Obama’s visit with the Syrian opposition leader, that haven't allowed reconsideration to the Russian leadership, to finally end the period after the crisis (a few weeks) in Ukraine. It's very important that Russia don't interfere in the affairs of Ukraine. The natural reaction of the people of East Ukraine to the rejection of the result of the referendum will certainly be aggressive but if it isn't accompanied with Russian support, it will become the last aggression of East Ukraine for years. The important point is that the government of Ukraine should make efforts to prevent violence, because the exercise of violence would provide the required excuse for Russia to intervene in the affairs of Ukraine.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Political Discourse as Defensive System Variable

Wealthy bipartisan men increased the chance of democrat’s victory in the 2008 and 2012 elections by protecting the weak republican candidates. Due to lack of John McCain`s political knowledge, he introduced Sarah Palin as his assistant, who is a former sport reporter, and about the recent subject of Ukraine, increases the people`s excitement movement of Ukraine by entering to the mentioned country and giving a lecture there. The result was loss of Crimea, Ukraine’s debt which it was a burden for west and dangerous Russia. Needless to say anything about Mitt Romney, the man with lack of charisma and political knowledge.
What kind of potentials does remain inactive or which potentials are released in the Middle East by American political discourse (whether republican or democrat)?! 
How many threats American defensive system can reply actually from five present ones for instance?!
Bipartisan s’ decisive interference in two last elections indicates that they want to change political discourse of White House. (not political function)
The White House political functions depend on many factors, so fundamental political functions of White House are always adopted with Congress as united, but it's independent about political discourse. Although, political discourse is apparently under political pressure of rival party and also public voice, but in contrast, bipartisan` duty is not limited to choosing political discourse and it includes ensuring that.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Russia: East Of Ukraine, Syria's New Playground

Is the critical stage of the protesters movement in East Ukraine over?
Yes. Many of the movements when are weak they're converted into violence. In fact the extremist minority of each movement after the decrease in protestors are forced to use violence to keep the excitement and dynamism, and through this keep the movement alive. The recent hostage crisis in East Russia represents the same kind of violence. But Russia's support of the protesters' causes this movement to continue artificial life due to external support.

Why Russia, despite losing much interest and most importantly the abortion of their plans through Ukraine, insists on supporting East of Ukraine?
East of Ukraine is the hostage of Russia for the final game in Syria. Russia that finds Syria’s game to be lost, tries to get a winner card in the power competition in Syria, through this. In such a condition the White House could release the Ukrainian hostage by giving Syria’s concession to Russia. But this is a wrong choice. Washington can give the points of the repeated game to Russia, in case of Syria. This means, despite that Russia will have no share nor will the competition end, the present competition in which Russia considers itself as the loser will stop. The new Game theory in Syria can immediately be implemented after the current game ends or even before it.The new theory is simple, very simple. Requesting Arab friends like Saudi Arabia to establish a secret communication channel with the men who already are in authority in Syria. The goal of this communication channel is clear; to convince them to secretly remove Bashar Assad; Soft revolution (Happy Democracy in Syria!)  
Notes: The new phase of supporting Afghanistan can make a soldier out of Afghanistan in a psychological war against Russia.
Change psychological warfare. Convert psychological warfare from threats policy to humiliation policy.
If the government of Ukraine negotiates with opponents, it will lead them to be recognized and it's probably an achievement for the opponents that may bring peace back to Ukraine, but may in the future (next few years) become a motivation for the re-release of potential dissatisfactions.