Thursday, March 26, 2015


The ambitions of Israeli Committee who is secretly called the group "Ethaniati" and on the other hand the resistance of the system as center of the international order regulation against these ambitions caused something called "War behind Closed Doors" to be created for the first time of Israel history. Certainly, the system is not one side of this war. What did the system was burning the Netanyahu, the core player of Israel. Traditionally, Mossad eliminates the burnt actors in order to maintain the guiding power of Israel. But the group "Ethaniati" has been against the idea about Netanyahu. 
However, the outcome of the dispute between Mossad and the Israeli Committee will be giving up of one of the two fronts not deletion of one. Therefore, the result of the dispute will not change anything for the benefit of the system. 
Hunting the Israeli spies will be continued. But, regarding to this that "Ethaniati" has been extremely vulnerable as a result of losing Mossad supports and other private intelligence agencies and mafia as well as reduction its influence on the Republican Party, it is necessary to be completely destroyed as soon as possible. This opportunity must be used in order to restore the balance to the existing order. 
Using all forces and strength is allowed in order to realize the goal of destruction.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

National Security and Human Rights

You do not need to be an expert to understand what is considered a threat to national security. Anything that violates three fundamental human rights which are included in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (i.e. life, liberty, and security) can be considered a threat against national security. 
It is clear that social discrimination against blacks in the United States may be a greater threat than ISIS and Venezuela to the America. Just ask ourselves how many American citizens have been the victims of such discrimination in recent months and how many of them were the Venezuela's victims in the same period of time? 
This is the question that people ask themselves and finding the answer is not difficult. Washington promised to the people using the body camera by all the police officers in order to prevent the repetition of Ferguson incident. In spite of this promise, the White House as the organ that must submit the budget for the fiscal year have not considered and predicted any fee or certain fund to fulfill the promise. "The FY2016 Budget provides $97 million to expand training and oversight for local law enforcement, increase the use of body-worn cameras, provide additional opportunities for police department reform, and facilitate community and law enforcement engagement in ten pilot sites, with additional technical assistance and training for dozens of communities and police departments across the Nation." 
What will be the share of body camera?! 
Considering that the primary fund to make the goal of "Police Body Camera" realizable was $263 million. 
Those who separate religion from politic pursued only one goal and it is nothing except interests of the people. Exactly now, it should be asked that who banned the White House to pay the ransom to ISIS in order to release the American captives. And it should be added that the answer is not silence.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Potential Threat

Exploitation of biological weapons and microbial experiments has yet been authorized, but hereinafter any attempt to create synthetic virus and conducting biological experiments are unauthorized. Certainly, this prohibition consists of European states and especially France as well. 
50 years ago the system and France together performed one of the world biggest biological experiments in Africa over 4 years. Cameron, Nigeria and Libya were the victims of this secret project; 40 thousands of people lost their lives as a result of it. The virus is blown in the air via explosion. The mechanism of the virus was such that the patients lost weight and appetite at first and finally dead because of high fever. 
The reasons for this prohibition are not ambiguous: 
First, France and any of the other countries are unable to guarantee the national security through this weapon. 
Secondly, the only way to ensure the reliability of the Europeans or even the system's members is that none of them have the potential threat, since possible changes in the system positions or European positions cause to unleash this potential against the security of the system.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

ISIS: From Kobani to Tikrit

Sudden changes in the Pentagon at the point of time when the US-led coalition have been fighting with ISIS as well as lack of their support of Iraqi army in Tikrit liberation operation raise some questions. 
Were Chuck Hagel performance and leadership over the anti-ISIS coalition weak? 
The strategic city of Kobani saved from the danger of falling to ISIS while many analysts and even US officials including John Kerry believed and said that the city falls. Only a powerful command is able to save such city. Then it is necessary to ask why Chuck Hagel was replaced? 
It should be added that the key changes in Pentagon at this point of time mean wasting the time in the favor of the enemy and this action has been like this that a football team coach be suddenly replaced in semi-final of the World Cup. Who can benefit from such a change? 
According to the true records, participation rate of many members of this coalition have dropped. So, the coalition in needed to be recovered. But Ashton Carter has done no appreciable action in order to its recovery. Apparently, an efficient leader was replaced with an inefficient secretary of defense. 
All the evidences prove that the Pentagon has been deliberately crippled. Who gave the order of this project to the White House?
The system or Mossad?!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zionist Union: Change or Reset?

The system does not support the plays created by Mossad, whether the actor of the shows is a politician or an actress. 
The fate of Israelis has not been determined by their votes but due to widespread fraud in the elections. Although people were seeking to basically change the political body of Israel and the change has been signed by the system but the political leaders of this movement did not fight to make the changes. 
Israel has lost its political validity and credibility through its repeated failures in the arena of international politics. Needless to say, any set which is falls to this stage is force to a reset project in order to prevent the collapse. 
As it was stated, it was supposed that Isaac Herzog would take the Israeli premiership just for two years, if the Zionist Union victory happened. Accordingly, the Israel relation with the remaining two years of Democrat's White House would restore and also increase political credibility and respect of the White House. (It is worth mentioning that this point was received secretly by the White House from Mossad's Israel.) 
Also, in the case of achieving this success by ZU, Tel Aviv would attract the confidence of EU and probably Arab League. Certainly, in such a circumstance, the EU tendency to use alternatives in order to solve the Mideast peace issue is reduced; likely the Palestinians case would also suspended in ICC. 
At the end, the vanishing of Mossad seems to be the main reason of the failure of this project.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Israel-Iran: Facts

Facts are part of the truth, and if we are seeking the truth it is necessary not to deny the facts. 
Iran is being accused of anti-Semitism through Tel Aviv frequently and in addition it claims that Tehran is a major threat to the security of Israel. 
But it should be said in response to the claim: 
First, even conservative politicians and leaders of Iran have not been anti- Semitism. Because Ruhollah Khomeini considered Jews independent and separate from Israel. Ahmadinejad followed Ayatollah Khomeini's doctrine as well and during his presidency tried to consider a separation between the Jewish community and Israel. Consequently, he met rabbis in friendly meetings several times in New York and Tehran. He also has repeatedly said that global issues including the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory can be solved only through "negotiations" and "peace". 
Secondly, Iranian government consider the origin of the formation of the state of Israel illegal and it believed that the fate of Palestine-Israel territory should be determined through a comprehensive referendum with the presence of Jews and Arabs of the region in order to choose one of these two theories, "two-state" and "unified state". In other words, selecting the solution assigns to the people.
Thirdly, Iran never threatened to attack Israel. Hezbollah which also enjoys Tehran support has recently announced that not willing to start a new war with Israel.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Human Rights and Islam

One of the oldest principles of human rights is equality between men and women. And in this respect, some believed that Islamic Law is opposed to the principle. 
Islamic Hijab: 
Some claim that an obstacle to realize the goal of "gender equality" is Islamic Hijab. It should be said in response to the claim that according to Islamic Law none of the women are forced to wear uniforms or a standard-form dress in public spaces, although there are some restrictions on clothing. But in most countries of the world the restrictions on clothing is exist with the aim of protection of moral welfare, mental health and security. Nudity at public places is prohibited by law, for instance, in many European countries. As a result, Islamic Law does not violate the women's freedom in the case of clothing and appearance. 
Special rights and benefits of Islam: 
According to Islamic Law, men and women rights and legitimate benefits are divided in two categories: common (or identical) rights and special rights. Special rights refer to those rights or benefits that only men or women have them. Some consider this as inequality between men and women in Islamic law. 
In response to the claim it must be said that special rights and benefits of Islamic Law have been distribute equally between men and women. For example, based on Islamic Law, women have specific rights of alimony (that may include the right to a maid for some) and mahr with effective performance bonds from both civil law and criminal law. Therefore, the special rights of Islamic Law do not violate the rights of women in the case of equality of women and men. So the Islamic source of civil law countries such as Iran is coordinated with modern criterions of legislators.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cuba-US: Behind the Curtain

Cuba-US diplomatic relation is more a threat before it can be recognized as an opportunity. Because like Assad and Kim Jong-un, the Castro brothers need their power to be survived more than anything else and Russia and China are the only powers can officially and openly defend Cuba, Syria and North Korea dictatorial regimes. So the political orientation of Cuban government will not likely change after gaining some political points from the White House. 
It should be also added that Washington has attempted several times to carry out a coup in Venezuela, and Havana is aware of the fact and certainly feels concern therein, specially that the last Code Coup against Caracas was foiled right after Obama's call to re-establishing ties with Cuba. In such circumstances, Cuban political need grows toward its supporters containing Russia, not the US. 
Keep in mind, standing and acting for unessential social or political goals is allowed even in the darkest states of human rights such as authoritarian rule of Cuba, therefore Castro's daughter can be an activist for LGBT (and be a round the world traveler while other Cuban citizens cannot) but key changes are only possible through democratic elections like what the world has seen in Greece, something that is not available in Cuban government. 
Apart from what has been said, there are also external factors which send alarming signals on the establishment of the political ties. 
First, Putin regime has begun a new round of Russian diplomacy to maintain the hegemony of Moscow. Accordingly more points are given to allies and friends of Kremlin. 
Second, United States diplomacy is experiencing the weakest management over the past half century. John Kerry, the Center of God's friend has have the weakest performance among the secretaries of state over the past 50 years based on the recent survey of the Foreign Policy publication that was made of international relations scholars votes. 
And now, the White House officials should disprove this argument before taking any further steps, if it is not an Israeli project to detriment of the order.