Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fiction Method (Part 2)

We have two types of narrator in a fiction: first person and third person. In the first type, the story is like an Autobiography. So the whole story, events and thoughts is narrated by one of the characters inside the story. The reader will be informed of the events that the main character of the story knows and wants to narrate or the reader will know only about the main character's thoughts and motivations. While fiction has a third person narrator, the writer can be in several places in one moment or he can enter the thoughts of whoever he wants in the story and reveals them. Now we provide an example to make the differences between fist person narrator and third person narrator clear: Subject of first example: Albert gives Anna a rose with a deceptive intension. First person narrator (Anna): He gave me a rose; I think he is a romantic guy. Third person narrator: Albert gives Anna a rose while he only intends to sleep with her for a few nights but Anna thinks differently. She finds him romantic. Subject of second example: Albert is a 22 year old man and Anna is 14  but she seems to be 16. First person narrator (Albert): Anna is neither very young nor very mature; perhaps she is a 16 or 17 teenager. Third person narrator: the 14-year-old Anna knows that Albert is some years older than her so she tries to look older with wearing more make-up and it makes Albert think that she is older than her real age. So this is obvious that when we have a first person narrator, characterization of other characters of story forms according to the first person's point of view, thoughts and judgments. For instance, if the first person is optimist, he looks at everyone with positively.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fiction Method (Part 1)

Fiction is one of examples of literature. But as every written text is not a part of literature, everything which has the label of story, is not included in literature. E.g. A legal bill is not a literary text although it is written. The writer of the story is not a reporter who depends only on recording the events. If doing this could create literature, a criminal report would have been a crime fiction. There are two elements in each fiction: First is event or story subject element and the next one is character or characterization element. The difference between fiction and documented report is in the second element. In a documented report there exist two elements: 1.event or subject 2.involving people. In such a report neither writer nor reader seeks characteristics of the criminal but the characteristic of subject is important in fiction. In other words, the unique features of person or persons who are involved in the fiction are important. The features are like: morality, beliefs, accent, treatment etc. The character's feature should not be typical. For instance, if a character is a criminal so besides having general elements of a criminal, he must have some unique characteristics which only belong to him. Needless to say, a fiction is not an imaginary form of a documented report.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Diaries of 68+1 (Final Chapter)

The picture that Ariana creates from Alvin in her mind is more like Romeo in the story of Shakespeare. There is no Pink and no awareness of what has happened to Alvin. Now she wants to become responsible to the only man of her life. Now even buttoning Alvin's shirt up is enjoyable for her. Although Alvin's love has not lessen after what happened between him and Pink, things have changed in comparison to the past, the one past week. Ariana invites Alvin to her house. To her, he is the one she doesn't need to prove herself to. She can be who she is, with all the things she has and she doesn't. The smell of cake and the sound of music in her house convey her message to Alvin. Now she is ready for Alvin. The kiss that he gave to her the last time, makes her feel much more closer to him than before. So she sits beside him and takes his hands and looks in his eyes deeply. Alvin's mind is full of questions that he asks from himself now. “Ariana is lonely. If I break her heart …” and then he answers to himself: “Even if she is lonely, she has enough time to forget it.”  
“Is it funny if I sometimes think that I can be a good wife?”Ariana asks.
“Really?! It is nice.” Alvin is not surprised. “Ariana is not yours anymore, you're with Pink” He thinks by himself and then: “Pink is not loved”
“I think you could smell the cakes I have just cooked. I go to bring them.” She goes to the kitchen and Alvin goes after her like the last time. He stands behind her and gets himself closer than ever to her. Ariana feels that this time is different from the last time. Maybe a different feeling is here. Alvin circles his hands around Ariana and starts kissing her neck violently. He attaches himself completely to her from behind. He unbuttons her pant and undresses Ariana's bottoms. For one moment something suffers his mind: “Ariana is not your hobby.” Alvin tries to enjoy of what he has. Soon Ariana feels the warmth of a manly hand which touches her naked groin and the area around her sex organ. An enjoyable and new feeling that makes her opens her mouth a little. a feeling that gives identity to her beauty and feminine elegance. But a mixed sense of sin and pleasure is capturing them. Ariana has the feeling because she is unfaithful to her religion and Alvin has the feeling because he is unfaithful to Ariana and Pink. “How do you feel my girl?” Alvin asks calmly. 
“I love you!” She moans like says. Suddenly he hates himself. He hates his behavior. He leaves Ariana and goes to the restroom with a red face. There he masturbates to reduce and turn off his erotic feeling and takes his control. After he comes out from the restroom he founds Ariana looking at him seriously. It means a big WHY. “I'm sorry but I don't think I can fulfill your expectations.” Ariana wants to make fun of him by saying “school child” but instead she says: “Who do you think I am? A sex machine?” her voice is trembling. Knowing the truth is her right but now she is not able to hear what she has to. Alvin prefers to say some of the truth. “Maybe I can't be a good husband for you.”
“Do you sleep with somebody else?” She stops for a moment and continues: “When you were sad that day I didn't want you to tell the reason. But what now?”
“I'll tell you if you insist. I'll tell you everything but I beg you not to insist.”
“Is there anybody except me in his life?” She asks herself but she doesn't have the courage to even know about it.
“I made a mistake.” He says.
“I don't know him. I don't know lots of things about him.” She thinks. “You are a liar Alvin.”
“Isn't your Yippie father that surely is one of the 60s’ survivors is a lie? He says angrily.
“I haven't seen him but I just heard so. Why is it important for you now?” She coolly replies. “It is my fault. It is my fault too.”Ariana thinks so. Alvin leaves the house and leaves Ariana alone with the smell of cake, sound of music and sign of his kisses on her neck.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Diaries of 68+1 (Chapter 11)

Pink is a good friend of Alvin's. But their friendship is more than a common one. Still non of them is seeking for a sexual explore on the other one. So they call each other brother and sister. Pink is spending most of her weekends with Alvin. She puts a new movie's DVD on Alvin's DVD player and wants him to watch it with her. She also knows what has happened to him recently. Alvin finds Pink less responsible than ever while he drinks a glass of water reluctantly.
“Calm down idiot! I bought this movie for you to become a little better!” She says. Alvin sits along side Pink silently and watches the movie. The movie starts with sexual scenes and it makes Alvin skip it because he doesn't want Pink to watch it with him. That's what he usually does. “When I am alone, I watch them. I also want to watch them on slow motion.” Pink says. The only thing Alvin does, is keeping silent. After a while Pink looks at Alvin who is watching the movie reluctantly while she putting back of her hand on her mouth. Then she looks back at television and says: “When I was a little kid, once I watched a porn video. I remember I was scared badly …” Alvin looks at her for a short time and looks back at television. “I didn't know if the woman was happy or sad!” She adds immediately. “How old were you?” He asks.
“I don't know .I didn't go to school. Maybe I did.” She is looking for a way to express him what she means while looking all over the room. “Have you ever had fantasy? I mean …”
“I know what you mean but I don't know why are you asking this question?!”
“You didn’t fantasy of me?! If I was going to create your fantasy I would have done it in reality.” After a short pause she repeats: “Alvin, have you had it before?” Alvin swallows his saliva and looks at Pink pleadingly. She can see signs of arousal in his face. “So that's all about it.” She pushes her hands on his penis. Alvin retracts his muscles in order not to ejaculate. Pink starts moving her hand. “Like this?! Are you enjoying?” She asks while looking at him anxiously. Alvin closes his eyes and puts back of his hand on the sofa while his face is in front of Pink. After a while the humidity of Alvin's pants touches her hand. Alvin's ejaculate is a response to her request. “It has been a long time I wanted to see your face in this situation. So you look like this! It's really interesting. I wish I could take a picture from you.” She says.
“So you're not just a baby, now you're my Babe!”
Pink puts her dress on her face to covers her nose with it. Then she says “One who pisses in his pantie is a baby. Now, don't you want to stop that stink?” Alvin takes Pink’s dress down from her nose quickly. And asks: “Don’t like milk smell?!”
“Can’t be a little more shy?”
“Oh Pink, this is my normal situation!” After a pause she hits him gently by the finger on the nose and says: “I want to complete my late night theories with you.”
“How many theories you know?” He says while moving his finger on Pink’s face. “Everything will become clear when the morning comes.” She response. Evening comes and the light of television is the only light in the house.