Thursday, June 26, 2014

Syria: Changes

Assad opponents failed to occupy Damascus in months or during the first or second year of civil war, thus, it was predicted that continuing the war and the Sierra Maestra pattern would not lead the victory of the militants faction opposing Bashar al-Asad whose power has decreased over the first months and years of the war. Also, there is a principle that a controlled war can be the guarantee for an instable government and this is what we witnessed in Syria.
Thus, efforts to establish peace in Syria seem reasonable for those who really want changes in Syria. Although peace was half goal which was realized, the whole goal would be realized when the power does change in Syria. Therefore, transference of authority does not necessarily mean as the abdication of Bashar al-Asad from the Presidency. Syria is already under the pressure of international sanctions, economic infrastructures of the country have been damaged, its most important supporter, Russia, is involved in Ukraine's issue and rescuing its lost political credibility and the Syrian opposition has been recognized whereas the Arabic countries in the region are demanding a change in authority in Syria. Thus all Arabic countries' investments will transfer from the militants opposing Bashar al-Assad to the recognized opposition of the Syria. Certainly, when the peace is the order of the day, Bashar al-Assad's government can only compete with the opposition when it can overcome political and economical issues. The irony is that governments recognize oppositions when they have stable political power and when their power reduces, they attempt to suppress opposition, and therefore Bashar al-Assad was forced to behave to act against this political nature.
The only matter that this opposition must not forget is that in the present circumstances, it is not expedient to follow the Venezuelan opposition. Venezuelan opposition in spite of having high power and considerable influence on public opinion, was inflexible and did not want to gradually increase its dominance with achieving political and economic privileges in the structure of power in Venezuela, but wanted coup, revolution from above, and a sudden confiscation of all power that has not been very successful (even a successful coup that had in 2002 was not viable.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ukraine: Overt and Covert Crises

For continuation of survival, it is necessary that Ukraine's government has an appropriate prescription to deal with three issues of debts, Gazprom and Ukraine's East crisis. The first two issues are more important than Ukraine's East crisis; because, Ukraine's historical experience shows that Orange Revolution fell due to inability to provide a proper solution to the problem of debt to Moscow and also Gazprom. Considering the fact that Moscow, due to interference in Ukraine affairs, is also affected by Ukraine's East crisis; it can be accepted that the final result in the East of Ukraine can affect Moscow's political credibility, and this means converting threats into opportunities for Kiev. 
Occurrence of crisis in Ukraine, and especially in the East of the country, had been accompanied with condemning Russian government's political behavior by allies of Washington; and this issue has declined an enormous part of Moscow's political credibility. Offering the suggestion of peace talks between the parties involved in Ukraine's conflict, Russian leadership tries to rebuild his face, and also through regaining his former power try to return to the arena of global competition. 
So if Moscow succeeds in its new plan, it should be announced that Ukraine crisis will not end, but with making concessions to Moscow and Ukraine's East authority. 
Russia tries to solve Ukraine's East crisis only when the continuation of this crisis has a negative impact on its political credibility; otherwise, that is if Kremlin can escape the crisis by normalizing and taking a peaceful face, it surely does not need to end the crisis in Ukraine's East.
Therefore, if Moscow's political credibility is at risk, Kiev will be able to use Ukraine's East crisis as a winning card to solve the three issues noted above. 
Finally, war destroys war. It means what ends war is war's nature, not the power of a dominant side (in most cases). So, continuation of the war by considering current elements will be beneficial to Kiev.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Draft (Version 3)

The third draft of the novel that is now being written and has not yet become a full version has a content that is required to be studied.
The background of the story is not colorful; betrayal, the female sex and youth must be known as the tags of the novel. Afterwards, the author as probably stated her own or others personal experiences!
But the draft is full of clumsy copying of such as the tale of pool, punishment (lockup!) and etc. However, the detail of this draft is more important than the general part.
Attracting investors from the sex industry for this novel has made this story to become a broad commercial advertisement for sex toys.
Another important issue that needs to be said about the draft is the revelation of code names (mostly female) and also the revelation of some truths; (documents that can be told only through "particles") and are rose through this novel.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Additional information about the murder report

The vehicle, by which the murderer goes victim's house with him, has been an expensive white car. The car was driven by the murderer and it did not belong to the slain.
The syringe shots are injected into two parts of the victim's body, first, around the neck and behind the right ear and the other over the heart of the victim and close to his shoulder.
(The key word "face" which was used in the previous report, did not meant as facial but means existence, identity and ID.)
Killing an identified person (which was realized after the first contact with the victim through a detected channel), is not something that can be easily kept secret.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Unforgiven Guilt of Lie

Dennis is a 62-year-old and American-born man who lives in L.A. and most of his children are acting in film and Television; for example, “Prison Break” TV series. He is relatively fat. 
He does four businesses, including selling clothes, selling cigarettes, selling weapons and a business in pornography. He does two first trade legally, but third one is illegal, and it must be said about the forth one that he attempts to cheat girls who are intending to leave the pornography; and giving them false promises, he has launched a business.
(Do you know what happened then to these sex workers?!)
Dennis's wife has experienced her second marriage. She has a 9-year-old girl, but she neglected her daughter, because the woman's (only) boyfriend has an unsavory intention toward her little girl (because he has known that the girl is also rich).  
Also, Denise's wife is employed (buying and selling), but she is not an actress.
[On Dennis] Someone who is forgiven to The Bible does not need to be forgiven.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ukraine and International Criminal Court

Russia, as before, has used Gazprom as weapon against changing Ukraine`s political policy. But, now Kiev has such situation that it can resist against this Russia's old weapon with resourcefulness.
Undoubtedly, East Ukraine`s militias operations deserve punishment and also, self-proclaimed Novorussiya state is not recognized by any country or any international organization. So, these crimes have taken place in Kiev area and Kiev has the right of trying criminals of East Ukraine judicially.
Evidently occurred crime at East Ukraine as crimes against humanity that was specified in constitution of International Criminal Court is suable. So, due to joining Ukraine to International Criminal Court from 2000, it can leave thou criminal verification of offenders to an international court with status report of East Ukraine to prosecutor of the court.
It is obvious that court interfering to East Ukraine issue causes not only trying offenders judicially, but also, prevents Moscow from interfering in Ukraine affairs. Undoubtedly, political and legal movement causes reducing Kremlin credibility.
Ukraine haven't approved court`s constitution in the country despite that Ukraine has signed that. So, in such situation, approval of this constitution for Moscow means that Kiev is ready to use International Criminal Court's card. 
Since, Kiev reports its situation, so it doesn't need Security Council and also doesn't face with probability obstacle such Veto.
And also, Kiev can do political factoring of this card and can gain wanted advantages from Moscow before performing this card.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mosul: Open Trap

Robert Michael Gates, Former United States Secretary of Defense, wrote in his book “Duty” that terrorism in Iraq was supported by groups of Iran and Syria. So this assumption exists that now also Syria and Iran are the major supporters of militant group, “ISIS”.
Supporting militant group “ISIS”, Bashar al-Assad could have put his fight against opposition under the title of fight against terrorism; and thus, legitimize it. On the other hand, by transferring “ISIS" terrorism from Syria to Iraq, Bashar al-Assad could actually alter the playing field and divert looks from Syria to another point. But, what needs to be considered is that now two thousand military forces of Iran have arrived in Iraq in order to support the government and fight against terrorists.
Some points are so important about this subject:
Iranian military forces entered Iraq, are a population of Army of the Guardians forces, and not Iranian Army (in other words, a Mafia organization which have found new linking bridges with Arabic countries, including Kuwait, and Qatar, as well as groups from Russia and the US). 
According to the fact that Iran always avoids military presence to maintain peace in the region, including Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the fight against terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan; it can be concluded that this behavior of Iran doesn't have any adaptation with its previous behavior in the international arena. 
So, what is important is, understanding Iran's intention of presence of Army of the Guardians in Iraq. 
Finally, there is the assumption that Army of the Guardians is candidate for the project of “heating of the geography” in the Middle East, again; if this assumption is correct, it must be said that Mosul is a trap for Washington.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Novel Draft (Version 2)

The reader reads these words, while this draft is provided to be published in one of the three countries of Malta, South Africa and New Zealand.
A child whose parents are dead is adapted by a kind-hearted family. The father of the family who also had a tattoo on his body has a good relationship with the little girl (stepchild). But he abuses this friendly relationship and sexually abuses the little girl. While the man was the child's first friend and also the only friend, until then!
Like the first draft's story, the element of fear has particularly been focused in a way that the reader feels that the author has put the world on fear. So the man is placed in the role of the commander and the girl who has seen the situation to be out of control, was not able to oppose and was following him.
As the daughter of the family notified the incident, attempted to shot his father and runs away with the little girl. The mother character of the family was not an influencing character in the story. From this point onward the daughter is also in pursuit because of killing her father and has to live as a runner. In the rest of the story, the relationship of the girl with her boyfriend is narrated. Features of her boyfriend are described as: tall, rich, emotionally with immature and inappropriate behavior. (The author's conclusion of this character was pretty negative). At the end, they break up. The breaking up of these two from each other is in the form of, "forgetting the relationship". The erotic point of the story begins when the girl gets acquainted with someone who is involved in an erotic game; a game that can be money-making for this girl. The girl also needs money to provide the little girl and her own economic need enters the game.
In this game, the girl has to follow the sexual and even thought requests of her (non-sexual) partner; requests which are sometimes deviant but then she has become more important than the others. In the continuation of the story, this girl begins a deep and emotional relationship with one of the girls in this game. And in the end the girl becomes rich!
The story of this novel either in characterizations or even in its events is much like the movie "About Cherry". In this film, Cherry accepts a job in pornography to fund the costs for the treatment of her sister. Even the characteristics of Cherry's boyfriend are the same as the characteristics of the boy described in the story and also at the end of the movie, after disrupting her relationship with her boy friend; Cherry becomes roommate with a lesbian woman who also recently separated from her partner. It is like a homosexual relationship, which the hero of this story begins with one of the prostitute of the game.
Another thing that can be said about the story is that sex has been claimed to be a woman's value and a sign of maturity and independence. As an opponent I should say that getting married soon (and as others say, becoming a woman) and having children in third world such as destitute African countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, for traditional women who are often deprived of education, is also a valuable sign of maturity! In this story it has been tried to display a humanist and curious face of a prostitute who is hero. But finally, despite the incentive which caused the hero to kill her father, it means maintaining the child's environment health, she begins an emotional relationship with a prostitute girl and actually steals the child's environment health; because despite the hero, this prostitute girl has chosen prostitution; and she has not become a prostitute because of supporting another person and things like this. Therefore, whether such a prostitute will not threaten child's environment health?!
In other hand the story draws a positive image of the illegal sex industry.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Report of a murder

Details of our murdered friend: First, murderer went to movie along with victim and then murderer went to victim`s home. They watched TV for a while (football). Victim asked murderer to take a picture with himself. Victim said that he had have an intention to show this photo to one of his friends. “Didn't you ask him, which one of your friends?” This was a question that later was asked from murderer in a safety circle. Anyway, murderer didn't ask from victim that which friend is going to see the photo. After that, they had dinner with together and listened to music during eating. Afterwards, murderer conversed with victim about person “X”. The victim protected the mentioned person and said that he had believe in him. Conversation about the person continued. The murderer continued with talking about the mentioned persons` knowledge of English language. (At this moment the murderer laughed). Then, this argument continued about job. At this time, the murderer asked a request from victim. (Access to secret information). Afterwards, the murderer posed in an angry mood and started to hash. The murderer turned the music louder and came back to dinner table. This caused the victim to distraction.   
Murder style: Thermometry (this manner increases the victim`s internal bleeding), it is evident that chocolate was feed to victim. Injection and hitting syringe to victim`s for face two times. Then, murderer runs a way with a childish behavior in company with belittling herself.
And of course he didn't wear a watch like what the murderer has looked for.
Murderer: XXI
It is obvious that there are enough documents in order to proving at court. No negotiation will occur. Research condition is available, so curious people and those who still are not sure about accuracy of this report can make certain with comparing expressed details and also with doing research. Two options are available: victimize and spread omission to advantage of victim`s class or suing of this criminal case at court. (Election right)
There is no doubt that the purpose of this suing at court is massive infamy for extensive cleanup entertainment industry, rather than remove of one person or a team.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Syria: Steps

It has been recently heard that the friends of Aleppo have been detected and they are supposed to be treated like traitors, therefore two things are of great importance: first, only a few people who are very close to Bashar al-Assad are aware, and second, Halab's friends are not supposed to be sentenced in a court but they are going to be removed in silence. So if these people have no idea of their security. It is necessary for them to declare positions which are based at the opposite positions of Bashar al-Assad, and bring their oppositions with the policies of Bashar al-Assad into public. (For example, to defend Israel).Thus, the beliefs going to be made in public opinion that there are fundamental disputes between Bashar al-Assad and them, therefore the responsibility of possible elimination of these people is on Bashar al-Assad. (i.e., the event that Bashar al-Assad avoids) 
On the other hand having the information of the negotiations and the identity of the American and Syrian negotiating in favor of Bashar al-Assad; the chance was acquired to located in the deputy (subrogation) by the old men's accounts and thus send a message to Bashar al-Assad's team. Based on the burnt messages and regaining signature.  
Cargo! (For the skeptical and curious minds!)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Novel Draft (Version 1)

The booklet which was examined before contained two drafts of the novels. We are going to review the first draft which is apparently of more importance. But before addressing its overt and covert dimensions it is necessary to study a little about the codes. The codes in each text are like the Sudoku game in which the person who is familiar to the codes, that is he has identified the codes before, can discover the codes existing in the text.
Theme of the story: a rich girl who is sacrificed to a man with an angelic appearance but an evil conscience and when her behavior changes as a result of her victimization, then about her entrance into prostitution in first step and eventually establishing a similar clinic that gives sexual services to clients.
Points about the story: the spirit of the story is anger, hatred and revenge. The life of this girl and the new model which is presented is very similar to Marx's life and the ideology of Marxism. As Marx's life changes after being thrown out of his rented house by the landlord (lessor), the girl's life also changes after becoming a victim. Another point is that the model which is presented, that is (the guarantee) transfer of all assets of the sex industry from the capital owners to the performers and the prostitutes is the reminder of the ideology of Marxism which is based on a transfer of authority from the capitalists to the laborers (proletariat). Another point is the feeling of fear that has been accepted as a reality in this story. In other words, intimidation, forcing!
But these were the obvious aspects of this story that is something that has been intended to be read by the reader.
The hidden purpose, creating an independent corporation with a Mafia control System titled "Infinite Family" was supposed to be known. The formula to attract members is as follows:
Establishing sexual clinics was often in countries with damaged economies in the first phase - East. (Because it is believed that poverty is the reason for the attraction to the system) then accepting prostitutes as the family members.
Also some groups from NFL have joined this project.
The final point about this draft is that the novel was supposed to be an invitation and also a public offering. (Invitation to accept members and offer to attract investors and financial and trade suppliers.)  
Previously this work was planned to be released in Japan, but the decision was changed when it was heard that some are worried that the next Jenna Jameson will not be native. Therefore it was intended to give the publication right of the draft along with new tactics, including "movie tactics" and so on to the group 3T (the Community of French Women).

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smaller Russia and Bigger China

Political events caused by the Ukraine crisis clearly indicated that not only the West but also China has taken the label of victory through acquiring new opportunities in Russia.  
Sudden economic sanctions against Russia, has forced Moscow to take emergency measures in various fields such as banking, the Caspian Sea and transactions (Gazprom).
It is obvious that the thirty-year Gazprom contract with China which exchanged cheap gas for preventing the collapse of the Russian economy was mostly in favor of Beijing. Beijing's tactic was evident in the case of Ukraine."Just watch the game and wait, then buy the loser card for a cheap price", actually as Russia gets weaker, it would need to attract China's support, and Beijing, as well gets a higher chance to acquire more political and economic gains in Moscow. But we should not forget that Washington has two rivals, the first one to be Moscow and the other is Beijing. So, although the White House is able to defeat Moscow in a costly competition with Kremlin, but China will achieve economic and political advantages from Russia to the amount of the costs that America pays in this game, therefore, China would be able to confiscate the game. 
The position that China would have in a Cold War between Moscow and Washington is similar to the state of West during the Iran-Iraq war. Thus, selling arms to both hostile parties, the West and even Israel (referred to Iran-gate) were weakening Tehran and Baghdad as the threatening elements in the Middle east as a result of the continuing the war.There is no doubt that White House should not ignore the policy of containment on Russia, but it is necessary to verify the tactic of the policy of containment by considering the fact of China. What is needed is that a power struggle should develop within Russia. As at the time of Boris Yeltsin there was such a quarrel in Russia and caused the Russian government's inefficiency in the arena of international politics. The formation of such a quarrel is provided with regard to the failure of Moscow and the damages to Russia as a result of the adventures of the Kremlin leadership. So by putting the burden of liability for failures on Vladimir Putin, it would be like a spark in a place full of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, when the West differentiates the fight against Putin's politics from the issue of competing with Moscow, has shown its good faith. Thus, without having to pay a competitive price against Moscow, the West can eliminate its rival.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Syria: The Covered War for Authority

Syrian democratic election was corrupted by mass speared fraud that stemmed from monopolization. Cheating mechanism was such that a wide number of voting papers were collected in the ballot boxes without being filled by people with known identities. It is obvious that the fraud votes were in favor of the president Bashar al-Assad. But the tricky point is that these frauds exist in populated cities like Damascus, firstly because it provides the crowd and the possibility of fraud and secondly because there is the illusion (unrealistic imagination) that the people of this city are the supporters of the president Bashar al-Assad. Despite such an idea, if the people of Damascus would vote Bashar al-Assad, no outside observer would be surprised; therefore if a widespread fraud happens in the city no one would suspect any fraud.
But this is not the whole story. Bashar al-Assad owes a part of his courage to do such a massive fraud to the assurance that some groups in the United States have given him. There is no doubt that Bashar al-Assad in exchange for guaranteeing the survival of the government has given some concessions to these groups. (So, the real beneficiaries will be no one but the groups receiving these concessions.) 
Syrian authorities close to Bashar al-Assad, who had been previously negotiated through secret channels and have reached an agreement, are necessitated to describe all the details of the fraud at the election to Bashar al-Assad. Undoubtedly, their political and social power is such that if they attempt to notify the general message of "fraud in elections", not only the country faces a civil war, but Assad's government will lose the necessary conditions for maintaining external support.
This power gives them the chance to give two options to Assad: A civil war to an unknown end or abdication without losing immunity.