Tuesday, May 23, 2017

After the Pause: Iran

The intellectuals who have sacrificed their freedom for defending freedom, have opened the path to victory. 
But first of all, the Manchester attack was an act against the whole world. From Yemen to Britain, the main source of this kind of violence and terrorism has been Saudi Arabia, and now public opinions in the West are not unfamiliar with this fact. 
As it was predicted, conservatives entered the Iranian electoral arena by resorting to populist tactics. And Rouhani's victory that owes to freedom movement and his promises over restoration of basic human rights in the constitution, has proved the accuracy of the system's analysis and formulas on Iran. 
But what is important, the greatest goals of human being. And it is expected, Rouhani's new administration take high steps toward them. 
All leaders who could dominate human rights' values in the society or bring it down to fascism, took advantage of the mass movements and breaking or bypassing the law. And there is no difference between good and evil, Martin Luther King and Mussolini in this regard. Therefore, using the mass movement and organized circumvention of the law as leverages must be put into force, in order to revive the human rights in Iran.

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