Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A White and Green Fantasy

According to UN and WHO, depression is a growing issue in the modern world. And it conveys two different messages. First, the weak situation of mental health among people, which can increase the number of possible victims in criminal cases. Second, Failure of constructive dreams, guidelines and ideologies. 
Certainly, the system has fought for a free world, a world free from slavery of the media domination and any other kinds of fascism. But a merely free world cannot be an ultimate goal since people should not loss values, that can help them move forward and immunize the countries from uncontrolled crimes. 
From Nazi Germany to Communism and to American life style in 20th century what could lead people to a common dream and solidarity was a fantasy. Fantasy is a covert entertaining part of a dream. Many people, who find themselves as revolutionary, are not among them but the covert entertaining part of a revolution might attract them. 
It is convenient to create dreams and ideologies for people in order to guide them but it is not easy to sell the dreams and to enrich it by entertaining items. The main stream media have lost its entertaining part decades ago. Therefore, they have chosen a totalitarian way to sell their dreams. It was a kind of pressure against dissatisfied audience by showing themselves as logical with support of majority. 
The system must guide people to move forward by providing valuable dreams and ideologies, which is enriched with new entertaining part. A new life style, technology or anything new and interesting that can attract people and stimulate their senses of curiosity and the excitement.

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