Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Closed Clinic

A victory without achievement is a defeat. 
While Ukraine Revolution could not bring any achievement for the West except losing the Black Sea to Russia, many are still trying to be the winner of futile wars of Syria and Yemen. 
It is possible to help Iranian left-wing by overcoming conservatives. But the main concern is whether it would lead to deep evolution of the human rights in the country. The ultimate objective is domination of human rights over the world, not merely winning leftists or socialists. Accordingly, the system will watching closely decisions and movements of Iranian left-wing and Rouhani administration. There is no doubt if they do not fully accomplish their human rights obligations and promises, the system must review its Tehran policy. 
Every project needs another plan to be implemented: the main project, which must be is covert and its shadow that plays a misleading role. 
The system must always have schemes for distracting Washington and London in order to comfortably realize its projects in the Middle East. And the most convenient way, is destabilizing their favorite order in all around the world including by cyber-attacks. But while both Washington and London were seeking to achieve a share of power in Saudi Arabia, Israel could take-over Riyadh by presenting a surrogate for Mohammad Bin Salman. Although the current surrogate prince has blood relationship with the dead prince but he is younger than Mohammad and also graduated in management in a Saudi university. No need to say, the surrogate must be accountable to Tel Aviv. And now, the system must barricade the possibility of the diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel in order to disrupt their game.

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