Thursday, August 27, 2015

Islamic Iran: Cultural Management

The budget of a movie in the United States might be $100 million while the whole budget of Iran cinema is less than $33 million per year. 
Iranian cinema is not difficult to be controlled, but the government faces difficulties with its management. Through increasing the restrictions in the cultural area, it could be controlled by the government. However, such a way leads to the closure of cultural space and the backwardness of a country like North Korea. But cultural management, which is the best alternative, can repel cultural threats as well as perpetuate the country's cultural development. 
If the Iranian government stops the release of five movies, then will face with harsh criticism from opponents and the accusation of human rights violations, while the number of movie project that has been prevented by the system is greater than expected and almost no one is opposed to it. 
The system can undertake financial costs of all Iranian directors' film projects, instead, some certain provisions must be implemented: emphasis particularly on Islamic rules, removing the current hierarchy of the cinema, which resulted in the foundation of a small quasi-mafia network and removing the actors who are belonging to this network. 
The network has a popular theory: "a good actor is the one who is patient and starts his work by theater." The purpose of this this theory is hidden behind these beautiful words; preventing young actors from entering the cinema! 
This band is dangerous and anti-Islam. The death of Naser Abdollahi, the Iranian signer was not natural. His heart rate in the last minutes of his life was so high; suspiciously high. The cause of the death was intoxication by drinking poisoned water.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Iran and Cuba: Soft Resistance

As it was predicted, Havana-Washington diplomatic relations re-establishment had no influence on the domestic and foreign policy of Cuba. Cuba's new resolution on the political status of Puerto Rico has been issued at the UN about two months ago. Accordingly, Washington is requested to stop Puerto Rico colonialism and occupation as well as releasing Oscar Lopez, the Puerto Rican independence activist and political prisoner. The UN Decolonization Committee has already adopted more than 30 resolutions and decisions on the issue of Puerto Rico, all submitted by Cuba over the past 15 years. While Puerto Rico is scheduled to be annexed to the U.S. in January 2021. 
Cuba proved a reality; the strategy of "soft resistance" or "diplomatic resistance" is the most effective forms of resistance in the 21st century. Although Washington has maintained the sanctions against Cuba under the pressures of the system, but it cannot be denied that the Cuban political pressures overcame Washington. Both Democratic and Republican parties agreed to the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba as well as remove its name from the list of countries sponsors of terrorism. 
The Castro medical diplomacy could obviously win the Washington's militaristic foreign policy. As a result of this diplomacy, many doctors are sent to the crisis and war zones on behalf of Cuba to treat the injured and patients. And it should be add that Cuba could increase its friends in Latin America in the current century. 
Iran could also win its regional oppositions in the field of foreign policy by resorting to the model of "soft resistance" and as Bob Corker confessed, Iran could change the power's balance of the Middle East. If Iran uses this model as its foreign policy strategy, then more successes are achieved.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bypassing Islam by Material Humanism

Iran's social and cultural situation is somewhat similar to the West. It is enough to know that most Western young people how feel and think about the first experience of an early romance or romance before marriage to know how Iranian youth think. 
But if the reader does not belong to the generations Y or Z will not be able to properly assess the situation. Thus providing further explanations is necessary: 
The movie "Black Swan" was a reflection of the dark realities of society; the collapse of the identity, character and beliefs of a person as a result of social pressure and peer pressure. Media pressure has caused many teenagers and young people to sacrifice their personal beliefs. 
Iran knows that Zionists have two goals on Islam: First, create a religious war, and second, removing Islam. It is obvious that Islamic radicalism cause the creation of religious war as well, the extension of humanism methodology in the Islamic societies will eliminate the Islam. And as it cannot be claimed that Islamic radicalism is present in Iran's cinema and television, it can be claimed that the humanist ideas is rapidly spread in Iran's cinema and television, especially through a number of popular and successful TV shows. 
A new model called "good citizen" has been shaped. According to this model, people are invited to respect human rights and civil law. And Islam is not the source of this so-called humanitarian invitation, but it is humanism. No need to say, Islam would be replaced. 
 Holding weekly regular meetings with Iranian authorities about cultural issues is necessary in order to resolve this cultural threat. 
In the end, according to the Turkish classified document, Ankara is going to attack Damascus, although it is a surprising decision at the current political situation of Turkey. First targets will be western deserts of Syria (and it is a trick to waste golden time of reaction). The time is too short. But a decisive action at this point of time can prevent the possible Word War III.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why the Holocaust Took Place?

Hitler's death was the only matter caused the Holocaust to be stopped. And certainly it was not stopped if the World War II was not begun or at least Nazis did not attack to Stalingrad. 
The Holocaust began with the green light of Zionism. People's ignorance about the Holocaust which has been used as a powerful license allowed Hitler to kill a lot of Jews and Gypsies.
Who helped the people's ignorance to be continued?! 
Who kept silent in spite of knowing it?! 
The Holocaust was a genocide, but not the last one. Brutal genocide in Rwanda and international genocide against Muslims in Bosnia and then in Darfur, Myanmar, Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Yemen are among the modern age examples of genocide. All of them have taken place after the 1990s. 
"How to create genocide" is a question should be asked now. 
Public opinion is the main and most important deterrent factor of crimes against humanity. But if public opinion is not aware of specific crimes or is not sure of their occurrence, then cannot have any impact on stopping them. 
Media under the management and control of the system will attempt to increase the awareness of public opinion. 
And in the end, the system will not support the plan of the devaluation of dollar. It is recommended that to take seriously the threats against the currency. Internal enemies of the United States are more dangerous than its foreign enemies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The "Counternews" Project

It is impossible to stop a threat until it is not recognized by the threatened. 
There is no doubt that wide risks threaten the security and interests of the system, today. Since the system is more widespread than ever. And this fact should be understood that worshiping proud is as the same as worshiping the threats. 
Major media are not under the control of the system and it is a fact. It is a fact that the few numbers who direct the world's major media want to surround the public opinion. In spite of this, today, the public opinion is more free and open than any time else. But it needs support. 
All members of the system have two lives. The first is happening in this underground and all are known as "agent". The second is happening on top of the underground and all are known as actors, engineers, teachers or even illusionist and etc. by their friends and family members. And it is now the time to ask how important is the life identity? 
Dissolution of the Israeli Committee includes an explicit message for everyone: Nothing is impossible for the system! 
The system is required to allocate a budget of $70 billion to establish and run several News agencies. In addition, the process of selecting the competent experts of the system as the heads of the media should be started as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lebanon: Quadrangular Diplomacy

Various terrorist groups have activity in the Middle East as well as in the neighboring of Lebanon. Perhaps the only preventive factors of terrorist infiltration into Lebanese territory are lack of oil resources in Lebanon and the resistance of Hezbollah forces against the terrorists in some border areas of Lebanon. Terrorist groups need oil to continue their activities and lack of energy sources in a country reduces their widespread activities there. Therefore, destroying strategic areas of terrorists by obtaining the consent of Baghdad and Damascus governments is of the easiest options to exterminate the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Oil refineries and airports are among these strategic locations. Commitment to reconstruct these locations can facilitate the satisfaction process of these governments. 
But an offensive operation is the best form of defense as most of the military experts are aware. So, the terrorists attempt to invade to several areas in Syria and Iraq to be able to buy time. The occupation of Ramadi in Iraq was done to achieve the same goal and caused Baghdad to cancel the liberation operation of Mosul. And it seems that achieving the oil resources of the Al Anbar province was the secondary objective of ISIS. The terrorists may attack Lebanon based on the same manner. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve the issue of Lebanese political instability. 
A quadrangular diplomacy with Hezbollah, Tehran and Paris should be immediately started by the system in order to settle this issue. 
In the end, Israel's Shaked plan on Attorney-General job is under support of the system as a movement (or in other words, as a step) toward democracy.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Illusion" as a New Global Actor

What was the role of the system in the international arena in 2012 and before it? 
What is its role in the arena now? 
The system position has changed from a side role to a leading role. And the system's functions have risen and it can address in every issue, including the security, political, diplomatic, social and cultural ones. 
Establishing and possessing the news agencies is the requirement of the system to hold this position. It is obvious that the purpose of broadcasting the classified information is to confront widespread censorship and the lies; and it is time to shut down the theory of lies. The scope of censorship has expanded and sometimes spreading rumors has replaced news broadcasting. The media policy on the Yemen Crisis is considered a serious warning for the system because the formation of a new entity entitled "illusion" as an actor and factor in the arena of the international order is a serious threat to the international security. Iraq was the first victim of the media lies in 2003 and it was not the last one. To deny the recent claims of the media about the Yemen, it is just good to ask: 
Why Saudi Arabia has not started a ground war against Yemen?
Saudis has predicted that the ground war against Yemen fails. Riyadh certainly started the ground war if it believed that it will be successful. Since the ground operations was of the most likely options of Riyadh for the first one to two months of the war. As a result, if the claims of Hadi's mercenaries were right, Saudi Arabia would have changed its strategy in Yemen to a ground warfare. 
The media follows the method of North Korea for the Yemen Crisis. For example, the North Korea has said to its citizens that the country's national football team won the 2014 World Cup competition. This method which is reminiscent of the movie "Wag the Dog", is considered the interference in the international order.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Turkey: From "No Neighbor Politic" to PKK

The Turkish government is dealing with the threat of the terrorist and potentially separatist group of PKK. But first of all, the Turkish government should ask itself why PKK suddenly became a threat, or at least, its potential threat has been released? 
The Turkish government's "no neighbor politic" caused to increase number of Ankara's opposition and has damaged Turkey's political credibility. Turkey's support for ISIS led to political divergence between Turkey and its neighbors, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Also Turkish politics over Russia caused to concern of Europe Union, Ukraine and partially Georgia, the neighbor of Turkey. 
Turkey was alerted about the project of harming the country several months ago. And It was supposed that the supporting the PKK and finance them be take place by Moscow in return for concessions to Russia. But now the support and financing this group is done only by London and Mossad. 
The system plays the role of observer on the conflict of PKK and Turkey. Because supporting the Turkish government confirms the Ankara's behaviors that violate the Mideast order. But if the PKK damage the Iranian interests under the protection of the system on Turkish soil, the system would claim and receive compensation from London and Mossad.