Saturday, February 28, 2015

VOA: Media and Anti Signals

A popular way to exchange messages between the states and intelligence agencies is to send encoded signals through media. BBC is considered one of the official and old channels of London signal sending for instance. Meantime there are other active media, however, that only by imitating this method send different signals to the states and intelligences while have no dependency on or specific connection with any state or intelligence agency. 
In other words, media signals are invalid but on the other hand they might be identified as valid signals. Then it can be concluded that the media sent anti signals or destructive parallel signals. 
Sending anti signals can have very significant destructive effect on security and performance of the system. 
VOA (including the Persian service) is a public broadcaster that is sending anti signals which is a longtime program. This media is actually directed by a wealthy 75-year-old pro-Israel American. VOA is unqualified to send signal from the White House, Washington, Tel Aviv, or even the Israeli Committee. Although some of employees of it are the members of the system but there is no specific relationship between the system and the channel. 
In order to end sending anti signals, it is necessary to confront expressly with this media and strike it. 
All the same channels must be also detected.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Human Trafficking, Israel and Counter-Security

People who can be trusted are what the system needs. One who is lying, who is attempting to organized crimes like women trafficking, and who does not have good faith cannot be identified as a reliable person. 
Two 18-year-old Indonesian girls were abducted about five months ago. The two friends were kidnapped in Jakarta are being kept in a residential house in the city of Makassar. Two 39 and 40-year-old Indonesian men captured the innocent girls. 
The men are members of an Israeli gang which its leader is Brat bin, the 47-year-old American businessman resident in London. He is single with no family. Brat bin made a gang of 19 criminals. 
It should be added to the above mentioned that he is a double agent in favor of Israel. 
The safest option for kidnappers is to release the girls immediately without harming them and leave the country. In other words, the condition for their security is not only releasing the young girls but to do it harmlessly and immediately. 
But about Brat bin, all the ways are allowed in order to destroy him. 
In the end, the head of the 20-year-old American mafia has fled to Portugal and he is not sheltered in Lisbon.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blood for Signals of Ukraine

The new agreement of Minsk which was developed based on the needs of the Ukrainian central government causes the rebels to be frustrated. Therefore, they are trying to dictate their conditions practically to the government through shattering continually the ceasefire. But the shatter of ceasefire by rebels and loss of the control of Debaltseve city from Kiev causing concerns in the capital of Ukraine. 
It should be said in response to these concerns: 
Firstly, no time is late to do a total military attack. Undoubtedly, if the military attack against rebels is required, then it is possible through NATO all-out support. 
Secondly, if the Ukrainian side can prove its good faith in the implementation of the Minsk II Agreement, it will be able to be sure about the support of Europe and the United States. In such circumstances, i.e. when the rebels do not respect the truce agreement but Ukrainian government fulfills it then the West will be forced to make the situations more difficult for Moscow. 
So it could be concluded that, respecting to the ceasefire agreement by the Ukrainian government and also asking the peacekeepers from the UN by Kiev (which its sovereignty over the geographic territory of east Ukraine has been proved and it is informed) would be a strategic success for the country; the rebels will be force to withdraw or new sanctions will be ordained against Moscow and the Ukraine's NATO membership will be essential to European states.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Human Rights of Iran

The system seeks to improve the human rights situation worldwide including Iran. 
It could not be more obvious that if the system was willing to misuse the title "Human Rights" it would publish the classified documents of Iran or intervenes at Iranian intelligence operations of VAJA agents such as Shahrokh Estakhri and Amin Hayai. But the human rights cannot certainly be defended through terrorization.
Most activities of the system for the human rights including negotiating with governments are done secretly. It is believed that a starting point will be necessary in order to talk about everything and the point of similarity is the recommended outset. 
"Child labour" is a very important issue since the Iran's govt. did not make any plan to solve it, and on the other hand, global institutions of human rights have not addressed the issue properly. Certainly if only the sections 2 and 4 of the Article 21 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran are fully implemented then this new problem would not be emerging. With this logic in mind, the Holy lawgiver held that "O, you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do?!" "It causes Allah's wrath gravely that you say something that you do not fulfill." [Quran 61 (Al-Saff):2-3] 
Without doubt, the system is not supporting any one unconditionally. The fight against extremism is the purpose to be realized by the system. And as Iran's leader, the predictor of ISIS falling and "Islamic Awaken" has thought, the sanctions against extremist individuals and persons in Iran will continue and it is not related and dependent to the result of P5+1 agreement under the title "nuclear program" with Iran. And it is expected that Iranians cooperate with the system in this regard and also about the system’s activities in Iran. 
In this case, Kamran Bagheri Lankarani is having the hidden support of Army of Guardians. And it is necessary to take him off immediately with respect to ambitious and worrying plans of this organization. 
And also, the system needs time in order to check and evaluate the text of nuclear agreement for achieving Iranian desired agreement.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

An American Mafia: Russia-Israel Coalition

Annihilation of all the mafia and terrorist groups is an inconvertible exigence. 
An old mafia is a network led by a 55-year-old American man who is educated in architectural engineering and living in the city of Washington that numbers of its members have infiltrated into the system. He is in contact with both Republican and Democratic political class. But he is not among capitalists or owners of big companies. 
The group heretofore has been committed several organized crimes. It has been established twenty years ago. The numbers of its members are 35; since security is substantial for this mob group the process of recruitment has been proceed with meticulosity as a result. 
This mafia has recently established ties with Russia and Israel that is considered a "high threat". 
E Green (34 years old) is of its members. Her membership and other members of the group in the system are abolished. 
All the ways and means are allowed in order to find and obtain reliable information. 
All dangerous members of it in addition to its leader must be destroyed soon. 
The possibility of legal and judicial threats is considered an order.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Syria: The Planned War

The Syria crisis is defined with factors of a "civil war" from the view point of external observers. But if the civil war was the only crisis, it was definitely able to be settled. The Syria crisis is formed by Syrian Civil War in addition with intimate relationship of Bashar al-Assad with Israel and White House. We should honestly ask ourselves, whether a dictator with support of Russia, Israel and U.S. will comprise with the opposition?! 
The purpose of Russia of such supports is naturally different from Israel and U.S. purposes. Russia seeks to expand its influence and power in the Middle East while Israel and United States seek to destroy the economical-political survival of this strategic country. The sovereignty's continuity of Assad regime is undoubtedly the guarantor of Syria's falling. The U.S. can continue to support the armed rebellions in Syria when there is a justification for it and the survival of the Assad regime justify White House's support of Assad's armed opponents. Also U.S. and Israel's secret support of the terrorist group "al-Nusra Front" can only be effective when the Syrian government is weak. A weak isolated government which is under intense international pressure and sanctions cannot certainly fight against different armed and terrorist groups. 
In contrast, Tehran has been sought for a comprehensive and final solution, and designed a plan to solve the crisis. Presidential authorities, powers and political capacity are reduced and also key reforms in Syrian political system are formed on the basis of this plan. However Damascus is supported by Iran but rejected this proposal. 
The only way to save Syria in such circumstances is to change the game. And this change is possible only by Bashar al-Assad's removal. All the manners in order to put pressures directly against Assad and his expeditious elimination are allowed.

Monday, February 9, 2015

US Elections 2016: Illegal Interference

Elections is the last symbol and remainder item of democracy in the U.S. and democracy is the red line of the system. Therefore, any interference in is condemned and will be faced with direct consequences.
Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson, most recent, design a plan in order to create a negative balance in the 2016 US presidential election. It is worth mentioning that none of them are Israeli committee (also known as Israeli Pyramid's 13) members. Ironically, Sheldon Adelson last efforts have also failed to enter to the committee. He offered to buy PepsiCo but it was rejected. Although, Donald Kendall is a committee member, but it has been a collective decision by the 13 individual members because the offer was not proposed with an economic intent but was implicitly considered membership request. This means that even the Israeli committee does not support them. 
Their plan is as follows: 
They want to implement the plan by disclosing their nominees before intra-party elections. 
No one can support candidates before they are officially declared by the parties including Republicans and Democrats. 
The official candidates of the parties are not predictable. Since Joe Biden is interested to participate in the elections!!! 
In addition, these two are going to visit Israel together and it should also be stopped.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Secrecy of Secret Israelis

An old Israeli secret society is still active within the system while all of the System-Israel relationships have been cut and Israel continues to feed the terrorist group ISIS. Ten people of the system are members of the society and Steven Cohen as the first member is the chair. 
Cohen, the 58-year-old man should be asked: Why the existence of the society has yet been hidden for the system? 
Why he did not announce even the name of one the group members who worked for him? 
With this incentive in mind, all of the 9 members are of plain-clothes and non-celebrity agents. 
No one hides a legal action for 15 years! Then why Cohen did so?!
If his action did not treated a crime, then why did not unveil it?!
Also, who commission the Syria mission to these agents? 
The system or Israel?! 
Of course, his secret cooperation with Russia and China must also be added to these items. And certainly, there are significant questions in this regard to be should asked of him. 
Complete information about the society's activities, missions and members must be obtained. 
From now on, none of the ten Israeli double agents are considered the system's members. 
Any attempt by Cohen to get close to Israel, Russia, China or any intelligence agency and mafia is prohibited. 
Effective monitoring should be applied to prevent any suspicious action or omission. 
The removal of the "security" label of all of the ten society’s people is the penalty for breach of this award.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ukraine: No Way but New

An ambassador is determined for Ukraine affairs to fill the Washington and Brussels' foreign policy gaps and corruption in this respect; the class agent Philip is ambassador regarding Ukraine. Indeed Kiev has the right to be aware of classified information about the White House and the West related to Ukraine Crisis. Despite the fact, access to classified document for Kiev is not available at this point of time. 
But first of all, Ukrainian government must necessarily know that resolving the crisis in East Ukraine might cause the sanctions against Moscow to be gradually eliminated. In such circumstance, Ukrainian sovereignty over Crimea, the Black Sea and the existing resources are likely are unattainable. Considering this fact, is the Ukrainian government willing to completely resolve the disputes at this point of time or does it prefer the sanctions affect Moscow and then return to the peace process with greater bargaining strength?
It should be answered with this concept in mind that killing thousands people of Ukraine containing the western and eastern Ukrainian never change anything in Kremlin because it does not hurt Moscow. 
Ukraine Crisis has brought in damages for both Ukraine and Russia. Currently the Kiev is facing with challenges such as coal shortage. A required parameter for the future planning is to identify the capacity of the country in encountering with present challenges.
At the end it is advisable, No one is sending something entitling "NATO membership invitation" to Ukraine. No one will solve the Ukraine Crisis. A good example to prove this claim is Syrian Civil War. The Ukrainians’ ideals could be realized only by Kiev's political decisions.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To Tehran: New Ties

A requisite in formation a stable relationship with mutual trust is that the vague points of the both parties of relationship be resolved. Undoubtedly, the system can only rely to a person or a set when sufficient researches have been done. Tehran has been chosen accordingly. 
However, Tehran does not know the system clearly, therefore, it is necessary to clear the uncertainties of the Iranian party. Then some points should be said at introducing the system. 
The system is considered as an organization and absolutely a legal person. 
It is acting to realize its goals, and its goals are coincident with the United Nations' ones and have the global legitimacy. 
Like any other organization the system has funds but its supporters are all those who have common goals with this organization. 
As the residence of a multinational corporation is unclear from legal point of view, it is difficult to identify a place as the residence of the system. 
Telecommunications are prohibited between the system and Tehran. It is allowed to use other means of electronic communication but all the networks are labeled with "caution" tag.
In order to ease the affairs for the Iranian party, three agents are chosen; Crystal, R and Nima are ambassadors regarding Tehran. But, only Crystal is authorized and capable to send and receive messages. Others capacity is limited to receiving Iranian messages.
But, "meeting" as the most recommended way, is free from these rules and all of the three agents have the same negotiating capacity. Although no one has the authority to make crucial decisions.
According to the consensual relationship, Iran is asked to introduce its ambassador or official envoy (respectfully, the power of attorney for an "Official Envoy" is binding) with his/her authority.
In the end, the White House and Kremlin have joined to the Israel's camp. An inverse game is on the order!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Immigration Crisis: Human Rights and Security

Entrance to the domestic issues of a country is not accepted based on the political ethics principle. The U.S. domestic issues are not exception. But some of the issues are set in the circle of Human Rights and security, needless to say, they are considered as the exceptions to the principle. 
The issue of Immigration Crisis (also called refugee crisis) in the United States is identified with both "Human Rights" and "Security" labels. Therefore, they must be addressed separately.

First: Human Rights 
The laws of the nationality, residence and immigration are linked to each other. And without considering the related parameters, i.e. rules of nationality and residence the unilateral changes in immigration law may cause a vicious cycle. But on the other hand, not updating these laws in the arena represents the neglect of legislators in a country that is considered as one of the major immigration countries and in the period that is known as Age of Communications. 
The laws in European countries, such as Germany, France and Finland are usually legislated by legal literature and technically. The exigency of codification about migration and its related parameters is undeniable and the legislators should pass the rules on the basis of this model framework. 

Second: Security 
Although the illegal entry of thousands unarmed children to America does not constitute a security threat to United Stated. But if this event is considered as a security test, therefore its result is certainly failure. After a few months of Immigration Crisis, the White House is unwilling to submit a bill about these issues to the congress in order to solve them and the congress does not put any bill on the agenda as well. So the system should take the initiative about both of the cases as soon as possible.